How can americans smoke pure joints?

  1. Haha Northern California here, I haven’t paid for weed in years, so many people I know here grow they just give it away for free and I usually have a few oz - 2 lbs on deck.

  2. same. I rarely if ever not finish a joint. if I feel like the weed is too strong or the joint is too big, i just slow down and take smaller hits. enjoy the taste and smoking experience.

  3. I'm in Canada where it's legal everywhere so I'm not sure how that differs from the American system but most pot smokers here don't mix their herb with anything. I wouldn't say it's expensive, since legalization prices have gone way down, I regularly buy a pack of 10 pre-rolls for around $20, and that's because I'm too lazy to roll, it'd be even cheaper to roll myself. I used to budtend and a regular complaint we got from seniors was that the bud is too strong. Personally not a problem for me because I smoke everyday regardless so I have quite the tolerance. But most people will just not smoke as much. My casual college smoker friends have 1-2 bong rips for the night or half a joint and save the rest. Also as others mentioned now we have concentrates where the thc is like 80% so being "too high," isn't a problem for most consumers imo.

  4. I’m in Europe and roll pure weed because that’s usually all I wanna smoke. Sometimes I put a little mugwort near the roach to let me know when it’s finished but otherwise just weed. I don’t get super high because I make one joint last ages. I’ll maybe roll and light it after lunch, take it on an afternoon walk, maybe finish it in the evening or else have it the next day. I baby those babies.

  5. Your joints must really be feeling that love haha, an afternoon walk with one sounds so nice (not in a legal US state (yet...))

  6. This! Just because you lit the joint doesnt mean you have to finish it. Make small J's, smoke half and leave the rest for later. Honestly, for me the difference between taking a few hits vs finishing the whole thing is that I get way more slow and groggy, to the point I cant do much more than being on the couch and watch tv or mess on my phone, but I dont necessarily enjoy it more. Plus better for your throat, lungs and tolerance to not over do it.

  7. Yeah. I don’t smoke joints, but when I smoke I take it nice and easy. Nobody’s gonna take that thing away if I don’t smoke it all in one so why would I, y’know?

  8. Lol same. I'm in France and as mainly a lonely smoker it can take me an evening to finish a J. Sometimes I finish my J in the morning with my tea. I thought I was the only one doing this. Sometimes I mix weed with CBD, when I have to work 🫠

  9. Dabs are too fucking good. They will get you in trouble and CHS sucks. I lost 80 pounds and learned new words like scromiting. That's screaming and vomiting.

  10. I was always super confused by how much weed Americans smoke in legal states especially considering weed is basically a part of Australian culture at this point but when you put It like that it really does make a lot of sense

  11. it also changes the effects and gets you addicted to nicotine. my friends and i went through a stage of not being able to start our days without smoking, not because of cannabis but because of the baccy in it

  12. This lol I absolutely hate when people sneak fucking tabacoo into a joint that is going to I be shared with multiple people

  13. I know this is a bit silly since inhaling any type of smoke is bad for your lungs, but are you sure chamomile is safe to smoke? Do your spliffs smell or taste like chamomile at all?

  14. There are a lot of herbs out there relatively safe to smoke. Lavender, chamomile, mugwort, mullein, even rose petals, to name a few. Though, especially with the rose petals, make sure you get them from a reputable place. You don't want herbs that have been "enhanced" with perfumes or soaked in pesticides. But they're no worse than, well, weed.

  15. from what i've seen it's pretty safe, they do taste and smell like chamomile tho lol but it's much more easier on your throat and lungs than tobacco which i sorta need because of my asthma

  16. There are a lot of herbs out there relatively safe to smoke. Lavender, chamomile, mugwort, mullein, even rose petals, to name a few. Though, especially with the rose petals, make sure you get them from a reputable place. You don't want herbs that have been "enhanced" with perfumes or soaked in pesticides. But they're no worse than, well, weed.

  17. What people use to do is to make a big J but not smoke it all at once, instead just smoke little portions maybe even leave some for the next day. This way you smoke as much weed as if there was tabacco in it.

