New neighbors truck… every night.

  1. In the early 90s, I put some lights like they have on the sides of semi trailers under the front bumper of my pos car. On a switch under the dash. I was 15 and thought it was cool. Looking back on that, yeah, it was cool! LOL

  2. Single story home with patio, Spanish moss growing from trees, RV and golf cart, lifted trucks, this is absolutely Florida.

  3. That is actually an amazing idea, but the guy will probably just install more lights thinking that OP bought the same truck and also installed lights as a flex

  4. There’s a flood light in each wheel well and a ring of leds around each wheel hub. It’s hard to see here but all of the custom suspension parts are powder coated neon green.

  5. I just have to know…. are there truck nuts, is there a fuck Biden sticker, is there a Snapchat sticker, is there a locally hated sticker,…. or all the above😅

  6. What are the rest of you doing to fight gentrification and keeping neighborhoods affordable for the original occupants? Oh that's right, nothing! This guy is a hero. /s

  7. Download a rock light blue tooth controller app, like BLED. If you get close enough, you can then change his lights to flashing blue and red, then call the cops and report someone is impersonating a police officer. Or just keep turning the lights to pink. Good times!

  8. in some states having this kind of light set up is illegal, even if its not red/blue, because using all these lights does cause the risk of people being tricked into pulling over

  9. Assuming they're BT. Mine are hard wired to a switch panel, no wireless shenanigans involved. Also they're amber and I don't do this crap but whatever.

  10. I don't think they think it looks good, they think it looks bright. In PA I'm pretty sure people cover their trucks in super bright LED bar "fog lights" for the same reason people put on obnoxiously loud exhausts. They WANT to annoy other people. That's how they get the most attention. Everyone has to notice them now. If there is any fog it's a wall of light barreling down on me that makes it so I can't see anything on the other side. I can't miss them. I point all my mirrors away from my eyes when driving at night. Sucks to have to slide down in my seat every time I want to use a side mirror but it's better than being blinded by someone in a bro-dozer.

  11. The same kind of people who look at Trump and think, "He's a smart guy who's going to look out for me" instead of seeing the obvious and ridiculous con man that he is.

  12. That’s a 3500 Denali, like an ≈$80k truck… Crazy that people with this little common sense can still end up with this much disposable income

  13. Ain’t hard to get something like that when you can now finance it for almost a decade. People confuse wealth with financial stupidity, it’s easy to look like you have money.

  14. Homie, look at the man's house. He does not have disposable income. This truck does not belong to Mr. Fucks-his-cousin, it belongs to the repo men

  15. Having an 80k car doesn’t mean you have disposable income or 80k, it can just mean you’re a jackass who made a salesman’s day

  16. There's a good chance that this person has a few " I did that Biden" stickers because they are complaining of the cost to fill up the truck even though they spent a few years worth of fuel on completely unnecessary upgrades

  17. One of my old friends that let me crash at her place for a bit started dating this dude that was into the stereotypical concrete cowboy stuff. Dude came over to her place one night at saw my MSI laptop with a glowing keyboard and said "man i never really got like, the whole flashy light thing on computers" in a way that made it obvious the dude was just bagging on "nerd stuff."

  18. Reminds me of the brightness of my opposite neighbours porch light. It's like a stadium flood light and they leave it all bloody night for eeasons unknown - the twats. Even a blackout blind doesn't fully stop it flooding into the bedrooms. People are selfish cunts.

  19. I had the same thing from several neighbors. I went over and had a friendly chat with them and they pointed their lights toward the ground instead of into my windows.

  20. I have this light on the back of my house in a dumb spot that I don’t go to that often. Occasionally I’ll see that someone left a light on there and it’s probably been on for at least a week.

  21. Seems like the type of guy who would go apeshit if someone were to put transparent pride flag window stickers over his blinding bright white lights.

  22. Everyday I'm reminded that people like him exist. They live to make others lives just a little bit more miserable than they would without him around.

  23. I have someone like this in my life who married into the family. Literally no motivation unless it’s to make someone else’s life worse. Otherwise it’s TV time and naps all the time.

  24. Besides the recent fireworks the only noises I hear from neighbors are gunshots, oh and cows go moo.

  25. Dude I live in a rowhouse in the the city and don't have to deal with shit like this. The more neighbors you have, the more people to keep assholes in line.

  26. Having lived all over the US one thing that's remained constant regardless of region are the people with unnecessarily large trucks.

  27. Just in case folks were curious, you can go to pretty much any vehicle supply store and purchase a very cheap tool called a valve wrench or a “stem core remover”.

  28. This is illegal if the truck is registered. Since it's on pavement I would assume so. Also the lift kit is also illegal if it's registered. Since it's on pavement I would assume so. Send photo to police and the registration can be revoked.

  29. Depending on where you are at, local laws can have ground affects banned. Where I'm at they are legal only when the vehicle is not moving down a road. Also certain colors are restricted. I'd look into your local ordnances, to see if you have a course of action.

  30. Florida State Statute 316.215(1) prohibits owners from using a vehicle with unsafe equipment. I think this qualifies.

  31. Why the fuck does he have spot lights in his wheel wells? Omg I really feel bad for you this person seems like a total douche bag. The truck is probably loud as fuck too.

  32. Just talk to him. Believe me he wants to talk about his truck. Don't start the conversation directly telling him to quit. Ask what mods he has done, how high did he lift it, why did he choose that Lyft, what is his wheel setup and why did he select his wheels. What do the lights in the wheel wells do? (Their intended use is to light up the trails at night) Ask him what the reasoning behind leaving them all night long. Try to find common ground. Let him know how it's impacting you. If there is a way he can do that doesn't bother you. Most of the time people don't want to be a dick. Good luck

  33. Bring him a bottle of whiskey, welcome him to the neighborhood, and then politely ask him if theres anyway he can turn off his rock lights at night. A little respect goes a long ways.

  34. If it's causing you a problem, get a six pack and take it over there and ask him to turn the lights off. Then say thank you after he says "no problem, I didn't know it was bothering you".

  35. Exactly. Fucking basement dwellers saying everything from burn the house to shoot his lights out. Wtf. Just walk over and talk to him like a normal human

  36. I can’t understand the mentality of a pavement princess. Buy a truck, a working vehicle; lift it, then make it completely useless by putting low profile tires and huge rims on it. The lights are just ridiculous and also pointless. I have a pickup. Its a regular truck. It can do all the things this truck can do but without all the silly looking bullshit.

  37. I do agree this is trashy as hell, but seeing so many people suggest the destruction of someone else’s property is even more trashy in my opinion.

  38. You need to get ozone stadium spotlights and shine them over there to aid in visibility. You don’t want anyone to accidentally hit the truck. Be a good neighbor!

  39. Get a big black heavy duty plastic zip tie and tie it to the drive shaft, makes a nice slapping sound on the frame when it drives

  40. I've seen a few of these on the freeway in Portland, lights on blinding people driving beside them. Fortunately it's one of the few things I've seen police pulling people over for lately.

  41. Mail random cards about how sorry you are to hear about the size of his penis. Maybe some medical procedure pamphlets.

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