Is this real Kirkland Minoxidil?

  1. mix sample with bleach. if it turns orange. it’s probably real. labels mean nothing. they can change depending on batch,line or production plant. these are just regular folks making labels and uploading templates etc to a label printer. it’s no guarantee. neither are date formats or other localization.

  2. Hold up, theres fake kirkland minoxidil?!?! Ive been ordering mine on ebay, how can i find out if it is fake?

  3. There's fake EVERYTHING. Never buy anything medical, food, or beauty related from anything but the actual brand/manufacturer. There's fakes all over eBay and Amazon.

  4. iv'e been getting mine on Amazon just cause I thought Ebay sellers may mess with the bottle and give me a fake solution. It's scary thinking of wasting your time for 6 months putting it on your head wondering . I should just get it at Walmart now that Im thinking about it

  5. Yes Kirkland fake Minoxidil is a thing unfortunately. There are websites showing how you can find out. Sorry but if you weren't getting results you might have not even been using the real thing. That's the problem with eBay/Amazon etc fakes

  6. Lmao honestly bro 😂. At this point Im thinking fuck these treatments and just get my ballbag hair transplanted onto my head lol haha

  7. I’ve bought fake before on eBay when trying to save money. The dead giveaway was the smell, color, and price being too good to be true. Now I only use reputable sources, even if I’m paying a premium. It isn’t worth risking hair over saving a few dollars a month.

  8. Agree with everything you said - thing is; my first purchase in 2021 was from and then my most recent purchase was from both are 'reputable' sellers but I've noticed inconsistencies in bottling, packaging, lot and batch numbers etc (as shown above). I've tried to be as safe as possible by buying from reputable people but I'm still not convinced I've received a real product unfortunately

  9. I had no idea there was a secondary market for kirkland minoxidil… might’ve just found a way to pay for my costco membership 😈

  10. I doubt it because I applied my new bottle and didn't even feel a single tingle. Whereas, with my old bottle of minox it would tingle like a jingle on xmas. Theirs so much conflicting info out their regards what's fake and whats not and its confusing. Reality is most people just don't know. Which is bullshit especially on a sub where minox is reccomended allllll fucking day

  11. The brand of minoxidil doesn't necessarily matter (but I advise you go for a reputable one nonetheless) ... however the authenticity of minoxidil by your chosen brand matters because their are alot of fakes out their. Fake kirkland, fake rogain, fake regain etc

  12. Yes their will be. Without a doubt. Here's a general rule for fakes; if the price is too good to be true; then it most likely is. Nobody sells for half the price of their competitors unless its fake. Its a good general rule to go by

  13. Ok, I don't understand. If it was fake, why wouldn't they put the little "TM" next to the name of the company? Will Kirkland Signature only sue them if they put the trademark?

  14. No. And I have come to find out hat the removal of the TM is simply a re-packaging from Kirkland. Same goes for the removal of the 'Made in israel' as well as the addition of the dash between 'one' and 'month'. Theirs a few other things that are verifiers too. i advise anyone that is suspicious of their Kirkland Minoxidil to send me a picture and I will be more than happy to verify

  15. It's not actually a fake - according to my research. Just a repackaging. Also seems the minoxidil itself has been re-formulated as its clearer than it used to be but this is just a theory at the moment

  16. Protip: peel off the label carefully from the right side and if there isn’t a date printed on the inside it’s fake. Also if the labeling isn’t symmetrical too to bottom it could be fake. Bought a whole pack of fakes

  17. Sorry this is currently wrong . Maybe in the past this was a viable verification method; but its not anymore. People like yourself are the reason I went down this rabbit hole and spent hours figuring out what's what. Not bashing you, but it's best to get verified info that you're sure of rather than just regurgitating something someone else has said in the past. In actual fact; the current REAL batch of minox from Kirkland dont have expiry dates on the back of the peel off label. The old 'Made in israel' batch does; however they aren't around anymore and most of that batch will be nearly expired or expired by now. So this method of verification doesn't stand anymore. So to anyone who took your advice they would have believed their batch was fake when in fact its very likely to be the real new batch - which doesn't state the country its made in, nor does it have expiry dates on peel off label, nor does it have the Trademark logo beside the Kirkland logo anymore, new batch also has a dash 'one-month' whereas old real batch had didn't have the dash. This is just the beginning. Theirs a few other tells too

  18. I mean, why would a company/person willing to counterfeit care about trademark laws? Like they’re willing to steal a trademark but marking the trademark as their own is going too far?

  19. It’s real. Go check out on Walmart. It made in Israel and Canada. And TM mark is fake man. Real one don’t have TM mark.

  20. Your wrong bro sorry. I've explained in the comments to a few diff people how it's wrong. I can't be bothered repeating it haha. Have a look at my newer comments

  21. I was thinking that I bought fakes too. The smell was totally different and it felt different too. One basically just smelled like alcohol. But I'm not sure. Seeing the comment from the seller I would return it, he seems sketchy lowkey lol

  22. Bro post a pic of the bottle and il verify to the best of my ability. I had the same feelings as you but turns out mines is real. Just a different (newest) batch

  23. I don't buy off amazon but just curious as to how you're so sure theyre fake? Are you saying every kirk min sold on amazon is fake? Bold claims I'd say... you cant get the stuff from Costco UK you see. We have to resort to online

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