Is it weird my bathroom is my favorite room to smoke in?

  1. Omg your bathroom is lit, and no not weird at all when I was in high school I used to smoke in the bath all the time but now my tiny studio apartment only has a shower so that’s no longer an option haha, but fr if my bathroom looked like yours I’d light up in there too 🤙

  2. Don’t ash in the plants. My mom told me in the 80s her and her friend were outside smoking cigarettes and her friend put it out in her potted plant, it combusted and melted the whole pot and went a blaze.

  3. Yes! Same thing happened to me as a teenager. Was inside sleeping, sister had a smoke on the deck, put it out in a planter then went to take a shower. Shit burst into flames and our deck was burning, luckily a neighbor saw and called it in. Thanks for bringing awareness to this, it’s important.

  4. Were you raised in the woods by a pack of wolves? Because I don’t know I could make poops peacefully in that bathroom lol.

  5. Succulents are actually tough to keep alive, you need to feed them distilled water. A single feeding of tap or purified water will kill them. Don't feel bad.

  6. I never get higher than I do in my bathroom with my music on the speaker getting ready to shower 🤣🤣

  7. I looked at this picture quickly at first and my brain couldn’t register what I was seeing. I thought OP was Jeff Goldbloom and we were looking in a mirror.

  8. There’s probably more fresh oxygen in your bathroom then in my entire apartment complex

  9. Idk I’ve honestly only noticed jumping spiders and brown recluses which kinda make sense for my location/old ass house, and I find them in all of our rooms. I did get an outbreak of snails specifically in the bathroom once tho and that was brief but weird lmao

  10. Is it weird that the first thing I noticed was the abandoned toilet paper holder behind the plants? And the towel holder that’s now used to hold plants? I love it

  11. I say replace the toilet with a recliner and then it’s perfect ✨🤌🏽 you can put the toilet in a closet or something lol

  12. Last time I smoked in the bathroom was when I was hiding it from my parents. I would go in, turn the shower on full steam, and turn the fart fan on. I would pack just enough for a bong snap so I could clear everything not letting any smoke escape. I would then stand on top of the toilet lid, proceed to hit, hold it in as long as possible, and blow it out directly into the fan. I never got caught in the act. They did end up catching me but only because they found ashes with a bit of weed in it next to the trash can because I was careless.

  13. This is where my fear of a bug crawling up my butt when I’m sitting on the toilet would be in full force. Looks sweet though!

  14. Certainly not weird. All of that lush green scenery and Jeff Goldblum shower curtain? That is an obvious smoke spot. Not to mention all of the ingredients on the shampoo bottles that you can entertain yourself reading the labels until you get distracted.

  15. First off, I’m obsessed with the plants. As a plant lady, I’m probably going to zoom in and look at each one. They are all so happy :)

  16. Stashing my weed in my bathroom cabinet turned into smoking in my bathroom turned into my bathroom being my #1 hangout spot in my apartment

  17. Is there a subreddit for rooms like this; covered in plants with a lot of natural sunlight??

  18. I don’t think it’s weird at all. My bathroom is my favorite smoke spot, but that’s because I have a sick view of the garden and my chickens.

  19. At first I questioned the number of plants. However, I realized that it wouldn't be the same if Jeff wasn't peering through the foliage.

  20. I love smoking in my bathroom, straight into a running hot shower literally like little kisses from God all over your body when you're nice and baked. Keep the good times rollin.

  21. Not weird at all. And I love all the plants. Lol it’s never occurred to me to turn our bathroom into a plant nursery, but it’s a fantastic idea that now I feel I must execute at once.

  22. I just realized what a big brain move it is to put a fuckton of tropical plants in your bathroom. They LOVE the hot condensation. They were born in it. Also they probably consume poopgas and convert it to nice new fresh air.

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