My friend ticks countries off, even when it’s just a layover.

  1. I'm just gonna go ahead and count Germany because I tried German McDonald's and the Frankfurt airport is something to brag about being able to get through alive

  2. I tick countries off as I fly over them and look out the window. If it's cloudy or dark I rely on the GPS flight map. I prefer flights with higher scheduled cruising altitudes.

  3. Everyone has different rules. Most don’t count layovers, but many will count a place they drive through, but never stopped in. It’s hard to establish a set criteria. Personally, I like to have at least one concrete experience I can tie to the place. If someone asks me if I’ve been somewhere, I like to be able to say “Yeah, I’ve done (insert activity) there.”

  4. My uncle's rule is you have to poop in that country to cross it off the list. His reasoning: "Can't say you've been somewhere until you leave a piece of you behind."

  5. A simple rule regarding layovers is that usually you are legally not within the country when in transit, so it really doesn't count.

  6. This is the right answer to me. I always figure if I've had a meal in a place I can say I've been there. That meal would need to be outside of an airport.

  7. That’s how I view it as well. My original line of thought was “if you do a major activity or spent a night in a country, it counts”. A recent example for me was the Eagle’s Nest tour in Berchtesgaden, Germany. While I was only there for the day, I did explore Berchtesgaden after the tour so technically I explored part of Germany.

  8. Yeah, when I transited via train from Venice to Colmar, I was in Switzerland for all of about 30 minutes, but I spent those 30 minutes on a platform at 9pm eating a sandwich.

  9. Well, it depends what their goals are. May be that list is only for "Stepped foot in the country" and not "Explored the country".

  10. I often wonder why people outside the US are so contemptuous of Americans who travel extensively in the US and not outside it. The US has SO MUCH. If I lived there I'd want to see it all too!

  11. I keep a separate list of places I've explored the airport on layover, but I personally don't "tick it off" as much as I acknowledge I've physically been in that country.

  12. I spent too long trying to work out the "correct" way to count countries, before realising it doesn't exist.

  13. It’s not a real toilet until I have sat down on it tbh no country has valid toilets until I have personally ass tested them

  14. I second this but would like to add that I have a separate category for how many countries I ACTUALLY get arrested in (0 so far but who knows what the future holds?)

  15. Same page as you. And if someone asks if I've been to the country I just mention I was there only for a layover and wish I could have actually seen the country

  16. Agreed. Usually my standard for saying I’ve been somewhere is staying at least 24 hours but I guess during a long layover if I got out and walked around that could count but ya who cares what other people do. By a lay over standard I’ve probably been to like 80 countries lol.

  17. I have to leave the airport and stay at least overnight for it to count, at least that’s how I do it. Otherwise I’d double the places I’ve been.

  18. Hypothetical - you pop over a border, eat breakfast, see a major tourist attraction, eat lunch, see another major tourist attraction, eat dinner, have a couple drinks, then go back over the border... doesn't count because you didn't spend the night?

  19. I'm the same. Leave the airport and spend at least 24 hours there. That said, I tend to make a point of exploring wherever I land, so the only stop I don't count is Dubai.

  20. I'm the same! Need to stay at least overnight in a country for it to count. ... which also means that I will never have visited Vatican City XD

  21. Overnight ? Idk about that. When I was in Germany we took a day trip to Prague. Spent 8-9 hours wandering around going to bars checking architecture out, eating food, checked out the John Lennon wall, went to U’Fleku, which I highly recommend, that old brewery was bad ass. I never spent the night there, but definitely say I’ve been to Czech Republic.

  22. It depends what you’re measuring. Your friend has literally stepped foot in different parts of the globe. In a way, it’s an accomplishment that a lot of people haven’t accomplished.

  23. Meh. I have driven through states where I only stopped for food, bathroom, gas, or to take a couple pictures... does that mean I haven't been in that state? I usually layover long enough to get out, eat, see the local sites. Does that count? Too many rules and life is too short...

  24. Does it matter, really? It's a subjective activity regardless, so whatever method pleases the individual doing it should be good enough.

  25. No, it doesn’t matter. Just thought it was strange because you haven’t experienced anything there other than waiting around for the next flight.

