Karma is a bitch taken lightly

  1. 4 years ago I was a cashier at a groccery store everyone knew me as the guy with the afro. This older gentlemen checks out in my checkstand, he stands for a moment just staring at me as I'm processing the transaction. He takes off his hat points at his head and tells me " I used to have a big afro like you too a long time, now it's all gone"

  2. You could potentially be that much bald while on fin. Most bald folks never did anything substantially right to prevent it. They fucking accepted it. We have the arsenal now and in the worst case we could very well maintain.

  3. Lol you tend to stop giving a fuck about hair over years. Only some would care. I started facing hairloss since I was 14. I just stopped caring about it these days. You could see my post on how bad it is lol. I do wish I had hair but ain't have enough patience to use medications for life. Would rather shave my head and move on.

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