1. This is most important! If you slip and and take a hit, don’t be like “well I failed, I’m done.” You can still quit even if you smoke a couple times along the way… just do the best you can!

  2. This is the key. I started picking up other hobbies when I was bored of smoking all the time and it doesn’t even feel like i’m quitting. I went from smoking every couple of hours every single day to only smoking once every 3-4 days.

  3. Start by cutting back and skipping more and more days in between as you will feel better and then it's smoother to stop

  4. Came here to say this. Also if you can’t hold off wait until the evening to smoke, and try not to smoke immediately before bed. Ween yourself to a comfortable point to go cold turkey.

  5. If you need a better job, right now will be the best time to look. No weed in your system opens opportunities.

  6. Lots of jobs don't mind if you smoke, it's medically legal all over the place and ILLEGAL TO DISCRIMINATE AGAINST for hiring in NY. Larger companies are already adjusting policies to meet expectations, don't accept this kind of employment discrimination.

  7. First off, speak with a mental health professional. Quitting weed can be rough. The way you dream will change if you’ve been a heavy smoker. Come up with a good bed-time routine. No food 3 hours before bed, maybe some tea an hour before, limit late night screen usage. Quality rest is essential for quality mental health. Good luck homie!

  8. Quitting can also be as easy as not having any weed anymore, I've twice gone from heavy daily smoker, completely cold turkey with hardly any adverse thoughts, cravings or physical manifestations. Obviously it depends on the person, but I know some people will read loads about how stopping smoking is gonna make them some shivering wreck for 3 weeks and decide not to do it, or feel every slight thing in their body and think it must be caused by the lack of weed.

  9. Do small consistent things like making your bed and waking up at the same time every day. I had the same rut last year, what’s important is that the small things you do help you later on in the day and make you feel more complete. Good luck man, I know it’s not easy but you can do it

  10. I’m off for two months now. It gets harder the longer you’re off it. It’s not like once you get through the withdrawals it’s suddenly easy.

  11. I completely understand you, I can only feel like the happy person that I really am when I'm high, the rest of the time I'm struggling with pain and depression, that's why I'm growing mushrooms, I feel that I need to reconnect with my spiritual wisdom to get rid of all the mental garbage that is keeping me down, to love myself more, to be happier.

  12. I'm doing the same. Probably not a year but 6 months at least. I feel the same way, a bit sluggish, poor memory, just out of sorts. Just want to get my head clear, ya know?

  13. I did 5 months last year and I wish I hadn’t let myself get back into the routine of daily smoking. It went from one bowl a day, to two bowls, to getting pens and just letting myself be blazed whenever. Fucks my appetite up big time. Next week I will also be starting a break.

  14. Leaves is Fucking toxic as fuck and not the right environment for wanting to quit and or slow down, that's the sub for talking about how weed is literally the devil and your life is already over of you've wasted it smoking, I need a tolerance break and people over there acted like I was a satanist

  15. Drink tons of water. Eat healthy food. Get 8 hours of sleep consistently. Workout 3x a week. Get involved in hobbies or clubs in town and socialize with people. Form healthy habits. After a few months you will be a completely different person.

  16. I’m largely considering this, I’ve only done cold turkey before and it never sticks, I think I need to gradually remove it from my routine and just as gradually replace it with something else for it to work for me, I’m going to start today by cutting out any morning smoking so fingers crossed 🤞

  17. Just accept the fact that the first 48 hours will suck. Have all your work done ahead of time if possible. After that it’s not hard at all. It’s not physically addictive so once you get past the mental block it’s a breeze.

  18. I interviewed for a much higher role at our big global competitor… so I quit for that. Accepting the offer this week and then setting up the drug test. I passed faintly today in a home test… been about two weeks. Sleep sucks- 10mg melatonin (never taken it before) has helped the last week a bunch.

  19. Good luck, it’s not as bad as it sounds. I took two years off to try actual therapy and medication for my depression and anxiety. As long as you are focused on yourself, you will be golden.

  20. I mean u have many goals more than quitting. I mean maybe cbd for a bit but whenever I have stopped I made it cold turkey got rid of my weed and put my pieces far out of sight.

  21. Take it one day at a time. If you don't make it a year, make your new goal to last longer than last time. If it's month, then your next goal can be two months. Don't let it discourage you.

