Our trashy neighbor at the lake pissing on our camper.

  1. Shawty caught me two handed pissin on the trailer next door, Chillin, in my pj’s got da dog for backup support. I’m leakin out the Bush Light from the night before. Juuuuust wait till the shit bbq quicks in & I leave a surprise on your back door. Cuzzzz I looovvve being trailer trash, livin life real poor

  2. lets face is, a a non american looking at Trumps reign he was shown footage of himself doing things he denied and his fans also denied it seeing the same footage, dude could totally deny it

  3. Some campgrounds have more permanent sites that are rented for the entire season or longer. People will install skirting, wood patios/decks, decor, etc. to make it a bit more cozy.

  4. Post the picture on the campground bulletin board and as many other public locations in the park that you can think of

  5. I've never seen a camper flush with the ground like that. Am I missing something? (other than the fucking asshole pissing on your shit) I thought all campers are somewhat off the ground.

  6. In some areas, a campground can be a permanent residence and people will put actual mobile homes there. What you're seeing is the skirting- vinyl panels that go around to block view and access to the space underneath. I live in Florida and there are tons of these campgrounds that are a mix of type of residents- some permanent in Mobile homes, some permanent in campers or RVs, some seasonal in campers or RVs and then a few who may visit just for vacation, though those last tend to be at different parks and campgrounds. It's a different clientele. If you're a snowbird (there from October to April) or permanent resident, it can be difficult to have new neighbors every week who are all on vacation. They are generally nice and super chill communities. I was actually talking to my husband about maybe buying some land to start one of the RV park/campgrounds. It can be a good investment.

  7. In many places Indecent Exposure is a very real criminal offense and considered a "sex crime" that can land one on the registry.

  8. He should absolutely end up on a registry for this. It's not even some random alley. It's in broad daylight on someone else's home.

  9. Haha! Boston Strong! Pissing on your neighbors property. Sounds like some Boston shit if I’ve ever heard it. Haha! Those people don’t take shit from anyone!

  10. Man I'm glad I don't live in a trailer park or apartments anymore. Seen shit like this all the time at the "fancy" apartments i lived in down town slc. So many people pissing and shitting everywhere. At least they were homeless and had an excuse. This asshole is just pissin to piss

  11. Why u take a picture tho u shoulda knocked his stupid ass out considering he’s pissing on your property. Don’t be afraid to escalate certain situations.

  12. I would bring it to the police station and say,”I had young children staying in the house at the time watching him out the window.”Boom!!!

  13. It looks like a "Park Model home". They are smaller than a mobile home but bigger than a traditional camper. They are usually set into place and never moved like a mobile home.

  14. I know a trailer when i see one, this is a trailer. Could be on a lake but definitely isn’t being taken away from there when OP leaves. SOURCE: i have seen a few campers and none have ever had skirting nor been that low to the ground.

  15. The level of dick shaming surprises me. Your gonna give the sensitive lads reading this post a complex. That's a normal flaccid weiner being held out thru clothes.

  16. Dudes got a massive piss slit though. It looks like that guy from the old mario games that would shoot discs at you.

  17. He was only helping you!! People that don’t understand this are shitheads!! By pissing on your camper he’s keeping Bears and mountain Lions away. Wise up asshole!

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