what 50 dollars gets you in wa strain is "reds"

  1. My brother a little while back sent me a picture of a $40 haul from Washington which had an eighth of mids, a 6-pack of .5g pre-rolls and 1g of 89% concentrate. I was like “There’s no way that was bought from a dispensary in Washington!!” I had to check the comments to figure out west Australia.

  2. Ppl saying op got ripped off lool, I'm not saying there aren't better deals out there but different areas have different prices. Plus, OP would be talking 50 Australian dollars, which is only about 30 GBP or 35 US dollars. Fairs fair man! F the hate and hope the smoke was/is well enjoyed

  3. Thanks man much appreciated, i don't really give a fuck about the hate im kinda just here trying to give people the right idea and going through the comments it's kinda nice to just chill out stoned asf on the shit everyone's hating on and reply to all there comments hehe

  4. Bro is that from eastern Washington? I picked up an 8th for $20 yesterday in King county, it looked a lot nicer than that

  5. Bruh for $50 on the east side of washington i can get a qtr of upper level mids on the black market, weed/oil prices not through a store are almost straight across $20 for an eigth of bud or a g of oil, and then an oz of bud about $150 and then for an oz of oil right around $200-220

  6. Missourian here, I envy you so fucking much. I'm seriously debating buying the temporary guest pass for Oklahoma and stocking up bud and (especially) carts. A full gram distillate cart, not even live resin, is close to $70-80 here.

  7. Damn I get twice that some high quality stuff in middle of nowhere if nowhere Tennessee for 40$. That's just crazy for 50 bucks to me.

  8. I hardly ever see $50 eighths in Wa. Typically 20-40. I don’t know where you are shipping but that is not normal

  9. ive smoked it in the past and it's fucking stupid, i only just recently found out it was pgr and im chucking the rest of it out cause just na

  10. I mean at least it looks semi good, I’m Australia this is kinda all you can get ahold of for that price. It’s why their bowls are so small and they call em “cones”

  11. Also the shit is carcinogenic so you can't smoke much of it at a time, only just realised that a few hours ago and this isn't my first time smoking red smh

  12. Lol wa is not representative of the rest of the country for this shit. You’ll be looking at 3.5-4g for $50 in most of nsw.

  13. Apply for medical cannabis bro im in SA and got approved pretty bloody easily. Medical cannibis is literally cheaper than street weed in WA and obviously way healthier and nicer too.

  14. Washington, West Australia, or the West Hall of the Slytherin dorm area, getting that much for $50 is definitely a bummer deal. Although I will say you’re getting about as much as we get in Arizona for around the same, probably a little less depending where you go. It will be bunk smokes though if you buy the less expensive batch. I stick with Carts for the most part since they are low key, for the most part it’s more convenient for me.

  15. Damn homie you should come visit me in Eugene, Oregon sometime! The Herbal Connection has some fire as deals literally every day! Worth the drive, for real!

  16. $50 AUS/~$35 USD for that, given where you live, is pretty decent. Looks like 2 grams, for some dense nugs and red hairs, I hope you enjoyed your sesh fam. 🍀💕

  17. Thats $30 tops you got ripped off friend i leave in an illegal state with heavy laws on weed prices are high here because of this and i still wouldnt pay more then $30 i dont care what strain it is or how good its supposed to be im an OG smoker you figure out as you get older that often you can get the same buzz off a $20 bag as you can off a 50 dollar bag of the same weight. But i buy in bulk i dont fuck with little bags i smoke too much and you get a better deal why pay by the gram when someone can get a zip for a a third of the price then one has the option of pushing a little at the gram price and can cover the cost

  18. fair enough bro, i usually buy bulk too, normally 1/2oz or 1/4oz, from $120-$220, im getting off a diff plug through a mate atm while my main plug is out of town the buds are pretty dense but i would say it's around $30 dollars worth too but yk what can you expect, if we're being real here the homie prolly pulled the tax man card and took a lil out, but aye i don't really give a shit, if he took it, it was probably for a good reason, so im not even gonna trip bout it.

  19. I went to Washington last year, just driving to my camp site I think I passed about 14 dispensaries, do you live way out in the woods?

  20. Find better dealers, man. Try different parts of town, there's always people that undercut the others, you're getting ripped off at this price. Weed's not worth it for such a high price and low quantity.

  21. it's honestly rlly fire smoke bro, not gonna buy off that same plug again though fully ripped me off but it's alr, only bought off someone else cause the main plug was out of town for the weekend, idrc tho buds bud hehe

  22. Where in WA could you get better prices? It’s pretty much the most expensive in the whole country.

  23. Imma be honest with you okay, there is no reason to get ripped off I promise you, as someone who would be that piece of shit and rip people because my dumbass couldn't get the prices I wanted on packs, don't fw with those guys, its their problem to get the right prices not yours to overpay so they can make money.

  24. i hope you mean western australia and not washington lol. washington has some of the cheapest high quality bud on earth.

  25. Lol 50 bucks in wa??WA??? I can get a quarter on the street for 50 bucks these days maybe even 35. Do you live in the bum fuck nowhere of wa?

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  27. This is all fitty bones gets ya? It might get you high, but how does it taste? What them terps smell like?

  28. It tastes rlly sweet and tropical the smell is potent asf could smell it through the baggy i got it in, looks can be decieving man

  29. This isn’t pgr, lmao but it definitely isn’t hydroponic. It’s slightly above standard Aussie smoke

  30. You sure about that? When I lived in Vancouver (southern border), it was roughly the same prices as Oregon, which is pretty good. I'd say since moving to Oregon, weed is cheaper yes but not by too much. Guess it is different all throughout WA.

  31. Has OP confirmed he or she is in the state of Washington? That appears to be quite a small amount of flower whether in a black, white or grey market. 🧐

  32. If thats what you’re getting in WA for $50 you are going to the wrong dispo. They basically give it away out there.

  33. Damn i should hit the road and come give you some stuff from the east coast. I'm really sorry this is your experience in WA. 🫣

  34. Depends where you live in WA. I’m in south eastern WA and the chances are 60% gonna get good stuff worth the money, other 40% is either shit weed sold cheap or over priced

  35. Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah... I buy the really nice high-end shit in WA and I get quarters for around $70. A couple cases down from where I browse there will be cheapo ounces for $120. Find a new store, mate.

  36. Uhhhhhh $50???? East or West WA? because wtf bro I literally just got an 8th that was pretty decent smoke for $7.50 at a dispensary

  37. Accounts must be over three days old and must have both positive comment & post karma before they are allowed to post or comment in

  38. in washington you can get an oz for 15 dollars, i wouldn’t assume it’s very high quality but it’s buyable. you got unfathomably scammed in this scenario based on price to weight alone

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