  22. Never considered it myself, but wish you luck! I think a good motivator would be to set aside what money you spent monthly on pot, with a goal in mind: "Okay, after three months of not smoking, I'll be able to buy or do [thing]." That goal might help motivate, and celebrate, your plan as you go along.

  23. The app I Am Sober has really helped me to stop drinking. It tracks the number of days sober from whatever you’re trying to quit, money saved, milestones, etc. My favorite part of it is the option to see posts from other people who are at the same milestone as you, so it’s a great online community support system

  24. Good luck. Finding a baseline can never be a bad thing. It’s glorious when you can be good without toking. Despite how amazing toking can be.

  25. Honestly im thinking about doing the same. I quit for a year and started up again in june. Im back to heavily abusing it and my mental health has gone down the shitter

  26. Very anxious person here, been smoking daily or almost daily for the past 5 years or so. Always helped me relax and keep my anxiety in check at the end of the day and have a good night of sleep. Unfortunately I haven’t been the most mentally stable due some recent unfortunate events and I realized it wasn’t helping like the usual, so I stoped and it’s been a week. It’s weird because I haven’t been craving it at all for some reason. So far so good I guess… good luck to you in which ever you decide it’s the best call for you.

  27. As someone who’s taken tolerance breaks in the past, I’ve learned weed reduces my want to be the best I can. Which sets me to fit in with most people without rubbing them the wrong way.

  28. Man, I've literally been living the same life but I'm a year ahead of where you are now. I can tell you that if you think you need a break to get yourself together, take it! I was layed off and depressed and spent so much on smoke just to numb myself that I missed rent and ended up being kicked out of my house. I moved states away from my hometown and moved in with my mom and stepdad and was super low. It took a lot of self examination and plain old time but I'd been sober for about 7 months before I smoked again and that was a couple tokes with hometown friends. A year out, I'm in a better mental space and everything that made me feel like I need to smoke is gone. I'm still working on myself but being sober has made that so much easier. I'm excited to see where you go friend!

  29. Im with you! Day 3 now, just quit nicotine and now im doing weed and i feel so good about myself for doing it. Tough i feel like shit most of the day. But we will get through this, Beautiful days ahead

  30. socialise less with the circles of friends u usually smoke w , it makes it easier . Drink more water, fill up the time you would usually smoke w other (engaging) activities ,maybe gaming or excercise or hobby vehicle whatever

  31. If you’re in to sports at all, I’d recommend taking up golf. It’ll get you outdoors, exercising, and hanging with the buds. Also, it’s a great way to meet new people. There’s also nothing better than darting a par 3 five feet from the pin.

  32. It's not like quitting hard drugs at all, it's more like quitting an antidepressant you've been on for a while. You'll feel really off for a while, but you won't need to go to like NA meetings or anything. Start eating healthy when you quit, doing it alongside of it can help make both stick better.

  33. replace weed with cbd you dont get withdrawls that way (like the nightmares and stuff) and also it helps u stay calm without impacting anything else

  34. Try replacing with CBD products to still let you smoke something, also work on your mindset towards weed.. make real passionate hobbies and socialize with a purpose. You have to find out why you’re really quitting and what you want for life.

  35. Sounds like you might want to do a little more than quitting weed. I don’t think it’s the weed that’s causing those problems, might want to go to a dr. How is your sleep? You’re describing how I used to feel and found I had sleep apnea. Got in a CPAP and I feel totally different. Good luck either way.

  36. After a couple months, it gets easier to not think about constantly. If you're gonna quit cold turkey, prepare for a massive influx of dreams from REM sleep rebound. Very vivid dreams. I always have stomach issues but are much worse when off THC and herb, but seems to regulate out after a week or so depending on your usage.

  37. I’m 4 months sober from Weed I was smoking for nearly 4 years when I hit month 2-3 it felt like I was back to Boring Reality. I was same way has mental health issues and now everything is so “easy”

  38. Get a 24oz tumblr and drink hot tea every day. It feels like a detox. For the mind and body. Bonus points if you drink a tea specifically for detox. In a bad mood? Brew some English black tea, with some sugar and sage.

