would you do that?

  1. I guess they’ve been married 10 years now.. The wedding in question happened in 2010 and they got married in 2012

  2. I went to a super trashy wedding when I was younger. I was drinking at a pub and some guy insisted that me and my buddy have to come to his wedding in a few months. We didn't take him seriously but whatever. Anyway we got wedding invitations from him the next week at the pub.

  3. Wait. The groom professed his love for another woman at his own wedding? That's wild! Was this at the reception after the wedding ceremony or during? Like, was he already officially married at this point?

  4. I think it's normal (or at least not uncommon) for the groom to make a speech. Mine did and I think all the weddings I've been to they have.

  5. If only someone didn’t close the goddamn door then technically this marriage could have been saved And we could toast and pour the champagne.

  6. I chime in with a "haven't you people ever heard of closing the goddamn door" oh! It's much better to face these kind of things with a bit of poise and rationality.

  7. Google it. The headline is quite misleading. The best man and woman had been friends since high school. He had loved her forever. He got drunk and made that speech. The marriage fell apart over the course of the next year do to other issues. They divorced, the best man always being a friend was their to console her and they ended up getting married and having 4 children.

  8. They reported this on my local news last night, but it’s super misleading. He confessed his love and it was just trashy and awkward. She married the dude anyway but got divorced a year later and she and best man have been together 10 years. Supposedly no cheating going on, her relationship with the best man was “platonic.”

  9. “Platonic” my ass. He may not have been slipping her the D, but she was cheating emotionally. And he Fucking played her like a fiddle.

  10. Ok, but if you actually read the article, she didn’t leave her husband at the altar for her best friend, they were married for a year and their marriage deteriorated because he became a completely different person with a different lifestyle she didn’t want to be a part of. This took the course of a few years and happened over 10 years ago, and they’re beautifully happy now with 4 kids.

  11. Leave it to the shitty NY Post to “break” a story that happened 12 years ago…and didn’t even happen the way the headline reads. Wife and hubby divorced a year after the wedding, and her and the best man didn’t get together for another year. They’re going on 10 years together, how is this current news?

  12. There is a possible lawsuit that could be filed here, Alienation if Affection, if the ceremony was complete and they were officially married.

  13. I read the whole news story, and it's actually a superrr sweet story 🥺 he didn't have anything to do with the original couple breaking up, and she didn't like leave her husband for him. This is more so a story of the guy just being a really good friend to the girl, and then one day he did the unthinkable and actually made it out of the friend zone! And now they've been married for 10 years and have 4 boys. So yeah, while at first glance it seems like a trashy story, it actually is super cute when you read it :)

  14. Wow, there both shit people. I’m sure it sucked ass for the groom at the time but he rid himself of two pieces of shit in one go. I’m

  15. A good friend of mine walked in on his wife and his best man. Properly messed him up, understandably. The two he walked in on are now married to each other.

  16. If you can steal someone's girl, that same girl will probably be "stolen" from you by some other guy. I speak from experience.

  17. If this was in a movie people would call it romantic. In real life...trashy. welcome to media making real life toxic.

  18. Tell what you the real crime is here. Wearing a white tee under a dress shirt. Really says a lot about the man

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