First trip to the dispensary. First time having weed!

  1. Don’t overdo it is a very good tip. I hadn’t indulged in probably 20 yrs, the strength now is a world away from the stuff I knew. And edibles are a whole new deal..try a bit and wait… and then wait some more before you decide “this sucks imma eat half this bar cause at least it’s tasty”

  2. I had to re-read this three times before I realized you said “don’t over do it” as opposed to “don’t ever do it”. I went from questioning the sentiment to understanding it very quickly:) #alreadyhadsomeweed

  3. Oh you're about to go on a rollercoaster. If nothing happens don't be disappointed. Sometimes edibles don't effect people, but sometimes they affect people too much. If you feel overwhelmed, put some nice music on and lay down, or if you feel good and not overwhelmed, okay a fun video game, or go outside and just enjoy the outdoors. Have fun, keep us updated

  4. I had edible brownies once. I had a couple because I figured my tolerance was high enough. I didn't feel anything but I'm pretty sure that was because I was already stoned and was expecting something more. Fast forward one night's sleep and holy shit I swear I was still in a come down. I ended up not smoking at all that day. Figured that I didn't need to lmao.

  5. Fun fact! Many folks do not feel high the first time trying weed. For some people, the cannabinoid receptors need to be “woken up” sort of. Once your Body has processed the cannabinoids the first time, it then can remember them, so when you consume again, your receptors remember and when they bind with the cannabinoids, the effects are activated. That’s a really watered down description, but it’s the gist. I don’t remember all of the details, but there are many studies and articles about it out there. :)

  6. Yes, you can always take more, but you can never take less!! I always try and tell people that when I know they aren't regular users.

  7. This is my first encounter with any “drug” save nicotine and alcohol. I decided to have a square of the chocolate and see how it hits. But it’s a Thursday. So nothing too crazy tonight.

  8. How many MG thc is one square? Start light man. 5mg is PLENTY. Even 2.5 if you want to keep it breezy. You can always eat more but you can't go back once you've eaten. Also wait 1 hr MINIMUM before you decide to eat more. Maybe even 90 mins. Don't ruin your first time! Hope you enjoy!

  9. Tally mon is a great strain btw. Try it at night time though, it's a heavy indica that'll knock you right out.

  10. This is no comment on you op! but it's always funny to hear "I have no experience with drugs except for nicotine and alcohol" because oh? you mean 2 of the most dangerous narcotics in human history? the ones with LD50s? Think you'll be able to handle dope juuuuuust fine... jokes aside, welcome to the club! Hope it was a nice first flight 😁

  11. Looks like Ohio Med program stuff. I really liked that key lime bar. Koala bars also has a Banana Pudding one that is awesome!

  12. I’m interested to know what the catalyst was for you trying weed for the first time. It all looks lovely. Hope you love it.

  13. No matter how you feel or how long it lasts, just know it WILL go away and you'll feel normal again. I genuinely wasn't sure my first time.

  14. In a way I think that was probably a good thing. I once had that same thought, then realized it was probably for the better I didn’t have more than brick reggie back in high school

  15. Man. I just want some key lime chocolate, doesn't even need THC in it. That sounds delicious!!! Sometimes, I'm super impressed with all the different kinds of things weed is in. Some of them sound just heavenly on their own!

  16. Idk why people start with edibles, I hope you enjoyed yourself and didn’t take too much but so many ppl I know are turned off to weed bc their first experience was edibles

  17. Yup, my first time every doing any marijuana smoking was when dispensaries opened up and the good ol USA government told me it was okay what I put into my body.

  18. Epic! Welcome to the awesomeness that is weed! Just a friendly reminder, edibles are very different from smoking!! You can always eat more, you can’t eat less. While a smoking high hits almost instantly and might last a couple hours (generally), edibles take up to an hour or more to kick in but last about 8 hours. It’s also a completely different chemical because of the way your body processes the weed, your liver creates 11-Hydroxy-metabolite which is 5 times more psychoactive than THC. So if you get 1 hour into it and you feel too high, hold on to your butts because it’s going to be a rough ride. ✌🏼

  19. Dont get me wrong but weed and chocolate go together, you may change my mind but white chocolate is amazing with sum good weed

  20. Wait, does this mean what I think it means? Is key lime pie an especially, um, sensual flavor or strain? Guess I need to see if my plug can find it.

