My best friend got tipped 3lbs of just kief…Red Bull for scale!

  1. I knew a guy a long time ago that would use a de-pollinator on all his trim after a big harvest and get a couple bags like this.

  2. Elsewhere on Reddit: “Just cleaned out my grinder and found this. Didn’t have any cash to tip the pizza guy, so I gave it to him instead”

  3. Good lord that's a lot of kief. lol. Time to make some hash, rosin, butter and maybe even some vape juice with it. Fuck, you could even recreate the scene from Scarface just for fun with this much. lol

  4. I can say in confidence the person probably worked in manufacturing. Like my job; we grow, dry, trim and package the weed. Our containers used for storing the weed gathers quite a bit of keif.

  5. it honestly looks like it wouldn't press very good, I never had luck pressing meh hash, always was super dark and didn't taste great.

  6. Smoking is unhealthy. I wouldn’t recommend it. Go to the nearest police station and inform the police officers about the illegal activities such as spreading of felonious substances.

  7. tobi_bly, The amount of cannabis it would take to kill a person is so ridiculously huge as to be unknown. If you started smoking it and just kept on going at it and going at it and going at it, you would just pass out long before you ingested a lethal dose, you couldn't possibly smoke enough keef to get a fatal amount into yourself. In other words, probably not.

  8. Humboldt county. I give ridiculous cannabis tips if the person is willing to accept. The guy who fixed my drier is probably still high from what I gave him last month.

  9. I'm high rn and I thought this post was one picture. I was all like "where is the redbull? Is it inside the bag? Is it so small that I can't see it? That must be a massive bag. But it fits in a car.... oh.... there's more pictures"

  10. Even with extremely low yields, your friend could press into rosin and get a pound of rosin. What a nice tip.

  11. Damn over here in Asia that is about a $US82k tip. Probably much much more since the quality over here is just above brick week.

  12. Holy shit. Tell him he can press that into hash dollars or press it into some wax. He honestly just got tipped with a bag of gold

  13. I knew a guy with 3 pounds of kief. His friend stole it from a dispensary he worked at. Shit did not fly. That stuff is tracked better than opiates.

  14. Screw trying to clean it etc. just squish it into hash and invest in a hookah with several tubes. He’ll be the hero of his friends.

  15. I doubt it’ll be quality enough to make worthwhile rosin if it was a tip but you can absolutely make some great edibles with that, get hustlin dude.

  16. You must’ve sampled some already, cause a giant bag of kief taking up that much of a car seat is already a way better context for scale than an energy drink can lmao

  17. Nice try, ASIO isn't going to believe for a second that it's "your friend" or that it was a tip. But that's still cool as fuck.

  18. I can only imagine trying to give a delivery driver a giant bag of ground powder/dirt. I would imagine that 99% of them would be confused as shit. This has to be a sham post.

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  20. Something HAS to b wrong with it…. That’s a lot of money even with the lowest of quality. That’s like 10k worth of Kief conservatively

  21. Accounts must be over three days old and must have both positive comment & post karma before they are allowed to post or comment in

  22. Accounts must be over three days old and must have both positive comment & post karma before they are allowed to post or comment in

  23. Im guessing he is gonna make it into distillate? Sadly this stuff is cool but almost useless in my experience. No one wants to smoke it anymore with the availability of quality flower in rec markets, you cant press it for rosin, and if you do a solvent extraction its gonna need to be heavily cleaned up.

  24. I’d just use it for unlimited edibles. I don’t really enjoy them that much but making a bunch of clarified butter for the next couple years might change my mind on that. Maybe just make some tinctures for the rest of your life…?

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