Girl asking for character letters from her followers after violating felony parole

  1. She looks like someone who was stupid enough to drive drunk while on probation for armed robbery of a drug dealer. She wants you to feel sorry for her because she has a child but she could have killed some else’s child.

  2. She looks almost exactly like this girl I know that’s a bartender and dates the local drug dealer off and on. Talks like her too, same personality and everything.

  3. You can! But don't submit it a thousand times, or sign her up to mailing lists, or anything like that. That would make it really difficult to weed out the food references, and would probably be illegal.

  4. She's delusional. Character reference letters need to be written by people she knows, not internet strangers LOL!

  5. Shit, I'm on misdemeanor probation for malicious mischief (put gum in a closed stores locks when I was drunk. I know it was stupid) and if I get in trouble for ANYTHING, I go away for 2 years. I don't even jaywalk anymore. Once the word "felony" enters the equation you need to realize you can't fuck around even a little bit.

  6. Your icon makes this story all the better. I know it's a blob fish but it looks like chewed up bubblegum

  7. That first story is wild, stealing injectable fent from the hospital and replacing it with diluted saline versions to critically ill patients? What a monster

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if you violate your probation or parole after serving time for a felony, you serve time (if appropriate) for the new charge as well as the remaining, unserved time for the original charge?

  9. I don’t think she’s explaining it properly. It sounds like violating her original parol (no clue how early she got out the 1st time around) is getting her 52 months NOT for the misdemeanor but for the original crime (armed robbery)

  10. Yeah if she wasn’t on parole, a first offense dui in Florida will get you like 2 years probation, loss of license and a weekend in jail but because she’s on parole and did this she’s about to get royally fucked

  11. Exactly, she’s trying to make it sound like double jeopardy or some other miscarriage of justice. Reality is she’s now convicted of a new felony, parole violation. Either she’s too stupid to realize she’s now a double convicted felon, or trying to con people into protesting for her. Could be both.

  12. Most likely she was sentenced for the armed robbery with the the time probated for a number of years. Meaning if you are sentenced to 5 years of prison to be probated for 5 years, you have that time hanging over your head if you are convicted of anything during the 5 years of probation. In some cases I’ve seen someone offered 6-12 months in jail to be served and done, or get a sentence of 5 for 5. In the latter case I always say, yes you can avoid jail but you better decide if you can stay clean for 5 years with the 5 years hanging on your head. That can even include a missed drug test with a probate officer.

  13. I don’t understand how people really don’t understand how they broke the law and why they are being punished.

  14. I can't believe people like this. If she cared about her kid in the first place she wouldn't be in this predicament. Didn't care about your kids then, don't use them as an excuse now.

  15. I was a drug addict for a couple years, I did some illegal shit. Then I had a kid and I turned my life around completely. I will not and have not done anything to risk getting in any kind of trouble since I’ve had her. I stay away from people I used to associate with. I don’t even speed or drive without a seat belt. I’m on my best behavior at all times.

  16. You should go read the comment section. It’s the most absurd thing I’ve seen. People saying she didn’t do anything wrong and she’s an inspiration and they’re all writing letters lol

  17. Bitch, you DID get a break. A hella good one that no one else would take for granted. Anyone else would still be in prison for armed robbery. She fucked up and has the audacity to spin it like it’s double jeopardy AND use her kid as some excuse to beg for help from social media. Fuck that. Take your Oompa Loompa looking ass back to prison.

  18. It’s so important to her to stay out of jail to take care of her son, but she’s willing to drive drunk and put everyone else’s kids in jeopardy.

  19. I had far more serious consequences for far less serious convictions than this chick. I spent years of my life reporting to a biased asshole at a state PO office. I tried my hardest to stay on track with their random house and work visits, random calls to come in to the office, random urine tests, over and over... etc with no violations..And this broad actually violates her parole...Then goes on a tangent to the internet about how she needs assistance?! Look, lady, you already got lucky once. You fucked up and got caught more than once. You get caught again...stfu, move along. This is nonsense. Especially when you consider a male offender with the same charges would still be in prison as we speak.

  20. This was my thought! I have seen people with ASSHOLES for POs try to get them on the smallest thing: she actually broke the rules it sounds like more than once. Girl, by and take your go to jail card

  21. I did six years for robbery when I was 15 (google measure 11, oregon). First time offender. Now I have to complete 3 years of parole, no ability to get off earlier.

  22. They call it a suspended sentence. Meaning when she got out, she stays out as long as she doesn’t violate. But if you screw up, they add on the suspended years from the original felony.