  26. No, I think it is weird to count that as a country visit. Yes airports around the world can differ, but in reality they are not soo much different. What did they see of the country? A duty-free store?

  27. I’m imagining someone asking them for recommendations because they said they visited the country. “Oh the toilets by gate A25 were the cleanest for sure!”

  28. I only count a country if I have left the airport and have a story that is at least interesting to some extent. If you just drive through or take a train through a country you usually won't have anything interesting to say other than "yeah, I saw a field."

  29. Ticking off countries, or doing a country isnt traveling. Explore, immerse, and indulge. Be a traveler and not a tourist. The locals will appreciate it more and you will get more out of your destinations. I would rather visit one country for 30 days than 10 of them in the same span.

  30. Your friend sounds like the kind of person that would start a freelance business like photography and then say on LinkedIn that they're the Founder, President AND CEO of their business.

  31. I mean technically he was in the country. I would do the same thing too if I went to another country. Even if I was chilling at the airport or even if I was a little past the border. I've included cities even if I'm just taking the freeway though it and don't stop anywhere. This is my own preference and I'll fight you if you don't like it.

  32. Hmmm... I was just debating my country numbers. I definitely don't count layovers (I'd have so many more countries), but I flew into Geneva, went to lunch then drove to France, and then went back to the airport; and another where I left the airport drove to a hotel and slept, ate breakfast, and went back to the airport. I pass all your tests, but they are still asterisks in my book. I often feel like I need to be someplace 24 hours for full credit.

  33. My rule is you have to have a meal and crap in a toilet outside of the airport to tick it off. Also no shame in collecting cool airports.

  34. unintentional clickbait bc i thought this was gonna be a story about how your friend gets drunk in airports and security gets called.

  35. I was on the ground in South Dakota for exactly 30 minutes but I'm gonna count it because I flew the plane in

  36. My partner is a pilot and his layovers and anywhere from 20-72 hours on odd occasions. You'd be surprised how much you can see on layovers and how many times you end up going to the same place for short bursts.

  37. Yeah 20-72 hours I would definitely count! Sometimes I’ll go away just for a weekend. I’m more towards the couple hours where you are just in the airport which I found odd.

  38. I wanted to do this when I was younger, but its either a massive donation in time, like years to do it right; or fly to a place next to another place, put up with border politics, and get a stamp. I love it when folks fly to Dakar, and arrange for a driver to the ivory coast to visit 5 countries in 5days....I would badly hate doing this

  39. What if it's an EU country? I have a passport stamp from Spain, but my only trip there was a transfer through Barcelona to Paris.

  40. it’s fun to keep track of the countries i’ve visited, although it’s ultimately meaningless. i really don’t think airports count as having visited the country though unless you leave, clear immigration if needed, and get out and see/do something.

  41. The criteria I like to use, which my uncle gave me, is having a meaningful experience somewhere. If I had a meaningful experience somewhere, then it counts as having been there. Airports don’t count for me. Not judging anyone else’s criteria but I just wanted to share!

  42. I require more than that, generally eating a meal (off the train or outside the airport), spending a night, etc. The first two times I was technically in France it was just passing through on a train and I did not consider myself to have been in France. But my first time in Luxembourg I got off the train and had lunch, did some shopping, etc. so I considered that as having actually visited the country, if somewhat briefly.

  43. Airports don’t count. I also don’t count driving/train travel through a country or state. Need to visit and actually do something involving the sights, culture, cuisine etc to have visited.

  44. It depends on whether they’re expecting others who they talk to about travel to count layovers. If not, it’s a way exaggerating personal experience through misrepresentation.

  45. I have a few starbucks "we were there" mugs from two airports where I just had a long layover. But for the most part I agree with you.

  46. I'm currently on a quest to visit all 47 countries in Europe. As a baseline rule i need to have at least one sleep over, but I've been to Luxembourg a whole day. Eating at resturant and visited shops, so I've counted that. And it's kind of hard to sleep in the Vatican so yeah some exceptions has to be made. I love travelling and visiting different cultures and atmospheres, but I'm also a person that likes to systemize and have different rules in my life. That's just how my brain works. So this is a way to to enjoy both.

