Got so tired of buying new torches to dab with that I bought a tank and haven’t had to buy a new one in YEARS. Anyone else do this too?

  1. I had a tank before I started dabbing, so I've always used these. When I'm with a friend that uses a small one I find them very annoying! Lol

  2. They be clicking away. All that shaking it and shit. Wish I could throw mine in a backpack without it being so obvious

  3. I fucking hate butane so much. They last 1 second then u gotta refill mid dab.. PITA! Propane also cheaper Bc $6 lasts close to a year for me

  4. I don't use that much. I got a small refillable torch, what they use for creme brulee. Then I decided to make some creme brulee, and it turned out great!

  5. Lmao I use my scale to weigh out meal portions and to weigh my weed 🤷‍♀️ My Fiancée got our crème brûlée one from a chef friend but we broke it and I’ve been using these since

  6. I recently made bruleed peaches and they were amazing. We've got some really good local peaches around right now, so I cut one in half and then followed the normal creme brulee procedure. It was so good! Like a candy coated fruit

  7. Try the Big Shot GT8000 Blazer. I've put 100+ cans of butane through it since Sept 2017 and it's still working no issues. It's been dropped 100x too on hardwood. No leaks, no nothing just nice crisp flame.

  8. What do you do with your empties? I’ve never known if they need to be recycled or disposed of in any special way. I think the bottle says return to where you bought it…could be wrong, but I’m not walking into Walmart and trying to track someone down who may just put it in their dumpster anyway

  9. I own a Dr. Dabber Switch, it was an expensive piece, but it hasn’t failed me in two years. Bubbler is easy to clean, and the system has a self cleaning function too.

  10. That’s all I’ve used, but I can’t imagine mine lasting years. I probably get 3-4 months, maybe longer. I want to try out a Blazer Big Shot because I hear it’s the best way to go for a small torch.

  11. Dog, take it from me, I have 3 blazers. they're the best torch. my OG green one is from like 2018 and runs perfect. make sure to keep the safety cover for traveling.

  12. I use the green camping tanks, they are stubbier and are less likely to get knocked over. Buy them in 2 packs for ~$10 and they last a long time. Recyclable too! I've been dabbing for about 6 years with zero issues, much better than the little torches you get at headshops

  13. You can buy a big tank (like for a grill) and refill the smaller ones from the big one too. Then you’re really saving money.

  14. This is what we have been doing too for probably about 6 years also, so easy. There are two of us, so we go through the camping gas tanks a bit quicker than some other comments I’ve read have mentioned. But this is definitely the way.

  15. I might soon but I don’t ever hit more than one or two at a time so I’d be turning it on and off all day

  16. Any recommendations on a more affordable one? Most I’ve been pointed too seem to ask a bit much on the price tag for what they do

  17. I just responded to another one of OPs comment with the same, but I’ll add on to this for anyone else who hasn’t found out about the Blazer Yet either.

  18. honestly never liked these. me and my college room mates got one when we started dabbing and we came back to our dorm one time and the entire place smelled like gas. it was a scary situation, that night we went and bought a quality handheld torch that was simple to use, not that industrial shit. hope u get high tho man sorry to rant i’m baked

  19. No problem I’m extra baked myself lmao. Most likely one of y’all had turned the knob and left it that way, which leaks the gas but doesn’t ignite. Y’all are lucky you ain’t blow up!! Happy shmokin💨💨💨💨💨💨

  20. Used to do this. And then one time, when we were extremely high, it wouldn’t shut off. And kept audibly letting out the gas. So we just fucking threw it off the second story porch we were on and stared at it for a couple minutes. We thought it was going to explode or something. We were dumb.

  21. you’ve got two end pieces on that nectar collector brother. glass one is a quartz tip, the set should’ve come with a mouthpiece

  22. I have a few separate mouth and quartz parts that came with it but they don’t latch on as well as the one I’m using and just slip off

  23. You probably do more than me, I smoke flower and dab on and off. One week dab, a week with flower, week with a pen. Just to shake it up

  24. Yes, to think of all the times I bought a new torch when a tank and a cheap attachment is all it takes. Sadness.

  25. The shorter fatter green Coleman ones are my fav tanks. Still small enough to comfortably hold in one hand but wide enough that it’s much harder to tip over. I’ve knocked over my blue tank torch too many times lol

  26. Yup, those novelty torches are shit, been using Coleman tanks with an e-trigger for many years. Although, we have to buy one every few months. Multiple dabbers in the house lol.