  18. It comes down to the weed culture and quality Id say. Cannabis is more widely available in the US so more people come in contact with it often and use it more. Also the potency of weed in the US is also much more stronger than in Europe so ppl will naturally have higher tolerances. And americans smoke less tobacco proportionally compared with europeans. None of my american friends smoke cigs whereas tons of my european friends smoke cigs

  19. Bro when I smoked in Europe with my buddy, I got the fucking biggest headache ever when smoking a joint cause it was like 75% weed 35 % tobacco. Told him I don’t want anymore unless it has 0% tobacco lmao that nicotine be making my head spin f that

  20. Yeah I smoked a spliff and I was so out of it for the next day , and I’ll puff a cigarette one hit when I’m drunk as fuck or to hide the smell of it at work and I vape , but that shit had me on my ass. I felt awful, headache , nausea . Bad grabba

  21. I totally agree that it's expensive, which is why I dont often roll. Just for special occasions, and usually shared with others so I dont get too high really.

  22. Yep, especially since cbd has been bred out of strains so hard. I don’t have much of a tolerance anymore so it’s nice to mix a bunch of cbd bud in so I can smoke little joints without getting too high and having a more mellow experience

  23. Exactly my friend. I always do that if I get dispo weed, but now I usually buy higher cbd weed (but still w thc) from a friend. Most of his strains are 4:1 to 2:1 thc:cbd. I get even higher bc I can smoke more without tweaking out

  24. Yeah, but if you're in Europe there's no difference between CBD bud and normal bud in price... I'm from the UK and the CBD bud is actually more expensive than Stardawg. So it's not viable to roll with CBD because you're paying double the money to get as high as if not, less high than if you just smoked without CBD.

  25. Weed culture in the US is more 'extreme' than in Europe, so for them it's just normal. You also build tolerance quickly so it doesn't take that long to get used to it

  26. This is a good answer. Because the current generation of US cannabis consumers come from the dark ages of prohibition (like me) - if you live in some states, you're still there - there is a tendency to view weed as a "legal drug," if you will, and getting friggity friggity fucked up is the culturally understood reason for buying a bunch of weed.

  27. The US cannabis industry is another of the unique cogs in our machine. We have spent decades bringing cannabis back into the light to shine in all its glory. In doing this, we completely opened up the market. Whereas in some countries you might pay hundreds for a single ounce, many US citizens can get good cannabis for as low as $60 an ounce and sometimes lower.

  28. There’s nothing wrong with spin cones, but I feel like mixing weed and tobacco was purely an economic thing due to weed being expensive and baccy being cheap. Personally I don’t mind spin cones or straight greeners. I can punch more spinners but can’t manage nearly as many greens.

  29. I used to. Weed's too strong for that now. I remember being able to light one and finish a joint back in the early 90's. I'd be high as fuck but not greening out. Now my joints are barely an inch long and I get completely zooted.

  30. Too high: probably just a tolerance. But usually a king size is shareable size or some of a one-and-done unless you tryna really blastoff super expensive: if weed is illegal in your country - it’s probably heavily inflated. so so sorry about that. but i live in a medical state - w a card. you can find good amounts for good price - or your favorite neighborhood businessman has good deals (you just have to know who and what to ask) i can’t imagine smoking joints w tobacco honestly but i won’t knock it if it works for y’all lol

  31. I'm Dutch and pretty much in the scene here in the Netherlands, I smoke it pure because I've never touched tabacco but there aren't many here that do smoke pure. Yeah like you said, it's expensive and also an culture that dates back to the 70's.

  32. I think it comes from the pre legal days when most of the weed in America was shitty ass Mexican brick weed. It was weak and it was cheap so pure joints weren't expensive or powerful. Then the good weed finally became available but at the same time tobacco was becoming very unpopular and weed use had become almost religious to many so most people didn't want to mix the two.

  33. Canadian who lived in France for a year recently and people thought I was crazy for rolling pure joints. Prices are definitely much higher in Europe, and lots of people smoke cigarettes so I get why people mix their weed.

  34. Because tobacco mixed with my pot makes me nauseous and why would I add that garbage to my tasty bud?

  35. Because most Americans refuse to even touch anything with even the slightest amount of tobacco in it. For the past 20-30 years there’s been a huge stigma around smoking tobacco.

  36. and the stigma is for good reason. shit is nasty for your body compared to weed, nictotine addiction, shitty taste and smells that coats literally everything. cant stand that shit even blunts make me gag.

