Just wanted to say I love this sub, but for the love of GOD, no one is lacing your reefer. Unless you're in prison, no one is hitting your sack with Katie or fentanyl. It's not the pcp-laced 80's either so just grind it, smell it and smoke it

  1. Mold or pesticides. There are nefarious growers who won't think twice about spraying Ortho on or near their plants, especially illicit grows in the West.

  2. Or weed contaminated w heavy metals, etc. Cannabis is a bioaccumulator after all, so growing it in soil contaminated by anything will have it be concentrated in the plant.

  3. There was a post the other day that was likely buds coated with extra THCA or something and it kinda looked like it could be mold. I think mold and this practice of selling weed with extra cannabinoids of potential questionable origin are the only real things to look out for. And with the added cannabinoids I think your guy is gonna tell you about that as a feature and maybe charge more.

  4. Real question. I buy in bulk and store in a dry temperature controlled place. The package is even air tight (those containers with the push buttons on top are CLUTCH). How long do we think it takes for weed to develop mold?

  5. It's almost as good as chem trail conspiracies. Because the government would want to kill off its biggest source of revenue, right?

  6. The idea isn't that they're adding fent on purpose. That would be dumb just like you said. The idea is that, due to negligence, fent is contaminating weed which is handled by someone/surfaces touching both substances. This isn't a problem for things like heroin or cocaine or whatever because the active dosages for those are way higher than any potential contamination -- you'd never know.

  7. With Fentanyl it's a different story. Have met a few people who have run into Fetty laced weed. It's pretty easy to make and takes a tiny tiny amount to produce an effect

  8. Only thing that I could think would be cheap would be having acid in a blunt or something. Acid is probably the cheapest drug out there.

  9. Laced weed and “undercover cop tried to sell me an 1/8 online” are the two most annoying and incorrect posts. Your weed isn’t laced, and no that’s not a UC trying to sell you 4gs on Reddit

  10. While I certainly believe most weed isn’t laced, I had a friend in college who most definitely did smoke something not entirely THC. He was slurring words and we just had to help him get over it cause no one wanted to call the ambulance. He was in a frat so maybe one of the dudes was lacing weed as a sick joke, but that turned him off of weed for all of 2 weeks.

  11. I got laced shit before. GF at the time did it on purpose, she said it was ketamine and didn't understand why I was freaking out. Worst night of my life. Nobody is just randomly lacing sacks just for shits n giggles, but that doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

  12. I don’t believe ketamine can be smoked, I’m not 100% positive on that but I’m pretty sure the only ROA are snorting and injecting. Possibly sublingually but I’m also not sure on that. I seriously doubt it was ketamine but I may be wrong.

  13. This might b true for states where it's legal and/or countries. But here in Europe, with a lot of countries where it's still illegal, you really gotta watch out. I've seen/smelled/touched a lot of laced weed. Sometimes you get CBD weed sprayed with artificial cannabinoids, which fuck you up real bad. Sometimes it's just the old shitty homegrown that needs some haze spray to smell good and so on...

  14. Yes, I've had weed with synthetic cannabinoids twice. It gets you crazy and uncomfortably high for 20 mins, then you're suddenly sober again. I threw both of those buys away because fuck that.

  15. Came here to say this. It IS a problem in Europe. Especially the stricter countries like the UK or Greece. Elsewhere it’s pretty easy to move shit over from The Netherlands

  16. I got dosed with PCP being a pizza guy back in 2014/15. I was about 5 minutes away from the store when I realized I was getting uncomfortably high. I spent the next 3 hours draped over a milk crate behind the store, sweating my brains out and waving away shadow people. I was still feeling fucked up in the morning and went to Urgent Care. Got a UA and blood tests to confirm it.

  17. It happened to me at a Foo Fighters concert, of all places. I did basically what you did on the milk crate, but in the farthest back row of a stadium with Dave Grohl screaming for 2.5 hours. They’re my favorite band and I was so mad at myself because it was a very special 4th of July concert and I basically ruined my time. Took a UA to confirm and sure as shit. I don’t take joints from strangers anymore (but have no problem sharing as I know my shit isn’t laced)

  18. The only time I've ever had weed that was laced was back in 2007 when I got a bag of weed that my neighbor called "can't believe it's not mids". Ugliest weed I've ever seen and it was already broken down in the bag.

  19. I got some laced in like 04, not as bad of an experience as that with my batch, but I didn’t smoke much weed again for a long time. And never trusted a dealer again.

