Posted on Facebook by a girl I went to school with. Why? is my only question

  1. “Sweetie this is your grandma, you don’t need to post your body on Facebook to get attention, I still love you and hope for the best in your future”

  2. It wouldve come out better if she made an effort. The issue isn't her trying to sexy on top of her car, its the poor execution and poor excuse of commitment.

  3. Yeah, didn't bother to make the underwear symmetrical. I grossed out by the lack of photography skills

  4. First of all... I personally don't see what's sexy about her having her pants down like that, looks like she just got done squatting in the woods and waddled over to the car to find some toilet paper.

  5. Then she waddled away - waddle waddle Then she waddled away - waddle waddle Then she waddled away - waddle waddle

  6. Yes, it’s like she’s ready to pull her pants up and pretend she didn’t take these photos if anyone drives by.

  7. Thigh high boots, some hair extensions and a tighter shirt could’ve taken this from a 400th page amateur Brazzers thumbnail all the way up to 40th page. PAWG, voyeur, meth, teen milf

  8. The difference, of course, being your actual name on the account and real relationships vs being anonymous and posting for strangers

  9. Standing photo needs arched back, hands on hood, pop the butt, lose the pants and heels off the ground. It would be an entirely different photo.

  10. She picked the trashiest way to do a trashy thing. Just pulling down your pants on the hood somehow seems way trashier than loosing the pants and doing the shoot in full lingerie.

  11. Lol, at least your criticism was constructive and not “SHE HAS A BAD BODY” like everyone else. She looks fine. Standard issue middle aged woman, no reason to be mean.

  12. Nah people still think it’s cringe. It’s just that when they’re attractive people think your a hater if you criticize.

  13. It's more to do with the fact they put this on Facebook of all places, and the second picture looks like she's pulling her pants up after she's finished wiping her arse.

  14. I'm gay, so maybe it's that, but if you are going to post something that trashy, you'd think she would have stopped with the pic on the left. I feel like -

  15. It isn’t a fast car, its a 15 year old Dodge Charger lol(i bet it is a v6). And she isn’t that attractive. She’s probably wanting to be like those women in bikinis in the photos posing on the hood of a Lamborghini or Ferrari, but she didn’t have any of those.

  16. Looks like an 09 Charger... could be wrong... but are you really proud of that car? They were awful (I sold them).

  17. This is like every girls social media who started stripping lol. It doesnt bother me and the dramas fun to watch. Strippers are cool anyway, as long as you know them from outside of the club.

  18. What's trashy is screen grabbing her page and putting it on Reddit to get your grubby little hands on karma.

  19. A lot of girls I went to HS with post pics like that. Granted most of them look good doing it. Is that a dodge magnum? Those aren’t very fast.

  20. A Chrysler 6 cylinder with a fart can isn’t fast, it’s fucked. Every time you press on the gas pedal you can hear the motor screaming “kill me. Kiiiiiiiiiilllllll me!”.

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