  37. I hate to break it to you but Europeans who swear by spliffs and nothing else are just addicted to the nicotine. It’s the same principle as people who only smoke blunts and nothing else.

  38. So where I live in North America we take full sized cigars, break them down the middle get all the tobacco out and fill it with weed. Approx 1.3 grams each my ole lady and I smoke about 4 a day between the both of us

  39. I'm living in Germany and I already pay way below the market but that much weed would be ~40€/day 50-75€ if I would have to pay normal price on the street.

  40. A joint actually does get me way too high. It’s part of the reason I bought a dynavap. It’s pretty common in America though, no one I know has ever mixed in chamomile or lavender like I’ve seen posted about here. It seems like a great idea though and I kinda want to try it.

  41. You know how our portions are too big here with food and you guys think we over do it? Yeah we also over do with weed

  42. i quit smoking cigarettes almost 30 years ago and am still feeling the effects bc i was one of those kids that started smoking at 12 and f*ked my lungs. tobacco is horrible. you were correct in avoiding it like the plague.

  43. First of all, we LOVE extremes. We love to get FUCKED UP. Secondly, tobacco is gross and less acceptable socially today. I can't pass the joint to somebody who simply won't smoke tobacco with tobacco in said joint and I, myself, simply refuse to smoke tobacco.

  44. i went and got bagels this morning. pretty hot out today so mostly staying inside and playing some video games. what am i supposed to be noticing?

  45. My mom is from Poland and she used to smoke spliffs. The one time she had an American style joint, she had a horrible panic attack and thought baby me wasn't doing too well. I was fine, just being a baby. My dad was laughing at the Simpsons playing on our TV. She hasn't tried it again because she's too scared lol

  46. Because tobacco is an even shittier drug than alcohol. If you're still smoking it and haven't learned what's happened with vaporization technology in the last 10 years, time to do some learning. Put your lighter down, there are better ways ...

  47. Gonna add one more point in case nobody has made it yet - people smoke more tobacco in general in Europe than they do in NA.

  48. The third answer is we are massive potheads who smoke way more then we are supposed to given the new culture surrounding it in the US. Most Americans can be high whenever they please without much scrutiny. Smoking at work is normal in low paying jobs. Smoking at school is dam near a right of passage. We enjoy being way too high along with our Canadian buddies up north

  49. former uk smoker, i only smoked pure weed joints, my tolerance was very high and it was much more expensive. however much more tasty and enjoyable than smoking with tobacco

  50. It's perspective and what people are used to. Having spent time in hash dominant countries i kinda get the mixing with tobacco but I've always thought, just pull out some knives! Personally I look forward to rolling a nice one when i get home at the end of the day. If it tasted like tobacco and not the gorgeous flower i keep on hand, I'd be pissed!

  51. It’s necessity. We need to be a lot higher in order to cope with unfettered capitalism, for-profit healthcare, gun violence, and all the other horrors of being American.

  52. Well you start by not adding anything but weed to the joint. Then most will light them and pass to the left, allowing the joint to circulate in a clockwise directions until too short to hold comfortably. Also proper etiquette would dictate a two puff median apon receipt and prior to pass. (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

  53. I’ve been smoking for years and I hate mixes tbh, tobacco is disgusting and when people mix it in blunts it makes me feel like shit.

  54. Many ppl just don't want to wreck the flavor of good bud with tobacco. Tho' I kinda agree the size of the joints posted here a lot are insane. I'm a one hitter/ herb vape guy, and a little goes a long way for me. I like being somewhat cognizant even when lifted. To each their own nonetheless.😋

  55. I live in the middle of America and have 12 legal medical plants in my basement that produces 450 grams every 9 weeks. I smoke up to 6 joints a day, every day. For insomnia. America is fucking amazing!

  56. As a European, I wish we had that VARIETY. Here, most Europeans spend 280/300 for an ounce (28g, because standard price is 10/g basically everywhere in Europe).

  57. I mean possessing over 28g is still a felony in my state. We just dont care about breaking cannabis laws if we think we can get away with it

  58. I feel like I'm in the middle of Europe and america😂 i live in Spain and here we have street weed at 5€/g and you can find good shit for that price. And then we've got dispensary weed that goes from 3-4€ to 25€. Also we can carry up to 100g of weed if it's for personal use and only get a big fine but no big trouble. People still smoke weed with tobacco even tho the prices are low cuz we're stingy asf. People that have it's own crop usually don't mind about how much they put on a joint but when paying more than 2€ a g many people prefer to put less weed.

