Yesterday I bought some gummies that melted in my car to form this gelatinous blob. Is there any way I can salvage this?

  1. I had an uneven gummie once. It was 50mg (about a square inch.) Seems like all 50 of it was in the last corner cause I woke up in the middle of the night in the fetal position lol. (Struggling bad.)

  2. If you have a kitchen scale, weigh the whole thing, then cut it into chunks and weigh the chunks! Try to get them back into the number of pieces the original package said it was. Dosing problem solved.

  3. There’s always someone in the comments suggesting boofing. Is it always you or just one of those weed metas? 😆

  4. figure out dosage by seeing what the total thc mg is and cut it into even section and divide the total thc mg by number of sections.

  5. Unfortunately you can’t guarantee that the thc content is evenly spread in the gummy, so some parts might contain more than others

  6. with my personal tolerance i would just eat the whole damn thing and have a good time... for you maybe it's possible you wanna just try your best to cut up smaller/similar size pieces to not eat a ton at a time. As someone else mentioned it won't be perfect, but shouldn't be super high off your rocker or anything if that's what you are wanting to avoid.

  7. This is the first real answer I’ve read in terms of actually reverting what happened. While smart, I’m still for sure on team Eat It.

  8. Welcome to gummy roulette! A familiar favourite. Pick a day when you don't have anything you have to do and eat a chunk. Maybe nothing happens, maybe you get to worship the porcelain goddess, maybe you goldilocks it and have a nice time.

  9. weed Reddit pages are so stupid 😂 y’all treat the comments likes it’s a shroom page / lsd page you are not getting high enough to do anything but chill

  10. Having multiple panic attacks or sleeping for 16 hours are also possible options. The people acting like you’re gonna experience ego death and visit the machine elves from an edible are wild tho.

  11. Assuming the THC is still evenly spreads you can just use the packaging and a scale to cut off chunks in the size you want to dose

  12. If you know how many servings were in the bottle and have a tiny scale you could weight the blob and divide the weight by the number of servings. Then you can cut it into chunks that are the same weight a serving would be

  13. Just eat it. My coworker had that happen to him too. That's the only way. Just don't plan anything for the next day or.....2

  14. Weigh it then divide that by how many doses you want. Then make each chuck that weight you can up with

  15. Just get a scale and chop into weighed portions. All good, used to happen to me all the time and I did that with successful dosing

  16. Eh see how much it weighs and cut it into pieces according to how much you want in each dose. Store somewhere cool

  17. This happened to me and my wife in Vegas , gummies melted in my pocket walking the strip . Tried to have roughly the size of one gummy. We were both so stoned we couldn’t figure out how to use a slot machine lol it was an early Night

  18. I was told thc and other desirable cannibinoids can evaporate. If that’s true and those were hot enough to melt, I’d say a good portion of thc is gone as well

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  20. Pick a day you have nothing to do, no where to go and eat it throughout the day, not all at once. How many mg was the pack/each gummy?

  21. Look at weight of gummy, divide into desire doses by Finding how much mg of thc there is per g of gummy for example 10g of 20% thc is (200mg) weighed into 1g servings is 20mg to 1g

  22. That’s an edible that you grab when you’re about to sit on the couch n kick back after a full day’s work. You rip a bite of that you don’t take a bite out of it eat the whole fucking thing n trip out to a good movie I’d recommend fear n loathing in Las Vegas if you haven’t seen it yet

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  24. take the total weight of the gummy in grams and divide that by the total mg in the package. the answer you get will be the mg dosage per gram of gummy. then use that number and multiple it by the amount of gummy you intent to eat. that will be your dosage (assuming the heat did not affect the strength) good luck :)

  25. Add up the total dosage of the gummies. then divided that up into equal parts for your desired dose. This is off course you know the mg of each gummy.

  26. Accounts must be over three days old and must have both positive comment & post karma before they are allowed to post or comment in

  27. Okay, hear me out. IF you have a food scale, I might have a solution. Look on the packaging of your gummies for the total weight (not sure if that’s standard like on less regulated products, but who knows maybe you’ll get lucky). Put the packaging on the scale without the gummies in it. Subtract the weight of the packaging from the total weight. Divide that by the number of gummies listed on the package. Chop up the glob of gummies into pieces until you get the right weight per gummy!

  28. Same thing happened w me and my sister’s gummies. Tbh man just eat the whole fucking thing and see how it goes. I was dumby and close to greening out but so worth it

  29. I'm gonna agree with most comments here: Eat it. BUT!.. Prep in advance. Good couch, a pillow, some .. nay.. LOTS of water and some snacks within arms reach. If you have a cat, dog, chicken, goat or just any old woodland creature to keep you company would be nice... and I believe you're set. OH! One more thing. You'll be just fine. Wait 15 more minutes and your chairs will stop dancing.

  30. Boof half of it and take very detailed notes on the high you get. Then eat the other half and take notes on that high. Then we can compare them, for scientific purposes.

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