help!! i stashed my weed in a mason jar on my roof while away (for like 2 weeks), now I’m home and it’s bleached and yellow + smells weird. no idea if it’s safe to smoke or not but throwing it all away is so painful <\3

  1. Or just cover it in a towel or something lol. Exposed glass jar is the worst thing you can do, you trying to cultivate on the roof lol.

  2. Coating a jar in wax is the best. Make sure that it has been well packed with 8th sized baggies. Might take a lot of wax, but it's reusable the next time you want to seal up your bud, just bust it down again, melt it with a double boil, and then do another pour. Make sure not to use scented candle wax.

  3. Can confirm, scientist here who works with cannabis et al. You performed accelerated aging on your buds. Heat and light caused the degradation of the THC. It still has potential but is more medicinal now. You will sleep like a baby after Vaping or smoking that. Next time bury it or hide it in a cool dark place as others have suggested.

  4. I figured as much that it would be ok to smoke and that was light bleach, but i thought the direct sunlight would've degraded the trichomes. Especially if it got hot enough to decarb it but itd have to get pretty hot tho huh. If its in that fl sun maybe lol

  5. Isn't it a photochemical reaction? Much like the reactions that lead to skunked beer? Would storing your weed in a brown beer glass with a cork be ideal?

  6. So will they still get high from it?? I have to hide my weed in my car and I’m worried on hot days it will mess with it. But it’s never in direct sunlight and it’s usually in the tire well of the trunk lol

  7. Yep, this is the best answer, use that shit at night to sleep and pick up a good sativa or hybrid for daytime if you are an all day like me.

  8. Thank you for the simple explanation. I wrote a tangent, but really couldn't explain it simpler. Now the CBN usually takes years for it to really make impressive yields of CBN almost like 4 years to get like a 4% increase of CBN with natural light while in a jar.

  9. Would like to agree and add onto this with the inclusion of the natural degradation process that converts thc into cbg. Very similar effects to delta 8 imo.

  10. As I’m sitting here reading this thread I’ve realized my whole weed setup is actually right in direct sunlight next to my window and this explains so much lol I’m going to change it! Thank you!!

  11. I love comments like these. I actually want my bud to be more sedating lol but not by leaving it on a roof. Why did this man store his bud on a roof!?

  12. Slightly decarbed maybe, he could cook it? He might have just had an Einstein moment and discovered a new method of doubling the potency, lol.

  13. Glad I’m not the only one bothered by this like the roof wasn’t dumb enough let me dump the jar on my nasty deck too Lmao

  14. Yea, why would you leave it in glass in the sun? Mason jars rlly cut smell, should have left the jar in a sock in a drawer. Prob vaporized all the outside crystal.

  15. I'm guessing this was some kid trying to hide his bud from his parents, thinking that the roof was someplace he could access via window, but his parents would never check.

  16. Honestly would have been a much better idea. A dude in Uruguay actually buries his weed and leaves it curing for over a year.

  17. man quit actin like you never scraped sticky tar dookie resin out of a bowl and smoked that shit in times of desperation... and you are worried about some sun bleached flower that was in jar for 2 weeks? cmon, dogg.

  18. Why is this sub full of people just doing stupid ass stuff, then asking if it’s ok. How about you do some due diligence before you make decisions. Play stupid games win stupid prizes

  19. They're just a kid trying to hide it from their parents. Lots of folks went through the same shit, most learn from others to avoid mistakes, but some don't. All part of life.

  20. First the dude storing his weed in a napkin then someone putting it in a glass jar in the sun for 2 weeks. Both are surprised their stash is either thrown away or fucked up

  21. the thc converted into cbn from the light exposure you could have literally put it anywhere but you chose the roof and also who the fuck stashes weed on their roof but the weed is stll smokable i mean your just gonna have more of a cbn effect which idk what that feels like bever had it

  22. safe yes, will it be any good, probably not. you have essentially aged it into being low grade bammer weed

  23. Cannabis has to be stored in a dark and dry space for longterm conservation. Your weed litterally cooked in the mason jar while you were away.

  24. You cooked the shit out of it. Roofs can get over 170 degrees in the summer. That said, it’s probably fine to smoke.

  25. Im from az and this happens to weed left out all the time. Gotta learn the hard way. Weed isn’t invincible lol you basically took a magnifying glass to all angles of the weed

  26. I left a 10 bag in my jeans for 3 months....the jeans got washed multiple times....and one night i was dry and really desperate for a spliff so searched my room like a police raid...