  59. I'm from EU and I smoke pure weed joints, mixing tobacco gives a hella headache and tastes like shit. Sure it's expensive at 20€/g but it is what it is.

  60. I don't understand how people smoke with tobacco. I don't smoke cigs, they're disgusting, and super unhealthy. Pure weed is awesome. I just smoke till I'm the right level of high. Usually less than a full joint. Put it out, save it for later

  61. Well, i'm from EU, and imho "joints" are only pure kush inside. If it has something mixed in (for eg. mint/chamomile/tobacco) it's a spliff. At least that is how i use those terms. And even tho i personally don't smoke joints too often exactly because of the cost/effectiveness ratio, i usually don't even consider hitting a spliff if i know it has tobacco in it. It just ruins the taste, and doesn't add anything good to the experience, only adds "bulk" to pack more in the paper. If you want to smoke less weed in a joint, just make a smaller joint. My 5 cents.

  62. From the UK, used to smoke joints with tobacco, or 'piece' now only smoke pure. The taste is better, the high is better and it's definitely not more expensive. Probably cheaper since you don't need to buy piece, and can just roll a smaller J if you don't want to smoke that much.

  63. So many people say that it's too expensive to smoke pure Joints but I don't get it either. Just roll smaller joints.

  64. Picked up my last ounce for $180 (which is a bit higher than i had been paying but my usual plug was dry. I usually pay around 120). Each joint I roll is about .75g. Doing the math, that comes out to just under $5 a joint. (or just over $3 a joint at the price I normally pay). I go through about an ounce every 3 weeks. (weekdays I smoke one joint before bed, weekends I kinda go nuts, but that's also when I bring out the bong).

  65. You can always put the joint out and smoke it later, or just smoke with a friend, that being said not only do people smoke more here they also tend to use pipes and bongs much more than the rest of the world, you don’t have to smoke a big bowl or a whole joint.

  66. every backwoods or spliff I’ve had has given me such a nicotine buzz I’ve had to sit down for like ten minutes and just not move from nausea. idk how y’all do it, I vape but just can’t handle tobacco

  67. i'm not a huge fan of tobacco either, so the chamomile thing seems like a great idea actually. do you use chamomile tea you can buy in the store, or? sorry for the stupid question lol

  68. We have legal weed in Canada that goes for like 25 an ounce on the reservation or 90 in a store that's how we smoke so much. Its uber cheap especially if you grow your own like I do

  69. latinoamerica knocking on your door. nobody would waste tobacco on weed and weed on tobacco. taste is wrong and the highs don‘t match. pura vida ese.

  70. I ask the same thing as to why some Europeans mix it with tobacco! 😂 I concur with what most on here said already - usually don’t finish a whole joint in one sitting. I live in a legal state (Colorado) and weed here at least in the denver area is a lot cheaper than what I see in dispensaries in Southern California. We don’t need to use dealers anymore and make our weed last forever because most of us live a block away from a weed dispensary and can just buy it whenever we want knowing we’re not getting ripped off

  71. We have around 30 dispensaries in my small college town which means prices have gone downnnn. My aunt got an oz for $25 recently, I usually get mine for around $45 bc it's a bit higher quality. A gram joint is $4 or, more often, free due to the rewards program at my favorite dispensary. I have been smoking since I was a teenager and I have a pain disorder so my tolerance is pretty dang high. An oz usually lasts my fiance and I about two weeks tops so it's only costing us around $100 a month which is nothing

  72. Canadian here. I smoke pure, but I don’t roll king sized joints. I roll “pinners”, aka smaller joints. If I am sharing with friends that is when I roll a bigger J.

  73. How’d you get “most people don’t finish a joint in one sitting” as a conclusion? about 99% of my friends or family including myself can definitely finish a joint.

  74. I roll 1/3rd gram joints like a skinny cigarette with a pinch of camomile at the filter so I don't burn myself. I only smoke about half of one in a sesh.

  75. Hol up, you mix it with chamomile? Chamomile tea leaves? It that a thing? Should I be doing it? Is it better/worse than just bud?

