"Vice tried to make a sympathy piece about reintegrating sex offenders into society and it ended with this lol"

  1. I watched the full video and they picked a horrible subject. He still claimed that he didn’t assault the woman, despite his DNA being found. Fuck that guy, they should have left him in prison.

  2. It's hard for mentally ill people to curtail their pathological behaviors, even when they don't involve violence. Violent pathologies are nearly impossible to remedy, as they are driven by near complete and utter madness.

  3. I kind of did, but I was definitely thinking that it was going to be a much more serious offense. Not that unsolicited dick pics aren’t serious (they’re annoying at the minimum), but I was… very concerned for a second. Now I’m only slightly concerned.

  4. The title is a joke. If they were going for a sympathy piece this clip wouldnt be included.

  5. I genuinely can’t understand a single word he said. But the lady saying that so out of no where caught me off guard.

  6. "We all out here in this world, and we all gotta make it happen. Ain't nothing stopping me, so like, I'm very hopeful and confident."

  7. I pretty sure the voice of the narrator is Rachel Macfarlane, the voice of Hailey on American Dad (as well as frequent voice actor on her brother's other show, Family Guy).

  8. i mean, it does not bode well. but given that NYC doesn't have a digital flasher law (which CA just imposed today!) than it could be one of those things were like, its bad bad bad, but not technical a violation-- most contact violations are among a predetermined set of people (or age groups).

  9. The video clip here cuts out, but Alice Hines, the interviewer, goes on to say that: “He later said through his lawyer that he sent it by mistake. Cyberflashing is illegal in Chicago by city ordinance.”

  10. Is there like a irony subreddit or Funny Trash subreddit cause I'm "laughing my ass off" on this one.

  11. You think it’s like a relapse moment where he’s just sitting in his room playing games looking at his phone like “damn.. I shouldn’t of done that..”

  12. This reminds me of a piece on NPR about sexual harassment where this woman’s boss was consistently being, shall we say, inappropriate? One of the things he did was show her some “artistic” photos of his penis. When asked if he had done this, his was response was “that absolutely never happened………..but I do have some photos”

  13. I knew a sex offender who served time for raping an 11 year old. He later got taken down in Canada when the FBI notified the RCMP that he had downloaded child porn. He was able to get off on those charges due to an error when they searched his house and made a mistake with the warrant. At this stage you would think he would realize he got lucky, but nope, he later got caught with a cell phone in breach of his conditions and when they searched it they found child porn again. These motherfuckers don't learn and the system is a revolving door that only punishes victims.

  14. Sex offenders don’t rehabilitate. They learn how to hide their crimes better but they don’t change.

  15. There are a lot of reasons for that, one is that the current system makes it hard to rehabilitate. Registries limit where offenders can live so they only can live near each other in high crime areas away from support networks of family and friends which means if they want to rehabilitate, they will have a much harder time.

  16. I think there's a couple things wrong with your views here. Especially this: "Only evil people are capable of this crime." That idea is straight up childish and ultimately harmful.

  17. This is a harmful and complete bullshit response to this issue. Maybe specify "rapists" rather than sex offenders, because they are not the same thing. And treating them as the same thing has serious societal impacts.

  18. After the extremely intense and emotional intervention, Joseph went and shot up more fentanyl into his eyeballs

  19. I’m all about second chances, but I draw the line when your victimize a child. If you feel that it’s okay to sexualize a child and try to coerce them into sexual acts, you are no longer human and should be treated as such. They should be monitored 24/7 because we can’t afford to take any chances of repeat offenders.

  20. I’ve only seen a handful of Vice docs that really mattered. Most are now about butt hurt individuals who think the world owes them something. I don’t pay attention to them anymore. Guys gross though. Lol

  21. Vice used to make amazing war documentaries, what the fuck happened? How old is this? I would be furious if those documentaries stopped to make these pity pieces.

  22. This is why they either die or don’t get released!! Fuck this place there’s ppl doing life for drugs marijuana even and these type of mf get out.

  23. Remember when OG Vice was just a heroin front, and then did hard hitting journalism to cover up that, and now does this?

  24. I like Vice, has one of the best pro wrestling documentary series I've ever seen in "Dark Side of The Ring" That being said, what the fuck is this bullshit.

  25. Child molesters should be pounded in the ass everyday in prison by a whole gang every day for the rest of their worthless lives. There is no reform for them.

  26. Its too bad. I loved watching them send out some of their lowest constitution looking journalist to the middle of an active warzone, but then ask the best interview questions. Felt so raw and real. Now we get soft pieces like this that totally miss the mark.

  27. And that’s not the worst part. The vice producer did an interview later defending him saying that him sending that picture doesn’t take away from the injustice he was served by the criminal system…you can’t make this shit up

  28. The recidivism rate of sex offenders is ridiculously high. I don’t mean “peed in an alley and got arrested” I mean actual sex offenders. They basically can’t be rehabilitated.

  29. Who would have thought that SEX OFFENDERS are a group of people who cannot be helped. They have the highest recidivism rates. They need life sentences not to be out in society to attack again.

  30. Yooooooooooooooooooo lmfao. Omg 😆 thank god actually. Otherwise ppl might actually sympathize

  31. It's sad, but some people simply belong in prison and/or tracked for life! They can't be trusted not to hurt others because they're slaves to their base impulses

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