  39. I get into flavored tooth picks. Like wooden toothpicks. You can buy teatree peppermint ones and they are great for when you're bored and need to keep your mouth busy. Good luck! Smoking is really hard to put down but it gets way easier.

  40. Just breathe bro. In 4 seconds. Out even longer if you can. Then do whatever it is you want to do! Enjoy life and dont get upset if you pick it back up early. Be the best you that you can be each day. Every day you best can be different. We aren't perfect

  41. Pick a new hobby that you can use to keep busy and keep yourself from thinking about getting baked. Don't pick something that you associate with smoking weed. Exercise can help a lot. Also, don't beat yourself up if you consume socially.

  42. That’s crazy. I just started my journey to recovery as well. Lately I’ve been having nothing but foggy memory, lack of motivation, and just feeling burnt out in general, so I decided to quit and went cold turkey. Unfortunately I’m having withdrawal symptoms and it skyrocketed my anxiety, I don’t have an appetite anymore, sleeplessness, intense dreams, night sweats and chills, constant nausea and feeling like I’m going to vomit, stomach aches, etc. Its been a week already. I took one hit off a joint yesterday to see how I’d react and I immediately had anxiety and nausea.

  43. I'm quitting aswell. Permanently if I can. Not that weed is wrong, Im just quitting for religious reasons. Being sober minded and all that. Best advice. Don't even own weed. Give it all away and don't buy more. Have hobbies or basically anything to keep you busy and not thinking about weed.

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  45. I stopped smoking for 6 months, started to practice many physical exercises and when I smoked 6 months later, I had a quality and happy high that I havnt had in years

  46. Exercise helps, even just going for long walks. If you have any hobbies, then dig into them. If you dont have any hobbies then find one that you've been curious about and jump in. Probably take all your smoking related stuff, box it up, and put it away.

  47. I came to say hobby, which I see is popular. Specifically, if you have a moderately decent PC and broadband and any interest in programming, get a free videogame development tool like Unity, get some cheap/free training, make a game!

  48. Don't quit cold turkey (it won't kill you) otherwise you'll just get uncomfortable and go right back. Gradually cut down and you'll be much less of a bother to yourself and others.

  49. I quit 8 years ago, cold turkey. It was extremely easy to do. I've never missed it. Nothing against it of course. Things I love now: Lifting weights, cycling, concerts, backpacking, eating a mostly plant based diet. And lots of reading. I love my life! Recs: "Letting Go", David R Hawkins MD. "The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck", Mark Manson. All of Ryan Holiday's Stoic philosophy books. These changed my life in inumerable ways.

  50. just stop smoking. you'll be really cranky and easily annoyed but just stay self aware and try to do some meditation when it happens. For me? I just talk to myself in my head and reminded myself i'm getting off the weed/ I'm being so ridiculous for being annoyed at this ect it seemed to work for me.

  51. I quit toking when I had my daughter. I’d say try for a few months and if you feel better focus on that, like my uncle when he quit cigs would say he just reminded himself of the negatives until he didn’t feel the urge. Takes like 3 weeks to break a physical habit.

  52. This is gonna sound dumb and boring, but if you want to improve your memory, read. Read something informative that you may consider boring. Like how to books for the stock market for instance. Basically anything that can get your brain stimulation.

  53. Lean into your dreams you may have. I quit weed and booze for a month and everything had a elder scrolls esque story to it. Had a good time in the subconscious.

  54. I feel you on this. I’ve been feeling shitty lately and felt like cutting out weed/alcohol but what I’ve realized helps more than that is being active, working out, going on hikes, being social, and just generally being occupied rather than sitting at home smoking weed

  55. The first evening is going to be the toughest. Changing your daily habits and routine is a key factor. Perhaps, while you have some time to mull it over, Google or YouTube some new interests you may have with the goal of having a new hobby to begin on the first night of your new sobriety. I found that it was difficult to find things to fill my time when I quit a few years back because all my existing hobbies began with “let me hit this bong a few times then I’ll do X activity”. Every hobby I had to try to occupy my mind had the first-we-smoke association. Eventually I was able to enjoy them again, but if I had to do it again I’d have something new and fresh to occupy my time while I “detoxed”.