  27. You aged it bro! When exposed to uv light after curing, your thc will 'degrade' into cbn, which is a more physical, less cerebral effect. Still good to smoke if youre willing

  28. It probably won’t be as strong and might just make you sleepy (idk the exact science but something about the thc changing in the sun) but it’s still just as safe to smoke. Store somewhere cool and dark if you can. If no cabinets would work you could use a towel or something to wrap it in then stuff it in a bag then throw in your closet and cover with junk.

  29. You actually managed to light burn your weed. There will likely be a fair bit of degradation to the thc but you can still smoke it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen flower light burned by the sun after harvest/cure, I’m almost impressed by this sun bleached bud ☀️

  30. The sun turned your Mason jar into a dry herb vape. You could still smoke it but it's going to be very weak. Most of the nugs still look ok

  31. The sun bleached it, it broke down the chlorophyll, and probably a good amount of the potency. If it smells weird, chances are it got hit and humid in the jar from the heat of the roof and the plant material began to rot/mold. You always want to store your bud somewhere cool and dark, in an airtight container if you’re going away for a while. If it’s for long long term, you want to make sure it’s properly cured so there’s no extra moisture in the buds and seal it in a food saver bag. Like the ones you can suck all the air out of. Will this sun bleached weed kill you? Probably not even if it’s starting to rot, but it could irritate your respiratory system. I work at a medical grow and I can say the curing process and storage of cannabis is an art in and of itself.

  32. aw man. next time you leave your buds somewhere for a good amount of time get the good ol bovedas, they are pretty cheap. if you leave your flower somewhere closed without ventilation they'll grow fungi. now if you usually keep your flower in a jar, try to open it for 5 minutes, around twice a day. now you could still smoke that if its just dry. but im assumming it grew even some little fungi. i wouldn't go with it

  33. True, if at all moldy chuck it. Boveda is cheap, I have 2 small packs for 1 Oz and 3 months later they are still soft and doing their job. Great product.

  34. You basically have decarbed weed now. You may want to cook it a little further in the toaster oven or something, then make some oil or butter out of it for edibles. Would at minimum be a good experiment, and maybe help salvage your losses. Worth a shot.

  35. Is this a joke post or serious? I honestly can’t tell. Why would you leave your cannabis in the sun? Pure curiosity on your thought process, assuming there was any sort of thought process involved.

  36. I'd be worried about moisture building inside the jar due to condensation, creating mold. It would absorb into the bud by the time you'd look at it so it won't appear wet.

  37. You just degraded your trichomes. Probably won’t even get you high any more. And if it does it’s certainly not the desired effect of the strain.

  38. Toss it. Being in the sun like that probably caused the humidity and heat to rise. Not a good combination for weed. That looks like broken down moldy weed to me.

  39. Would it not have decarbed a bit in the sun? Might be worth just trying to use it for edibles, perhaps decarb it a bit longer and then infuse it in some oil. Saves you just binning it all

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  41. Imagine if you put your weed in an oven and baked it. That's pretty much what you did. I probably wouldnt smoke it, and I dont think it would be effective even if you did.

  42. Bruh you basically decarb'd your weed by heat and light. You can smoke it but I'd suggest throwing it in some butter and making brownies. The buds have pretty much passed the oven step of cannabutter.

  43. My father frequently does this, he’ll leave his fire ass buds outside in our hot ass backyard in a jar and it builds up condensation in the jar. Not bad I guess but kinda gross to me.

  44. Can y’all answer their questions like damn haha the 100+ comments telling them it was a bad idea is probably enough. All in good fun, of course!

  45. If you have Amazon or also a local smoke shop. I recommend getting some 62% boveda humidity control packs to put in the jar with your herb. Keeps it just right. You will want to store it in a cool dark place still. This will help keep it fresh for longer periods of time.

  46. You ever heard of a pirate’s treasure hidden on a rooftop dawg? You gotta bury that shit if you can’t safely store it in your home.

  47. Honestly bro it’s still usable but I wouldn’t smoke it, and if you’re hiding smell, I guess don’t eat it either bc cooking weed is stinky 💀 rip bro u learned ur lesson take ur L and try and get more and listen to the comments. Ur weeds thc was likely converted to cbn and will make you more sleepy than high, bc you practically baked it in the sun. Not a terrible thing to do, I can tell it was a accident. Live and let learn ig

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