  27. these things can melt your nail. just get a blazer big shot gt8000. ive had mine for like 4 years and it’s still working fine.

  28. Yeah I’ve read that. I keep the flame low and haven’t had any issues with this nail for about a year. But if it runs out soon I’ll take your advice!

  29. If it's a primary flame and isnt being fed oxygen (like the one pictured) 1100-1200°c where as quartz melts at 1650 (plus minus 75) °c

  30. Map gas burns significantly hotter than propane. It use to heat up my rig really fast but I kept cracking downstems. I would not recommend map gas

  31. I find it so weird that so many of you all use disposable fuels when enails are a thing. Not judging, just not sure why you'd want that hassle when you can flip a switch?

  32. And I would definitely hit the wire , or knock it off and break it, or get water on it. The rank is durable.

  33. Not everyone has a place where they can have this setup consistently. eNails are a hassle if you have animals for instance

  34. Close to it the most efficient (in terms of replacing) would be an enail as long as nothin goes wrong with it you should have it for a long time. I got a "budget" enail for like hundo and some change thats lasted about 2½-3 yrs

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  36. Accounts must be over three days old and must have both positive comment & post karma before they are allowed to post or comment in

  37. I use the big ol camping green ones cause it’s what I’ve got. Why spend 2.50 every week or two on butane when propane burns hotter anyways

  38. I’m always afraid I’m gonna burn something, but because it’s so big it kinda forces me to be a lot more careful

  39. I still have a butane torch. It's called the Big Shot 9000 or something. Got it Sept 2017 and used and abused that thing to the max and it's still going strong.

  40. I want to but I have 3 kids, I just can't have a flame like that. I hate buying the little handheld ones but the ones I use now work great until they don't.

  41. Uh yeah. I used to carry one of these around in a backpack with my rig everywhere I went for a few years. Just be sure to disconnect the top part.

  42. Yea I’d invest in a clicker switch to light it tho. Nothing like dropping a full blast blow torch on your carpet while trying to take a dab

  43. I’m here to try to sell everyone on the blazer. The last torch you buy. Plus takes butane and unlike propane doesn’t get ya shit too hot and leave a residue. My opinion

  44. Lmao I have done this for about 9 years now I roll up to the sesh with one of these and the homies are all like wtf wild af and after we sesh they all wanna buy one it’s great for getting good temp dabs you can heat it up nice and let it cool down wel getting your dab ready and everything

  45. I use a sterno torch head designed for culinary use. They have large butane tanks that screw on, last forever, and can be purchased bulk fairly cheaply. I used mine for several years until it broke due to user error.

  46. I’ve never had one of those Dan torches. I’ve always bought these. They cost less than 10$ for refills and last soooo much longer.

  47. I was doing that to and had to stop using that because of my kids and now I use this (Evolve plus xl.) I stand by this vap it's amazing I've used it in Walmart work and around the house and it has no smell. The one I have you can not set the temp but you can adjust the airflow.

  48. I bought a butane torch off amazon made for dabs, was a piece of crap I couldn't get to fill. I somehow got two for the price of one, wonder if that had something to do with it. Now I have that exact same tank and love it

  49. Trash those titanium tips once they start turning white on the ends. Releasing some Titanium Dioxide and inhaling it is not good for you. Get on those Quarts bangers my dude!!

  50. bro i think you’re doing something wrong if youre constantly buying new torches lol. i’ve been using the same torch for like 6 years

  51. I have a Blazer Big Shot and haven’t replaced it in 4 years and still going strong. Yeah butane is a bit more expensive than propane but it’s cleaner. Propane flames are also a lot hotter than butane- by almost 1000 degrees which if you have a cheap banger can shorten the life

  52. Yup I do the same. Just recently bought the exact torch piece you have and it broke after a day and now I have full cylinder and no torch lol just been smoking weed for the meantime

  53. Propane since the beginning was always looked down as a peasant to dabs snobs but inflation has turned me peasant to king bought 4 Coleman greens 2 years and just now on my 4th

  54. I did it this way for years! It always scared me because of how easy they tip over. I luckily got a smaller one that actually refills easily and it’s still flamin after 3 years!

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