  23. Paroled, as in her sentence was not suspended. She was granted parole, which means till her parole is over, she is watched by the state. She has to see a parole officer on a regular basis, to show she is staying out of trouble. She was convicted of a new felony called parole violation. She’s misrepresenting her case to sound like double jeopardy, and the time they’re debating is not for the misdemeanor. Misdemeanor is in no way getting her a few years in prison, the new felony is.

  24. Exactly … acting like “they are trying to recharge me because they felt my initial sentence was too light” is total ba

  25. Tayler Arrington Harber, of Middleburg, will remain in the jail without bond after she left Mercury Moon near 1 a.m. A Clay County Sheriff’s Office deputy was on proactive DUI patrol when he saw Harber’s truck failing to “maintain a single lane crossing both the center lane divider and fog lines several times.” Her blood alcohol level was measured at .163 and .149 at the jail. The legal limit in Florida is .08. Harber was on probation after she was found guilty of armed robbery on May 11, 2017, after a man was hit in the head with a handgun during a drug purchase in an apartment on Wells Road. She was sentenced to two years in prison and four years of probation.

  26. Lmao that was my first thought too. Sweetie, you’re not facing almost five years for a simple misdemeanor. You’re facing almost five years for committing a misdemeanor while still on parole for a felony…. Big difference.

  27. "so I can continue to be a mother" lol. it'll be better for the kid if you're kept away from them... talks like a young teen that never experienced consequences before

  28. Lol she went to jail for being present for a drug robbery that involved a gun and she just got a dui with like a .2 BAC

  29. 7 years for armed robbery is still a break. She's white and pretty. Everything will work out fine. Think of all the money she'll save on tattoos!

  30. It’s almost like she thinks that because she’s praising god and a white chick she shouldn’t have to do time. Idk. It doesn’t matter if u ‘found’ religion. U still got caught doing some pretty gnarly stuff and now have to make restitution. Keep ur bible close to u in prison. Be comforted that ur repenting for your transgressions. Offer up your sacrifice and Pray for all the souls in purgatory. This is called penance. (And I’m not religious…but if ur gonna play the religious card…no transgressions are wiped clean except before death with ‘last rights’…you have to make restitution…that’s old school).

  31. Probation, house arrest, are a privilege of freedom and said freedom comes with responsibilities. Some of those responsibilities can seem like “the system is asking too much/or out to get me!” Compare it to sitting in a room without a clock for months because all you have is time. No sympathy. I don’t apologize. Walk the line, stay employed, pay for probation and show up to all your appointments. They aren’t suggestions. Otherwise serve the time.

  32. The whole comment section is filled with “writing my letter now” but the judge will see these and ask who are they from and she will say her followers and the judge will toss them in a garbage can

  33. Lol they're not trying to recharge her. They're giving her the rest of her suspended sentence because she violated rhe terms of her release. Do the crime serve the time lol

  34. I deserve to stay out of jail and continue to be a good mother to my child…for blowing 2X the legal limit during a DUI stop while on probation.

  35. Trashy as hell. Maybe she should've thought about all this before she committed a felony...then got a reduced sentence and couldn't live be the terms of her probation. She'll never learn if she isn't punished and it will keep going. It's real easy to tell people what they want to hear. If she were so worried about being a mother to her son then she probably wouldn't be in this situation.

  36. wait........"stating what I've done for you on social media"'am, I don't think making us laugh at you is the kind of character reference you are looking for......

  37. “She really likes tans. I really like her tans. If she goes to prison will she still be tan? If no please don’t put her in prison your excellency.”

  38. The worst part is the THOUSANDS of comments saying “Praying for you, I’ll send a letter. You deserve a good life with your baby boy. The justice system is so messed up” etc. Maybe don’t drunk drive down the wrong side of the road while on parole for armed robbery… just a thought

  39. "I am being offered 52 months for a misdemeaner charge." No, you're being offered 52 months for your felony armed robbery charge since you can't seem to stay out of trouble (or the tanning bed).

  40. I wonder how the people she committed armed robbery against are doing? Maybe they could write a letter for her.

  41. Whew that was an emotional roller coaster! Thank god for tik tok followers. Don't worry Y'all she will be fine :) If I know one thing it's the incredible real world value of likes and follows.

  42. she’s so stupid. if she has a son why the fuck is she out drinking and driving and acting so carelessly. she’s being selfish af and feels like she’s entitled to just not have consequences for her actions. SMH.