  56. I live in a legal state, and have been a Daily cannabis consumer for 15+ years (since high school). I’ve had to take T breaks a few times for work/school drops. It’s terrible especially the loss of appetite, sleeplessness and mood swings. Not to mention my body is in the habit of smoking as soon as I wake up, and before bed. My best advice is, taper yourself off slowly. If you smoke 3 bowls a day, smoke 1 at the end of the day for the first week. You’ll get more shit done, be more productive and memory will improve. Then smoke 1 bowl every other day for 1 week. After this, stop smoking flower, switch to a cart and take 1-2 pulls daily (preferably a cart with lower THC % or even a THC/CBD hybrid). Taper it to 1-2 pulls every other day. After about a week your cart should be about finished. 3 weeks should be enough time for your body to ween itself off and the withdrawal effects won’t be soo discomforting. Wake up on the end of week 3, and tell yourself outloud you’re NOT gonna smoke. Maintain that mental fortitude for a few days, then you’ll forget weed even existed. For me, the temptation was the hardest part. Put all your paraphernalia away, don’t look at or smell weed. Hope this helps! You got this!!

  57. Get rid of your gear, avoid your smoking triggers. After a few days it gets so much easier. After a week the habit is gone. You can do it!

  58. Good luck. It’s definitely easier keeping your mind preoccupied. Reading helped with me and also having a kid lol I went from smoking a couple times a day to nothing at all and it was definitely tough the first few weeks. Now I feel great and don’t have any dying need to smoke. Take each day as is comes and know that your mental health and mood will heal slowly over time. Weed isn’t bad but it can easily consume your priorities.

  59. I’m listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear, and he talks a lot about how to form good habits and break habits you no longer want to be a part of your life. For breaking habits, the biggest thing I’ve taken away so far is to create as much friction between you and that habit as possible. Delete your dealer’s number, give your bowls/grinder away, repurpose the area you typically smoke in, etc.

  60. Work out, I took a year off a couple years ago. It’ll help you have an appetite and be tired. First two weeks are not ideal but doable. R/leaves is great for support too.

  61. Exercise to help get sleeping under control. It will really help. Take it a day a time. The first week might suck but by the end of week three it will be like normal.

  62. Stick with it. I quit for 8 months and honestly, after about 4 weeks, it was nothing. Mentally, you gotta separate yourself

  63. It gets easy after like a week. Just focus on the reasons you want to quit and don’t forget them or reason your way out of them.

  64. It's definitely good to talk to a doctor or mental health professional. I don't want to put any anxiety on someone saying this but if you do go to therapy or anything make sure you, at the end of the day, feel comfortable about telling and hearing a professional outside perspective. I had a therapist who tried to manipulate the shit out of me to defy my parents and drop out of highschool because she didn't like my Mom. And I had another one that I felt talking about dark stuff I would have never felt comfortable talking with anyone else in my life because I was embarrassed. I miss that man greatly because he helped me build myself back up through a time where I was borderline suicidal and how scared I was about those thoughts. It's great to have a more of an unbiased professional in that matter. Not saying you have to hyper analyze and be anxious that a therapist will send you the wrong path. A way I see it is as they don't solve your problems but really help you along the path of figuring out how you want to deal with it. A mental health Sherpa in some way. I had a major psychological addiction to weed that threw me so off balance when it went from helping my mental health to flipping the switch and do the opposite. He told me to find a way to meditate in replacement of it. Meditate in the form of finding yourself in an environment by yourself to feel comfortable clearing out the clutter in your head even if it's just small bit at a time. Whether it's music, games, reading, walks. Found out I felt the best being in my head on a cold night with a hot drink. Something about that let's me really think nice and clear. Although, at the end of the day, you find your own path towards making it better. This is just my experience dealing with mental health hoping to help someone else out in some way, shape, or form even if it's just a bit. Dealing with this kind of stuff is fucking brutal and I hope you find your light :)

  65. Counter-intuitive advice: learn to grow weed. You’ll still be thinking a lot about weed without having to smoke it. Ironically I smoke less weed in the middle of a major grow than in between grows. Too much to keep track of… must be kind to future stoner self.

  66. Me too man. Learn an instrument, try to make better eating habits, and exercise more. That's what I'm doing and a week in I'm feeling pretty solid.