  20. Yeah no, probably not the best post. My good friend’s friend bought weed lanced with fentanyl in San Diego and died. It was really tragic, and obviously not expected. There are people out there that do fucked up shit like that, so it’s not just “unless you’re in prison”

  21. I also had a good friend who died this way… however it came out later that the family was lying because his cocaine was laced with fent not weed and they wanted to save face, not saying that is the situation here but it was with mine. Also how does this happen in a legal state? Regardless, condolences friend

  22. I was just going to comment something similar. There are some fucked up people who sometimes just want to harm anyone. They don’t always care about profit.

  23. Just because your small town doesn’t have laced weed doesn’t mean it’s not out there. It’s not like they’re lacing it with opioids but it’s usually some chemical like k2 or something sprayed onto low quality or bud. It’s not too common outside of large cities but it does happen

  24. People spray hemp with delta 8 all the time, why wouldn’t someone fuck around and try it with other substances? Just saying that it’s not impossible.

  25. This is not true. I had smoked weed laced with fentanyl and ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks with psychosis (which means going crazy) and it took me a long time to mentally recover. Just because it hasn’t happened to you doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen

  26. I mean people are getting sold distillate sprayed hemp as “exotic”, so while the bullshit and entirely made up panic about fentanyl dusted weed is dumb as hell, let’s not make sweeping generalizations, since I’d consider distillate sprayed hemp or even low grade mids as “laced”.

  27. Maybe not intentionally lacing but I was always told if I could find someone who deals only weed to go that route cuz a lazy dealer might weight shit out in the same scale and you’ll get cross contam. Which with fentanyl is a problem just cuz so little can have such a great effect.

  28. It is warranted advice. Using the same scale can accidentally contaminate. The OD threshold for fent is super small

  29. Might not be laced with K or fentanyl but I've def smoked some shit that had a distinct taste of fly spray.

  30. Same here. They refuse to see dealers as businessmen looking to make a profit, so they can't understand why it makes no sense for them to basically give you a harder drug for free. Usually the response is "it's to get you addicted" but buying weed isn't like buying other drugs, it was so much more available (especially now with legal dispos) that at any given time I had a handful of people I could text if I needed anything. And if someone ever gave me stuff that felt off or was shit, I'd just stop picking up off of them.

  31. Id just like to state fir the record that here in Puerto Rico, with just about everybody whi can afford it buying from dispensaries, a hige chunk of the illegal market is absolutely laced with Fentanyl.

  32. Women also have to be careful, I've had girl friends of mine have weed laced with ketamine given to them from guys at parties :/

  33. Not with good drugs, but like... Sprayed weed is still a thing. I've heard of dealers spraying their product with scented shit in order to make it seem better, and weigh slightly more.

  34. Not true, I lace my own reefer! Two eighths of leaf, two grams of concentrate, one electric grinder (like for coffee, but slightly more expensive because marijuana).

  35. It's unlikely that raw flower is going to be adulterated, but edibles are a whole different story....especially if you are getting them from an illegal source.

  36. Depending on where you live there is a small probability, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. People still need to ask questions and play it safe. Same with the probability of your house getting broken into- it’s low, but you still lock your doors. Sounds like you’re one of those “this is my experience therefore it’s true for literally everyone else” people

  37. Remember people, Incompetence can be just as deadly as intent. Just because a plug doesn't want to hurt someone or isn't trying to lace their shit they may still be cross contaminating or using things they shouldn't on the weed. Dumbasses can sell weed too.

  38. Except sometimes they do so be careful because I've gotten glass beads in mine they call it grit weed which is cannabis laced with silica glass.

  39. Addictions counselor here and weed lover. I’ve had multiple clients only ever smoke weed, and come in to rehab testing positive for fent. All of them were adamant weed is all they’ve ever done (and they bought it off the street)

  40. tbh my uncle died of a fent laced joint in 2019 just because it isnt common doesnt mean it doesnt happen if you didnt roll it proceed with caution!

  41. There definitely is laced weed out there. Maybe more often in my country but there is for sure. Had it two times and it's shit.

  42. I've also had laced weed twice. Both times were around 2008 or so, and both times, it was somebody else's weed. They laced it themselves and just didn't volunteer the information. It's dumb for OP to say that it just absolutely doesn't ever happen.

  43. A kid died last year in my city from fentanyl laced ditch weed. It's no longer myth. Black market fentanyl or karfentanyl is used to recover value from weed gone hermy or that has been pollenated.

