Bought this half pound of dry and undertrimmed Gushers for like $200 to help someone pay rent… what do I do with it now? It smells ok and it’ll get you high, but I’m just not into it. Any suggestions on what I can do with it? Should I just give it away?

  1. Yeah but it’s like, not great weed for this region, I don’t want to insult anybody, would have to make edibles and then gift it

  2. My husband and I have been laid off since September, and funds are tight: we have been buying $50 ounces and making edibles every week. Doesn't have a very nice smoke, but once we make some butter and put it into some snickerdoodles, we are lifted all week!

  3. Love giving out tree to the homeless around Christmas time! always puts a smile on there face even if they don’t smoke they know they can trade it for something better!

  4. Edibles r a little time consuming but very easy to make. Id say those r def the best way to get value out of the weed

  5. Edibles!!! I like infusing using glass jars ! Go to your local store and buy lots of cheese cloth! Or you can use coconut oil and then its a lot more digestible by your stomach . But either way with that quantity your best bet is edibles… but I wouldn’t be fitting to my username if I didn’t say…. Make SOME RSO!!

  6. 1st off, good of you to buy just to help a soul make rent, and 2, make some edibles! All you gotta do is decarb the weed then make butter etc, or google for best results lmao

  7. Sell it even in legal states it’s a robust black market scene especially in states that have less than 5 years of legalization. The growers haven’t met the demand on the quality side. We’ve all been smoking weed from Cali, Colorado & B.C. for over a decade

  8. It kinda is free here though ‘xD people really only sell here in quantities of pounds ranging from $150-$600 and that’s usually with intent to ship it out

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