  47. I do that. I don't know I'm just excited to have been present in that country. I usually get something in the airport shop too. Didn't know that it was weird.

  48. Their game their rules. To each their own. Don’t assert your standards of travel on someone else. With that being said, I have most definitely been to Denver, Colorado.

  49. My sister in law was contemplating going on a trip to Europe. She mentioned part of the trip was going to Germany. I said “I’ve been there twice and it’s awesome”. She knew I went twice for work. So she said “That doesn’t count because it was for work”. I even explained that both times I went I flew in 2 days early to explore and sight see. That still wasn’t enough. I guess some peoples standards are just higher and some are just envious.

  50. I count it on my list of places visited if I've ever been physically present there for any reason. But I generally mention if something was only a layover or drive-through if we're getting into a conversation ABOUT those places I've traveled to.

  51. I only tick a place off for me personally if I felt satisfied from what I saw, who I met from there. I barely have ticked off my own state, definitely not my own country. (From Missouri, United States). But I'm really strict about it. I want to really experience places, some people just want to have breathed the air of a place and that's fine. Everyone's different.

  52. Do you count if you were there as a child but don’t remember? I was a well traveled kid, military brat, but there are many I don’t consider in my count because all I have is a picture of me in front of fountain, a sign, etc., but have no memory of it whatsoever.

  53. I’m similar, I used to go to turkey lots as a kid but I don’t remember much. I only started marking off trips from those that I paid for myself

  54. I’m a flight attendant and will fly some turns sometimes (a turn is a 1 day trip - work one leg to a destination, “sit” on the plane for about 45 minutes while those passengers get off and the new passengers come on, and fly right back to where we came from.) i’ve done turns to cuba, puerta vallarta, jamaica, st kitts, but i never got off the plane or even stepped into the terminal. I get to see the outside a bit when the caterers open the aircraft door, but.. I still don’t say that i’ve been there. If i do say i’ve been there, i always say it with the caveat that i never even got off the plane, lol.

  55. This is so odd to me because I'm so particular with what countries I consider to be ones that I've checked off my list.. Spent 2 days in Munich going to Oktoberfest and I still struggle saying I travelled to Germany because that's all we did 😆

  56. Where you draw the line for what "counts" as a place you've visited or not is completely arbitrary. It's not just airports either.

  57. I had an 8 hour layover in Paris during one of my trips (on purpose), which gave me enough time to visit the Eiffel Tower and the exterior of Versailles, so I’d count that as a visited country during a layover lol

  58. My rule is you have to leave the airport and do at least one touristy thing. If that's just getting a german beer at the closest bar to the airport in Munich, well, sometimes that's how travel is.

  59. I only count it if I actually stopped there to experience the place. So driving through and trying the gas station doesn’t count either. That has to be a minimum of one destination within the place.

  60. Only counts for me if I get to go into a city on a long layover. Recently did 20 hours in Oman on a layover, got to see a good bit so I’d say I visited Muscat but just being in a airport doesn’t count for me

  61. Some of my family and friends do that, especially with states. I don’t get it personally, if you never spent time outside of the airport how can you say you’ve been to that state or country? Feels like cheating

  62. Does leaving the airport for 1 hour and coming back count? I did once in Turkey. It was supposed to be for a couple of hours to see the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia (just to take pictures of the exterior) but Flight to my layover got delayed.

  63. When I was in the military we had a layover in Djibouti while flying to Somalia. I tell people I’ve been to Djibouti only because the name is funny. Anyways, I’ve been to Djibouti.

  64. Legally you have not entered a country before you exit the airports security area. For me that’s also the limit if I tick a country off or not :)

  65. Not only do they count layovers and airport stops, they also count a ton of places that are not even countries ;-)

  66. I don't count it as a country visit unless I go through immigration. So even though I've been physically present in Iceland (in the airport), I still don't count myself as having visited Iceland.

  67. If it’s stamped in my passport then I visited, otherwise I was on American land in a foreign country (even the airport) as far as I’m concerned.

  68. Does it matter what someone else does? If this person finds this a satisfying metric, for whatever reason, why care? I’m sure this person does many, many things you don’t do; do you invest in questioning the merit of these other differences?