  44. I for sure got some laced weed one time back in college. Hit the bong one time and my whole body turned into a bucket of sand being poured into another container during a windy day. That is too say, I was WAYYYYY too fucking high for some basic ass weed or even some super weed.

  45. OP has never smoked in the actual hood. Don't get me wrong they'll let you know it's "turbo" but some ppl like it mixed with PCP or coke (more likely crack for cost effectiveness)

  46. Some areas really do have a problem though. My old Town had a bunch of deaths from fentanyl laced weed. It was mostly pre rolls and other things of be sort. It's not unreasonable to be worried

  47. No, but with the pesticides some people use I won’t even smoke anything anymore unless I grow it myself with my own bottled chemical nutrients.

  48. My thoughts exactly. They sound like my mom when I was little, afraid people were gonna give me drugs while trick or treating…

  49. Agree, but I did hear an anecdote from an acquaintance that a dude he was smoking with rolled a blunt and put meth inside it, and he smoked that shit because the guy only used euphemisms for it. Obviously the guy's an idiot, who smokes something when they don't know what powder this man put in it?

  50. This might be true for green, but in my many years of buying bricks i learned hash can be mixed with alot of shit from henna to plastic without it being obvious, hobby smokers might not notice this(my friend smokes whatever he gets his grabby hands on), but its totally obvious when you have some good shit to compare it too, usually its the smell that gives it away, but it takes both smell, looks, taste and how it burns to figure out if the hash is contaminated.

  51. Tell that to a highschooler who just died in my area from a laced cart, take the hour drive and buy your shit from a dispensary.

  52. I had a friend 3 years ago od on fentanyl the first time he ever smoked weed. To this day kids still scared of weed even tho it’s legal now while it’s not a common thing it definitely is real from street dealers

  53. no one’s spending extra money on you!! lol not during these economic times.. always blew my mind that people think this.

  54. This is a lie, dispos sure but street dealers will 100 percent lace shit. Ive been sold perc laced weed before so stop spreading thus lie. Is it rare yes, but that doesnt mean it doesnt happen.

  55. I’m constantly trying to unwind this mythology with people, and I’m surprised at how strongly they want to hold on to the “black marked pot dealers are lacing their weed with fentanyl to get people hooked story.”

  56. What are everyone’s thoughts on Carts and Concentrates (wax etc) safety? I’m in NY so we’re in this weird place where we don’t have legit dispos. I know the production methods can be pretty sus, what should I look out for or should I not fuck with it until we get legit stores?

  57. I smoke them regularly and am always cautious and concerned. I make sure the packaging is legit and it's a legit cart cuz where I'm at they will lace the carts with other drugs or fake shit and mess up your lungs worse than they would be. Find a reputable smoke shop and a reputable brand you like and do research on where it's coming from. Doesn't hurt to be cautious but it does hurt to be taken advantage of.

  58. They might be! I was told people would try to give me free drugs and lace my Halloween candy. Still waiting on all the free weed. Although my candy was laced with sugar. 😈

  59. True, some sell other shit though and if they are lazy there can be cross contamination. Doesn't take much to fuck ya up and give you a bad time. Even then some are dumb and use pesticides. Anyone can sell weed, you have to be careful enough to know if who you are buying from is good with it and straight up with you. Incompetence can be just as deadly as intent.

  60. I always thought buying larger amounts like an ounce or more would be less likely to be tampered with and less likely to have been in someone's butt or crotch.

  61. In Boulder a couple years ago a bunch of high school kids OD'd on laced weed they bought from a homeless guy. Be smart people, buy from trustworthy plugs

  62. I definitely smoked something more than just a joint back in like 2011. Now to be fair to that situation, I bought a fee joints off a dude standing on line for a Yelawolf concert. He just pulled out a massive bag that must've had like 40 joints in it. He was rustling around trying to grab at specific joints, so I think his intention was to give us the NOT extra stuff.

  63. I just saw a story on the news where they were talking about people being illegally human trafficked to grow weed that was sold in legal dispensaries. Someone's really throwing everything they can think of at the wall to see if it sticks. Between big pharma and law enforcement, they really don't want this flower to be legal.

  64. Doesn’t mean it’s not improbable happens to, a friend who cops from a plug he knew. Stoped coping from the streets afterwards.

  65. While I agree for the majority of cases, I just had a fentanyl situation happen. My guy always test his stuff before selling cause he only deals to friends and two of his pickups in the last year have had traces of fent. I would say two times in a year from different sources is enough to at least keep it on your radar. I would of had no idea looking g at the bud, but it was there. Glad I didn’t smoke it and that my guy was being careful enough to find out.