  21. Have fun! Just a heads up, If the edibles hit you too much or too fast, you can have a blood pressure dip that might make you feel very cold/start shivering. If this happens, take a walk! I promise it helps and then after you can just lie down and vibe.

  22. Edibles do nothing for me but that flavour sounds yummy. I’d go into it with no expectations but very small dose to start. I have friends who stay high more than 24 hrs

  23. I recommend eating the chocolate or any edibles as slowly as possible— I.e. allow it to melt/dissolve in your mouth and chew as long as possible, versus just swallowing. Maximizes adsorption, and I find it makes them work better. (Hit faster and harder)

  24. So I've gotta know how was the chocolate? I mean taste wise? Has any of it hit yet? I'm relatively new myself. About 6 months in.

  25. 30 minutes to 2 hours. Very important. After an hour of an edible "not working" I was about get a second one. Thank God It started working before I reached the cabinet. I was STONED and don't want to know what could have happened if I actually ate the second one.

  26. Looks good!! I'll be visiting a dispensary next month for the first time (my state borders a legal state and I'll be close by) I'm very excited to get some edibles and this chocolate bar caught my eye while I was browsing menus. Unfortunately prices are still very high so I need to stick to a budget. Trying to figure out what I want has been quite the task.

  27. If you should happen to believe you're dying or are already dead, you are. Go outside and make a huge scene, hell maybe even get the cops or paramedics involved.

  28. do yourself a favor and DO NOT take two of those squares next time if one does little to nothing this time. take one and a half. some edibles are so fucking strong they’ll have you hearing colors, and not in a good way. enjoy!

  29. Yeah the first time i smoked i got high and it was cool and all the next time i smoked the same amount as the first time and i was on the moon looking back at earth. It's weird how the brain works.

  30. Edible high and smoking high are two different highs. Edibles tend to hit harder and last longer sometimes you feel it the next morning, smoking takes a couples seconds but doesn’t last as long as edibles ( depending on the THC levels) . If you feel like you’re going to have a heart attack, I promise you, you won’t. Enjoy :)

  31. Decade + ago I used to get these weed lollipops off the darknet for delivery to my parents home in Texas (don't do that by the way, who knows what they're putting in that shit)

  32. that weed is strong as fuck for a first time smoker, only take one small hit and wait a good like 20-30 minutes to feel anything because you can trip yourself out hard smoking too much of that good of shit

  33. Oooooo Tally Mon is one of my favorite strains. (Papaya x Banana OG). The taste is gonna be weird at first but it’s a tropical tasting bud. Good choice there!

  34. I know that an edible to first timers seems like less intimidating and scary (cause it's a gummy how bad can it be??) but i'm over here like holy fuck edibles are WAY stronger and WAY longer lasting. I hope the dispo was clear on that for OP but I don't get where that mindset came from.

  35. If you've never had weed I suggest starting with Reggie, not edibles.. it'll blow your mind because you have no tolerance and easier to get where you want with Reggie with overdoing it.

  36. I love edibles man. Vibing off these cookie dough bites I made. Now I’m reminiscing about my first experiences!!! Cheers!!

  37. Edibles be intense (I think more so than smoking) have lots of water and don't have more than a square I'd recommend half a square for your first time but enjoy your trip :)

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  39. Accounts must be over three days old and must have both positive comment & post karma before they are allowed to post or comment in

  40. I love to think about how exciting it would be to experience weed for the first time again. I wonder if it’s the same as when you’re a teenager or not

  41. Only do 1!!!!!! And wait for it! It’s coming just not fast! Trust an Old Stoner that’s been dabbling into the unknown himself! :)

  42. Accounts must be over three days old and must have both positive comment & post karma before they are allowed to post or comment in

  43. Go slow and don’t over do it you will most likely enjoy it more if you don’t over do it. Cannabis is amazing and I hope you have a great experience. It’s not for everyone and that’s ok to

  44. Smoke all your weed before you buy more! Otherwise you end up with an ounce of assorted stuff that never gets smoked... money wasted!

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