  43. Seems like you get a free 4 1/2 year vacation, Done fucked up it made a violation grow up and be responsible, If you did what you where supposed to , you would not have received that misdemeanor that would violate your parole

  44. It really boils my piss when someone who's facing prison for a crime talks about needing to stay out to be a mother/father for their kids.

  45. It's funny to me how multiple times she tries to minimize the armed robbery felony by mentioning she was only 19. Lady I was 19 once. Guess what. Never did an armed robbery.

  46. You're not being offered 52 months for the misdemeanor, you're being offered 52 months for your felony armed robbery charge because you broke your probation/parole deal with said misdemeanor. Take the deal before they add more time.

  47. Imagine a black man only getting two years for armed robbery😂😂😂😂😂😂😂and she’s here complaining😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  48. Have fun in jail! Shouldn’t have shown up to court with your long fingernails and low cut titty tats showing…

  49. If nothing else, this video makes me really happy my life's choices have not resulted in me having to ask social media for character witness testimonials.

  50. So let me get this straight… She got seriously lucky with a light sentence for her first, very serious, drug related offence at 19. She’s out on parole and gets caught driving significantly over the legal limit and driving dangerously because of it.

  51. No she is not being offered 52 months for a misdemeanor charge, they are giving her 52 months for breaking her parole from an armed fucking robbery.

  52. I made the mistake of checking out her Tiktok and saw so many comments supporting. Some people even wanted to start raising money to help pay for her lawyers fees, like are you for real? She was on parole for armed robbery only six years ago and was JUST charged with drunk driving. She could have easily killed people, but yeah, sure, let's help her out. Can't work on that spray tan if you're in prison.

  53. I did 5 years for telling someone where he could buy drugs. The cops organized some guy to come pester me at work (former drug dealer, found turned informant after he got caught up) and get him some cocaine. I resentfully obliged, introducing him to a plug I knew who occasionally could score me a gram or two. Mind you, the police informant engineered the whole plot and came up to me and bothered me at work (call center). Anyway, I did it, but I was facing a first degree felony for that shit and had organized crime charges. Holy shit was I scared. I was also 20.

  54. 2 years for armed robbery is pretty light, Ive seen people get way time for that and I bet you anything the stipulation of her probation was not to violate or they'd tact on the original time she was going to get. Her misdemeanor was a DUI and I'm sure her probation terms are also to abstain from drinking, she is basically showing the judge that she isn't making the best of her time out and of course she will lean on being a mother but Im sorry, if most people were on felony probation, single with a kid you'd think drinking and driving would be the last thing you'd do. It hurts me because I had a mom like that and I see these actions as self centered and I hope she actually learns a lesson about getting her priorities straight because to me, it sounds like she is full of shit.

  55. ‘Your Honour….this is from Dale who is 14 from New York…..he says ‘The first time I saw her videos I immediately….’. Oh no we can’t read that out…..I’m not sure some of this is legal….’

  56. So, let me get this straight. She essentially pistol whipped a guy (or someone she was with did) and robbed him during a drug deal. She served her 2 years (on a plea bargain) with 4 years probation. WHILE ON PROBATION, she gets pulled over for a DUI and records a fucking 0.168 BAC?!

  57. the mental gymnastics going on here to attempt to appear like a victim of any sort is wild. imagine if every time she said "misdemeanor charge" she said "drunk driving" lol. she is trying to downplay it so hard. if you want to "continue being a mother to your son" then don't drive drunk. also, why is she explaining how probation works as if it is the law conspiring against her or something? hahahaha

  58. '52 months is extreme' - so is having a fucking gun in your face when getting robbed. None of this sounds sincere just sounds like aww poor me why can't I go kill people and not get punished. She gives me 'i thought pretty girls don't get tickets' vibe

  59. As someone who regularly breaks the law, I’ll say this: The law is only confusing for those who break it and do not do their (criminal) homework beforehand.

  60. Oompa Loompa doopety do, I’ve got another riddle for you, What do you get when you commit a felony? Prison time and on probationary, But you’re too dumb to learn on your own, Violate parole and now you’re back in the hole, Facing 52 months and you’re begging for help, Spray tanned, fake nails, and on tik tok, Maybe accept that it’s all your own fault, You’re dumb bitch, broke the law, and ya got caught, Oompa loompa Doopety da, Stop breaking the law, and you will go far, You will live in happiness too, Like the oompa loompa doopety do,

  61. she got her break. 2 years for armed robbery seems damn lenient but not as lenient as the 3 yrs the Memphis guy received for attempted murder, got out in 11 months then went on a murder spree that killed 4 people.

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