  69. It doesn’t count unless you leave the airport. Even then, I’ve stayed at an airport hotel in Paris for a long layover. I never went beyond that area eating at a restaurant near by the hotel. I never saw the Louve, the Eiffel Tower etc. I was in/near Paris but I definitely would not claim to have “been” to Paris.

  70. Technically, you are "visiting" a country via layovers. And that's the simplest definition of the word travel -- to move from a place to another place.

  71. The Century Traveler Club is probably the foremost authority (out of virtue that they are really the only people that have published a system) for tracking a travelers footprint on the globe.

  72. They're more interested in the ability to say they've been somewhere than actually going. If you were looking for the 'why' of the situation.

  73. I don't count it, but I can see the argument for doing that. I had a flight that went in to Paris and then I had to switch planes. To switch planes I had to go through customs and get my passport stamped so I could go on my connecting flight. I figured at that point I was officially in France, even though all I was seeing was the airport, but it is a part of France.

  74. The thing with country visit lists, is at the end of the day its a list and you get to make it how you make it. The fact is incredibly challenging, and time consuming to fully see a country, and its all relative anyways. I've lived in Chicago for 15 years, and have never been south of Decatur. Do I really live in Illinois? I've only been to about 1/3 of the state.

  75. One of my friends requirements for her 50 states goal is that she needs to have a drink in the state for it to count. Took her across the river to a dive bar in the Couve when she visited a while ago.

  76. Does the layover give you enough time to leave the airport? I have a 12 hour layover coming up in Seoul, where we are leaving the airport, going to check out some sites and eat a meal or 2, so I am counting this as a country I visited. I have had a 5 hour layover in China, didn’t leave the airport so I don’t count this. Layover can mean a lot of different things.

  77. My husband is an aviation buff, so yes, airports definitely count for us! When we choose flights the layovers and aircraft are almost as important as the destination.

  78. I don't and wouldn't for myself, but you do you. I am not going to tell someone else how to enjoy travel. I may give them shit in a light hearted banter kind of way, but in reality, they can do whatever they want. My own personal definition would be different from anyone elses.

  79. I was just in Japan….well narita airport. Bought some souvenirs, had sake, Japanese food…yup, you guessed it - I’ll tick that off the list

  80. I've been to some airports that do reflect the local character though - I'll buy a fridge magnet at a connecting airport if the opportunity presents itself.

  81. It’s not weird I’ve been to Austria and Ireland, it was only for a few hours in each and it’s not really a big deal but I’ve still been to both of those countries.

  82. I personally count having done something in a country to count it. I was only in Zambia for a few hours but I did devils pool so I count it, I spent an hour in Zurich airport but I don't count that

  83. I don't personally count layovers or merely driving through a place without doing anything, but I also don't really know why you would care what your friend does. I certainly don't care how others count things.

  84. Did they have a beer at the airport? That’s what counts for me. Seriously though, who cares? I personally keep two tiers- places I’ve been “for real” and places I’ve passed through. Sometimes even an airport layover is memorable and unique to the location.

  85. nah, those don't count. I don't even count cities if I'll I've done is been to the airport, let alone an entire country. Like I fly through Atlanta going pretty much everywhere but I've never *been to* Atlanta.

  86. Man. If I’ve been in the country it’s ticked off the list. Did I see anything in Spain other than the inside of the Madrid airport? No. But I’ve still technically been to Spain.

  87. Lol I used to do that. My husband I have traveled extensively as kids too and when I realized our numbers were a little close, I started ticking off layovers! We’ve recently visited many countries he’s already been to so now I’m comfortably winning and changed my list. He did have a -wait a min- moment when I took off the layovers but I’m still winning so it’s all good in love and competition.

  88. I don't count countries, just travel. Although I personally don't count cruise stops as a visit since you're usually in a fenced off tourist port

  89. What if he has a stopover in some country? In that scenario, he lands, doesn’t get off the plane, and then the plane departs. Has he visited that country? Or does he need to touch the ground?

  90. Oh no better find a way for your privileged ass to judge them. Some forget it's a privilege to travel outside of their home country.

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