Screaming in a church

  1. I think it people like this who one day just spontaneously think meth is a good option and that is how trailer trash is created

  2. It pisses me off when people like this will willingly and happily be a nuisance or just general fuckwad, and then when somebody gets pissed off they act like they're being insolent and challenging a gangsta or something...

  3. This actually isn’t thanks to tiktok, this guy goes by boonk gang and has been around for quite awhile, he’s a genuine menace to society, not funny what so ever, and removes the joy from any

  4. I think he might be retarted, like legit. Probably got placed in remedial classes since pre school, I couldn’t understand a single word he said.

  5. No fears he legitimately had his jaw broken from a sucker punch and has since found Jesus and became a born again Christian after getting clean off drugs.

  6. Wish these dumb ass social media idiots would just stop as these are proving that no one wants you to do this anymore and know it’s not funny anymore. What morons is all I can say.

  7. Even tho he doesn’t do shit like this now and “turned his life around” it doesn’t mean shit he’ll always be the known as the guy that did shit like this for clout and got arrested for it multiple times lol

  8. Im already going to predict that my comment is going to be locked/deleted for racism even tho I haven’t said jack

  9. The man is possessed by a mentally challenged demon! Do we spray holy water before or after we beat it out of him?

  10. This is an old video, not to excuse his actions in any way- but this one is the most ironic as he since renounced his behavior, became a devout Christian and turned his life around, I believe he’s genuine but I always think people should make up their own mind

  11. I can't wait to see a photo of him at his graduation and his family talking about how sweet and loving he is.

  12. This is Boonk. Last I saw he was genuinely turning his life around and becoming a better person, apologized for all of his past mistakes such as this.

  13. But those church people can go speak into a microphone at concerts and events and whatever they want or on the side or the road? Telling you gays are gonna burn?The churches do shit like that like all the fucking time.

  14. this is boonk gang so im not surprised. His rapper name sounds like the sound he made when he was dropped on his head.

  15. Depending on the church; could be trashy or not. Usually, it's the church that's already trashy to begin with and if this was one of them, this would be funny.

  16. Everyone is complaining about this guy but what about when kristians come to your home with their mambo Jambo and if you’re nice and say no thanks they don’t listen they pull their book of fairytales and keep going so you shut the door and they leave their trash on your door and come back a couple of weeks later to see if you read what they left on your door !! Ah ah ah!! Lol it’s happened a few too many times too me

  17. Can’t believe he makes millions every year from his YouTube channel doing this lame ass shit! “Freddy Ruins Weddings”

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