  76. There are all sorts of flowers and herbs you can mix with instead of tobacco! Google it and you'll find plenty of articles

  77. As an American, I don't understand how Europeans can mix their weed with disgusting tobacco. Or mix it with anything at all. Why dilute it? WHY ruin the high, and flavor with toxic tobacco? I would never mix weed. That just ruins the purity of it.

  78. OP, don’t know which comments you gleaned that from, but we most definitely finish our joints here. I’d say most people do.

  79. also a lot of Americans where weed is legal don’t smoke joints. I’ve never regularly smoked joints, they’re like a special occasion thing. The paper is much harsher on your lungs than pure herb and so is tobacco, and the weed is so potent that you can’t finish a joint by yourself without getting really really baked. In Denver we usually vape it, eat edibles, or smoke out of pipes and bongs.

  80. The youth will bash you for smoking cigs cuz ts nasty. The closest to it is a blunt and even that gets nasty over time. If you’re smoking high quality you want to taste it without the cheap tobacco. But I think most use kingsize because they used to smoke blunts, they’re kinda similar

  81. Not all Americans do smoke pure joints. Many posts on this sub reflect the mixing of tobacco & flower in joints. Many people use vaporizers. I use the .05g setting in my Dynavap. 3.5g last me weeks & I get perfectly high, plus enjoy the taste of terpines that I'd not had access to when smoking.

  82. I have noticed a bit of a paradigm shift among my compatriots that reflects the diversity of the American market for cannabis products at this junction, a shift moving weed culture away from the classic bong + hot pipe dynamic and moving into herbal vapes, carts, commercial edibles, tinctures, etc. I think this is a positive shift.

  83. Smoking joints is already an extremely inefficient manner of consumption, and the people who do it don't care. It could be said, as a matter of fact, that they do it for the look. Smoking smaller amounts of weed means using a pipe or putting other crap in your joint for filler. Neither of those scenarios are as "cool" as a big joint full of weed.

  84. My husband will die on the hill that he only gets high from joints and not bowls. It’s so stupid- because he rolls them so tight I don’t even like smoking them with him when we have plenty.

  85. To me, using pipe or bong is to look “cool.” I like about joints that when you’re done you’re done, no cleaning of equipment necessary.

  86. Big joints are satisfying. Play some jazz and slow burn your paper. Smoke it like a cigar and relax while not worrying about efficiency.... or smoke your pipe and be less judgmental, which I think is the better option too, tbh.

  87. I either roll blunts or joints, and when I roll blunts I save the tobacco and put it In joints later on when I want a nic buzz. I’m American, but probably the only one that does this and enjoys it lmao, people also say “weed tastes good” which is weird cause it all taste the same to me and I’m not doing it for taste anyway lol.

  88. Even when I mix with tobacco I get sufficiently high, god I can’t imagine the amount of money I’d go though if I didn’t mix it!

  89. I'm in the UK but I don't smoke tobacco, that said a whole blunt will last me like from Friday night - Sunday night sand I try to only smoke on weekends

  90. I usually always roll splits with like 40 tobacco's 60 cannabis. If I roll an herbal, it's usually always 25 cannabis and 75 mix of other herbs like chamomile, basil rose, lavender, skullcap, wormwood, st John's wart, etc.

  91. Sitting on my porch, relaxed, just finished smoking one, opened reddit and this is the first post?! Are you watching me?!?

  92. Euro here and i mix with tabaco becose it tastes better for me not becose i want to save weed plus mixed joints ussually get me higher then pure

  93. Here in Maine, weed is now super cheap. $80/oz. for top quality. So yeah, I smoke pipefulls every day! When I was in Spain in 2019, a gram of hash cost me $10...

  94. I too don't understand this - think they used to get less potent Mexican weed and these days roll smaller ones or share.

  95. I don't smoke J's usually but I always smoke batch bowls. I started on green bowls only but I'd always die off a bong hit. Smoking pure herb just doesn't really work for me.

  96. Usually people smoke a whole spliff in one go, when I came to Canada I realized you can take 3 puffs and put it out and come back to it later. Sometimes it tastes better and more toasty.

  97. Tollerance... Ive been smoking for 20 years (that's crazy to think about in itself) ... But sometimes I don't even get high after I smoke a whole joint. It's tollerance. And honestly unless your adding a shitload of tobacco, you'll get just a high.

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