  67. First few nights it’ll be hard to sleep. I found that exercise and reading a book for 30 mins before bed helped a ton.

  68. I'm doing the same. I've smoked every day, several times per day for the past 12 years. I gotta cut it down. I want to enter my 30's healthier, more focused, and less dependent than ever before.

  69. Don't be afraid to seek counseling if your life doesn't magically improve by quitting trees. Getting a clear head is the first step, but there might be something more to mood swings and memory issues.

  70. Feel ya fr. I’m in the same boat and it’s a pretty hindering reliance if you left it become one. Good luck man; I wish I had the strength to do that myself

  71. Figure out your triggers and do your best to use alternative coping strategies when they come up. Most impotantly be gentle with yourself and forgive yourself if you do end up smoking again.

  72. definitely start working out or at least j showing up to the gym. live in the uncomfortable, we weren’t meant to get high and live conveniently forever. proud of you for taking this step

  73. Switch to edibles, find a dose that helps cut withdrawals without getting you high, slowly decrease dose down by 5mg every few days.

  74. I'm currently going through something similar. I stopped completely a couple days ago and was experiencing fogginess, loss of memory, and mood changes.

  75. The only thing that worked for me was to throw everything away. Bong and pure in the bin and gave away my remaining weed. This made it hard to get more as I would have to go buy everything

  76. none of us here will think less of you for this, and you will come out stronger for having done it. I also struggle with mental health issues, so I can do nothing but wish you the best!

  77. Kudos! Taking steps to support your mental health is definitely a positive thing! After a few days you won’t even notice it’s gone. See ya in a year! Cheers

  78. Try replacing some of the smoking you may have done with running or other forms of exercise! I haven’t been smoking at all lately and instead have been running, and it’s so much more therapeutic and healthily beneficial. I wouldn’t say I’ve completely quit smoking, I just haven’t been craving it as much since I started running in fear of ruining any progress I’ve made (I’m currently training for a 5K)

  79. I take a month and a halfish (lent for my wife lol) break every year. Whenever I wanted to smoke I just exercise. Just basic calisthenics you can do anywhere with nothing. Stuff you should prob do anyway to stay moderately fit lol. Also kinda go ham biking and do maybe 15 miles.

  80. It helps if you don't think of it as quitting. You're just not doing it for a while. Its like applause. I didn't quit clapping. I'm just not clapping right now. I may clap later. Or not.

  81. You've got this!! My biggest tip is if you can get anti-nausea from a doc, esp if you already have a medical card, that'll probably help you with the worst of it. I had to go off of it due to medications not jiving well and I dealt with it triggering my migraines and nausea to come back in full force when I stopped edibles and smoking. I'm better for it but yeah if you deal with nausea, def get yourself something to help. Honestly your primary care doctor may even prescribe it to you easy. I wish you luck, I hope you find some fun hobbies and stuff in the mean time and your mental health can get on the right track. Also be kind to yourself and patient, it's definitely easier said than done, but it is a tip nonetheless. Everyone else gave much better tips and other ideas so definitely take those to heart as well

  82. Just quit cold turkey lol, thats what i did. One day i just decided to stop for a year and didn't have any problem. No craving, no nothing

  83. Good luck bro! Im on day 11 of my tolerance break, after the first few days you won't even think about it. I'm so thankful that weed is not physically addictive, you can stopnqt any time you wish! (Daily smoker of 2 and a half years here)

  84. Hydrate with water no carbonation and electrolytes, no alcohol, no artificial colors or flavors. Eat whole foods. No sugar. No dairy. You would be amazed what nutrition will do. Its amazing how wonderful it is to cook at home with healthy ingredients while hitting a splif. I was the same way and changed to whole foods. I don't get sad or down anymore.

  85. Talk to a really good friend u trust about problems in life maybe self analyze just focus on love and being positive and true to yourself and goals

  86. Yes very happy you're making this move people don't realise that weed doesn't not get rid of the issues only alleviates your mood to make them more bearable. On that note , I guarantee you will have a withdrawal like effect where you will crave it 3-4 days in but don't give in fight through it because believe me the next day will feel like the best.

  87. November 20th will be a year for me. You’ll definitely notice more money in the bank! Just take it one day at a time and it’ll get easier and easier

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