Based on a true story

  1. I thought up this meme after the bathroom doorknob broke apart, probably the 20th thing to break in my 2020 Forest River.

  2. Sorry, I retract a last comment. You don't live in your mom's basement you live next to her in a field with no hook ups. I'd be pissed too about pooping in a bucket.

  3. We have a Rockwood MiniLite, knock on real wood, the quality in the Minilites, fit and finish has been very good. On our 3rd season with this one, shows up to camp each season. I do all the maint on it, winterize, slide track lube and such but it has been good to us... At rv shows, when all brands are there, easy to spot where quality is AND isn't. The feature I like on ours is the Dexter Torflex axles... wow, rides like air ride and has to save road shock going up into camper...

  4. I ordered my Mini Lite last October and waiting patiently. If anything like my Geo Pro I will be ecstatic. I know Rockwood is a Forest River company but I think they build a great product.

  5. Sadly Winnebago as well. My 2022 TT has already had kitchen wall paper peeling, and I had to rip out the grey water handle to actuate the cable to empty the tank. Handle was frozen in place 3 months off the dealer lot. Fking ridiculous.

  6. Ibex owner here; just got off the phone today with the dealership as our 12V system started flaking out after they replaced the fridge. Then on top of that the hot water line hose under our sink ruptured. Our warranty was up last month. So trying to figure out if diagnosing it myself is the way to go and fix the faucet hose (I capped it off on our trip when it broke) or do I bite the bullet take it to the dealer then they try to argue with ibex about covering it. Unfortunately if ibex doesn’t then I’ll be stuck with quite a bill. Honestly I really like this camper but the fit and finish have really showed their cheapness over the year I have owned it… heck I am still finding sawdust falling out in random places.

  7. Plenty of people have also said to avoid anything made 2020 and 2021. The demand for trailers skyrocketed during Covid lockdowns and the prevailing theory is that quality dropped across the board for many manufactures as they rushed to push unit out due to demand.

  8. Check out Oliver. Drool-worthy. We went with a Scamp and are really happy with it. Build quality seems good so far. But I do think Oliver builds them better.

  9. With ours we had to pull all of the old caulk of the sinks, shower etc and re do it. As well as remount the sinks with bigger screws thanks to improper mounting. Sliding doors wouldn’t stay shut so we removed those. the di-cor in the tire hub was freely spinning. The list goes on. Bought right when Covid hit.

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