My survival kit, opinions?

  1. Add a travel sized hand sanitizer, the kind with the little silicone keychain. Gets the smell off your hands if you’re tryna be stealthy.

  2. oh wow.. didnt even notice it ... damn.. i want to buy one one day... but im putting the money into buds 😅

  3. Toss in some eye drops and you're golden. Personally the only papers I can smoke are RAW organic hemp and RAW black but otherwise nothing wrong.

  4. 7/10 it's very compact and easy to carry, but it needs a one-hitter (GLASS, NOT THE CHEAPO ALUMINUM BULLSHIT) and better papers. I recommend job 1.25, or if you're looking for something unbleached OCB papers are really good.

  5. I thought those papers were candy, and now that I realize they aren't... You need candy in there, that's my opinion. 😂

  6. My only thing is…and this is just a personal thing…but I hate using zippos to light weed stuff. The flame too wavy and shit. Forget it in the wind almost.

  7. +1 for dynavap. Get a little single jet torch, lose the flavored papers and then you're golden. 👍

  8. Ditch the weed and get first aid stuff then get another one and put the weed stuff in that one and duct tape them together so you're double prepared for survival.

  9. If your trying to keep things 100% smell proof and waterproof I would suggest buying a small pelican case. (The 130 would work)

  10. I love how compact and discrete the case is, what a good find! The only thing its missing i think is a small hand sanitiser bottle (as someone else has already said)

  11. I just fill my dugout, it has a lil bat and a hidden bowl that can attach for party situations. That or just a cart, or I have a puffco concentrate pen, also have a pax. I guess I just don't like smoking papers or wraps.

  12. Like a 4square inch piece of repellant canvas or leather or something you can fold up to use as a rolling mat

  13. Throw the juicy Js out. Get some roach card too unless im too high to see it. Some sort of packing tool too.

  14. prolly has to do with the PG and VG that don’t match up with yo vape. it tastes fine to me 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  15. Raw makes this little travel papers/system. It has papers, tips and the box is a bit bigger than a standard paper box, but it has a fold out tray to roll on. I'll see if I can find it.

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  17. What’s the design on the zippo? Looks kinda like a magic the gathering flame? I’m not a player though so wouldn’t know

  18. we’re i bought it it’s called “zippo flame” and i wouldn’t know too, at first i tought it was the symbol of the fire nation from avatar

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