If finasteride works, how long does it maintain my hair?

  1. Hi! What do you mean very close I don’t keep Up too date with too much of this stuff but I have a HT booked for April 2023. If you want you can see my posts on pages but I’m currently using minox and biotin pills and Nizoral x2 weekly. I do not want to use Finasteride and unbalance my hormones and things like that.. :(

  2. Think of it like without finasteride, it’s a big leak and with it, it’s a much smaller leak which means long term you will lose less hair. Now with oral minoxidil and biotin, those will help you strengthen the hair while fin helps keep it so it’s best to bundle them all together

  3. Finasteride is supposed to be a continuous treatment, ie you need to keep using it to maintain results and efficacy.

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