They converted a local Pizza Hut, seems like a fitting decision

  1. That's an insult to Pizza Hut. Our Curaleaf in Florida has the most inferior products. Well Liberty Health Sciences is way down there too.

  2. Agreed with you there, so many good dispensaries where I live and then there's curaleaf... I've never had more "home grown" looking buds from a dispensary from them.

  3. Reminds me of that episode of south park when the K.F.C building being changed to M.F.C, representing medicinal fried chicken

  4. Lmao that's one of my favorite episodes. I remember being a teen watching it saying one day that'll be me!! Not the ball cancer but the buying of weed at a dispensary.

  5. My town has a Trulive/Hardees and Growhealthy/Waffle House. It’s still weird getting bud from the same place I used to eat after getting bud…

  6. Funk this company all the way to hell I feel bad for people who only have this company as an option or for people who don’t know what goes on in the production facilities. The CEO doesn’t want quality he wants to be the lays of cannabis 🤡👎 I used to work for this company as a lab technician and would highly recommend against supporting them and consuming their products.

  7. Cookies converted an Arby or Wendy's into a dispensary in Oklahoma City or Tulsa, one of those. Curaleaf in CT/MA is actually decent. They sometimes have $4-5 king size prerolls at the dispos and its def not that trim bullshit packed into a cone.

  8. There's quite a few former gas station, Taco Bells, Wendy's, Sonic, and Pizza Huts that were converted to dispensaries.

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  10. This isn't really on topic for the sub, but on topic for the post I guess? There is an old Pizza Hut that is a Little Caesars in NC not far from me, can't remember where at the moment, but it's pretty funny. Like, LC colors and everything, but Pizza Hut building and roof.

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