I tipped bong over and broke my down stem, and I can't get it out. Anyone got any ideas to get it out?

  1. This has happened to me multiple times. Each time I cut a wire hanger apart and Bent a little hook at one end. Fed it thru and hooked it and pulled out the slide. Hot water helps loosen it while you're doing this

  2. Dude how are you the first person in the comment section to actually respond to the question? Lmao this poor dude just wanted advice on how to save his bong and everybody is just dogging him for having dirty water

  3. Lol as the previous dude said you need to change your water more often to keep your shit cleaner. But anyways clean your shit out and just run it through hot water for a while and get something the size of your pinky that you can put in there to take it out. That happened to me and I heated it up with a torch to get it out but that’s not very good for the glass. Hot water oughta do it

  4. yea the torch thing is a bad idea. It can work when you've tried everything else but it's too much concentrated heat in one spot on the glass, if the temperature difference goes above (if i remember correctly) 300* f in those areas between the cold glass and the spot you're heating with a torch, you start to induce thermal stress on the glass that wont go away unless you anneal the whole piece in a kiln. torches used for dabs and stuff burn pretty dang hot, so yea it stresses that area of the glass out a lot and makes it much easier to crack. Even heating with like hot water or a hair dryer or something would be better and more gentle.

  5. Stick a screwdriver down the whole length of it and gently rock it back and forth until it comes loose from the neck of the bong

  6. When I broke my downstem I used an old wire coat hanger. I just straightened it out mostly, but left the hook, and just tighten it. Fed it down the down stem and then hooked the hook over the edge and pulled it out that way. Mine was stuck BAD so I really had to put muscle into it, but it popped right now.

  7. Might not help unless there are jagged edges, but, a potato. It's good for broken light bulbs, why not a down stem.

  8. People gotta stop complaining about other peoples shit, hope you manage to get the thing out of there and find a good replacement. peace to all

  9. Hold the bong upside down so that the downstem is facing straight down. Then take a chopstick/pencil (any thin object) and put it in the broken downstem. Rapidly wiggle it around try to tease the downstem back and forth. It will fall out with enough vibration.

  10. I have a fool proof method for you tag along my friend. Soak with alcohol to remove any possible res. Take a rope and tie a loose figure eight knot in the rope. Push the knot down the stem passed the broken part and then slowly pull the rope until the knot is tight. When it’s snug just give it a tug it applies equal force to all sides at the same time and allows you to pull it out. When you use something like a fishhook or clothes hanger’s your only applying force to one side shoving the other side of the glass into your bong keeping you from freeing it. With my method you should have a perfectly functioning bong in about 10 minutes give or take.

  11. Take the stem out, turn it around and stick a sturdy wire or poker or something, in the opposite end and try to push it out. Much easier then trying to pull it out.

  12. the needle nose pliers worked or me when this happened (works for broken light bulbs too, just make sure the power is off

  13. This actually happened to me a couple of hours ago lol, all I did was fill it full of water quickly turned it while letting water flow out of downspout hole and was it positioned so the downspout came right out! Not sure if luck or if it’ll be that easy every time..

  14. Heat the area where the stem goes in with a torch or a lighter for like 20 seconds, use a stick to apply pressure to the inside of the down stem and pull it out. You can also use something with a tapered tip and stick it in there and twist it out.

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  16. I'm trying to find a nice ash catcher that's just an ash catcher and not more percs. Guess life of someone that just snaps their bowls

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  18. Accounts must be over three days old and must have both positive comment & post karma before they are allowed to post or comment in

  19. Stick a sharpie/market down the stem until it is firmly in there and wiggle gently back and forth while pulling towards you, this has happened to me a few times.

  20. take a paper towel and stuff it in the broke bit and twist, make sure its dry first and add warm water slow, twist and pull

  21. Use a pair of chopsticks, and push them in with the pointed end. When you have tension and the wood seems to be tight with a grip, wiggle the sucker out. Good luck!

  22. I’ve had to shatter the downstem with a hammer and screwdriver cus it was so stuck in there. Gotta be super careful and then clean it very well after for glass shards. U can also try hooking the bottom with something.

  23. Run really hot water over the location where the stem is stuck and then use some pliers with painters tape wrapped around the tips to remove the stem. Painters tape just prevents scratching of other surfaces.

  24. Alcohol and salt. Swish it around for a bit. If it still doesn’t budge, I’ve taken really long zip ties, put them down the Down stem and up to the mouth area and gently pulled until it came loose.

  25. Take a ballpoint pen with a grip on it, shove it into the stem, and then try to yank it out. The grip should hold onto the stem. It’s always worked for me.

  26. Happened to me with an ash catcher, i used a nail and put the little head against the glass and pulled. That or a wire hanger with a small enough U shape it can fit in the downstem but will be strong enough to pull it up without bending straight

  27. Boil water and poor it over the room temp glass, theb use a coat hanger or pen or a socket that fits perfectly with a rubber sock over it to pull out

  28. Let it run around and through ur downstem, slowly use something to get under the down stem and wiggle it out. Because the downstem is already hot, it should pull out pretty easy after getting a good portion, maybe like 10-20% of the downstem out. Overall tho clean ur shit be an adult

  29. I mean, if it's cracked, it's gonna change the whole entire airflow of the bong now.. There is a reason these things are air tight. Unfortunately to have your bong work like it's supposed to, you'll have to replace that downstem bro. Also try using some screens if you're not! Looks like you're wasting a lot of precious weed! Only trying to help 😁

  30. if u can stick sum small wire thru it and have it hook to the side that’ll probably help . also looking at the bud jn the water - try investing in a pack of wire-grated filters, rly helps w keepin all the bud in the bowl no matter how hard u pack it

  31. Coat hanger with a sharp bend at the end about 1/2” in. Worked for me countless times. I keep downstems in stock in my house for my bong.

  32. I had the same thing happen with a stem that was already stuck in place to begin with. I tried every method mentioned with no luck before and after my roommate broke it. Once it was broken I just used a flathead screwdriver to chip away at the glass until it was gone

  33. Hold it upside down, stick a pencil in the down stem and wiggled it back and forth and it will slide right out. Should do it over a trash can

  34. My friend had his downstem stuck in his extremely expensive illadelph and we tried so many methods over 2 days and none of them were working. eventually i took a small screw driver and a hammer and carefully chiseled at the downstem until it was broken enough for me to remove. it was terrifying but it's an option is absolutely nothing else works

  35. If you haven’t gotten it yet try using an air compressor through the top and seal around it with your hand so air can’t escape and give it a few sprays

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  37. so i was faced with the same fate once, so i took an old toothbrush and took the rubber end of it and jammed it into the bong, than twisted it and it kinda turned the downstem bit out, hopefully that works 😁

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