Some please explain what the F they did to that poor rosin? I hate Louisiana!!!

  1. I've had concentrate that almost looked like this. But it was from a giant slab. And it was $15 a gram. In an illegal state. (And even then, I'd say it was a better color than the pic)

  2. I can get a much higher rated thc content with a better color and quality for 40-80 bucks depending on cultivator where I am, this is insane. They must not like moving product.

  3. Makes me feel bad for them that just a couple of states over our value grade extracts are less than $10 a gram out the door.

  4. My dad loves his food burnt, so when he saw some blackened salmon on a menu he ordered it and absolutely hated it. He didn’t know blackened was a seasoning lol hes an old hippy that doesn’t get out much.

  5. Almost every dispensary does that in Colorado and it’s really frustrating. It’s honestly false advertising and shouldn’t be legal

  6. Looks like acetone extraction... Not rosin It rips a lot of the chlorophyll with it... It's fine but not the best. Wouldn't pay a store for it tbh...

  7. A HUNDRED AND FITFY DOLLARS FOR A GRAMMMMMMMMMM this shit better suck my dick, make my bed and make me breakfast for that

  8. An ounce of flower is between 495 dollars to 600 dollars in Louisiana. We have 2 schools that grow for the entire state and only 9 dispensaries to service the entire state. But it’s progress, at least it’s semi legal now

  9. With prices like that are there lines of opportunistic drug dealers outside trying to peddles their wares to customers?

  10. The fucking prices here are just so absurd. They’re can’t be a worse medical system in the nation. I’m really hopeful MS comes in cheaper when it starts this year, but i don’t know how easy it’ll be to get a card yet. It was nigh impossible when LA first opened up.

  11. Fuck the quality has no one seen the $150 these psychopaths are charging for one gram? I wouldnt pay 150 for a gram of live res I could see my own reflection in.

  12. If you live in Iowa or nearby you can gather local ditchweed hemp plants that grow next to railroad tracks or farm plots , get yourself a good fifty to a hundred pounds of the stuff and process it into bubble hash. Then press the hash for rosin. Boom. You got the same shit as OP's pic.

  13. Holy shit, are these normal prices for wax in Louisiana? I can get a gram of wax for $25 including tax it's like 28 something and the thc percentage is in the high 80s or low 90s. And it doesn't look like this nasty black shit either.

  14. Fuck Southern and LSU and fuck Louisiana. This should be a crime, especially for patients who deal with price on top of their chronic pain. So glad to be out of that state.

  15. If this is what legal weed looks like, I’m not buying it. I just got the best diamond and sauce mix half o I’ve personally ever had for 180. Good luck Louisiana.

  16. It would cost less to buy heroin. Not saying you should do heroin, but if your weed costs more than heroin maybe look for an alternative (or new dealer)

  17. Looks like some shitty heat extraction. They burned the material leaving it dark af and most likely weaker than something with live resin.

  18. I’m in Louisiana too, fuck the medical weed system here. We have the same exact law as Oklahoma and they have mf 30 dollar ounces while we’re stuck paying 100 dollars a cart. I’m sticking to black market pot and d8 until full legalization

  19. $150 a g for not even 60% from an extract?? And people in Illinois have the audacity to complain that our shits expensive and terrible lol

  20. Notice it's only 56%, meaning it's not "what they did", but "what they didn't". There are so many ways to extract the vitals from weed, solvent, solventless, heat, etc., and they all look pretty different. Smoe flakes will say "Oh my extraction is a secret..." No it's not, you can find every extraction method that's worth the weed in published literatue.

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  23. Because why tf would I pay $60 for an 8th of bud when I can get a whole zip of super gas from a grower for like 150 (CA) Taxes are crazy in legal states lol

  24. Looks like they used heated alcohol and left it sit in the jar for a few days before processing it. Looks waxy af.

  25. I feel bad for anyone who has to spend even close to that on good stuff. I’m so used to Oklahoma prices where there is a ton of competition because everyone is a farmer around here 😂 there isn’t an empty field out here anymore and I love it haha

  26. 150 a gram what the fucking fuck fuck, and it's nasty af. damn I thought california charging 22 for wax was too much lmao

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