  66. Isn’t the fact it’s not the 80s anymore and there are more artificial pesticides, drugs, synthetic CBC/THC subs, etc. I would be less scared in the 80s than today…. So I get your rant… but at the same time to tell ppl to turn a blind eye it’s dumb.

  67. I mean. Idk about america but where i live, there is a chance your weed might get laced with spice, since its cheaper than actual weed. And before you say iam bullshitting, ive had been laced before because i wasn't experienced enough. Same with a few of my friends. But its extemely rare because dealers want people to come back to them, so they always try they're best to sell decent sized bags for the price, get good quality stuff and stuff like that.

  68. There is absolutely still fake weed going around, though. They'll take some green powder (probably a plant that's been ground to dust so it's harder to tell it's not weed) and compress it into these fake nugs, sometimes even including real stems pulled out of real buds to sell the lie better. I've been bamboozled twice already. Luckily I caught on pretty quick and the part I smoked wasn't very potent.

  69. This fundamentally misunderstands how fentanyl poisoning occurs. 99% of the time it's not deliberate lacing, it's accidental contamination from dealers not cleaning their scales/tools/surfaces. Fentanyl is so potent that even a residual bit of dust can mean a fatal dosage.

  70. In America it isn't really a huge problem at all. But I have heard that in Eruope, spraying synthetic THC on shitty weed has been a really bad problem on the black market.

  71. Idk dude, dealing with any controlled substance it's probably best to be more cautious than not. If bought from a dispensary it's a different case as there's tons of regulations that are imposed on them. But, say it's a homie of a homie or something like that and you've never bought from or haven't often I'd say it's worth being cautious.

  72. What I heard from friends who are dealing is that sometimes additional thc (?) or other stuff is sprayed on, to make it more potent. I don’t know whether this is true, I just realized that simce I smoked homegrown my brain doesn’t feel muddy when waking up and shit… Coming from Europe

  73. The issue today isn't bud being laced with shit. It's people trying to pass off k2 or hemp sprayed with delta 8 distillates that are processed in really sketchy labs. At the same time, even normal sativa makes people anxious and I've smoked with plenty of people who talked the talk but when walking the walk, they accused weed of being laced and ended up throwing up in my car.

  74. I don't know how popular spice is anymore, but even in 2018, you did need to worry about spice, a little & that shit is dangerous.

  75. The amount of people I’ve met who can’t handle big boy weed and swear up and down they got laced once and never shut up about it is 1/5. I’ve personally smoked good weed with people and they thought it was laced and something was wrong. I’ve smoked, hundreds, maybe thousands of ounces, majority bought in Kansas, and never once has it been laced. I tell people I want their dealers info so I can’t get a back of that laced shit, that’s how not real it is. Then there’s the “no, I can’t smoke, my cousin smoked weed one time and it was laced.” Whatevs’ bro, more for me.

  76. You can’t say anything for certain, my dude. There are not many business ethics when it comes to illegal transactions. Absolutely people lace shit all the time. Totally ignorant statement.

  77. There is no weed in prison. It's to easy to get they yard shut down. You get drug tested randomly as well. Everyone smokes spice.

  78. Idk man, I wouldn’t say it’s common but there’s been plenty of cases of bud getting sprayed with toxic shit to make it heavier.

  79. Depends. Philly in particular has had an issue with weed (accidentally) laced with fentanyl because they'd put sifderent drugs on the same table

  80. Back around 2010 I called my dealer out on low counts (stupid, I know.) The next time I hit him up he gave me some story about he would need a couple hours to get me my twin (he always had weight...) Well a few hours later I turn up with this weird grayish-brown dope. Super wet, shit was definitely laced with Ketamine. Not a good time, but not my worst.

  81. i’ve been blowing this trumpet. so much fucking FUD and paranoia spread by assholes. there was never any poisoned halloween candy either. no razor blades. never happened.

  82. Idk man spice was huge arou d here and shit was quite a bit cheaper than actual bud. Plugs would mix that shit to make more of a profit. Hell I worked cashier once and one of my regulars would come in we'd talk weed n growin n shit well one day he's like hey want a joint of some homegrown shit? I said sure why not took it he left once my shift was over I busted tht shit open cause I'm paranoid bout shit fuckin thing was nothin but spice needless to say I never took shit from him again.

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