Bestfriend goals

  1. I helped my friend Nair her ass before, sometimes you just need a helping hand. She didn’t take pictures though.

  2. Yeah to be fair I don't think someone helping a pal out with their special area is what's trashy, its definitely the SnapChat of the occasion

  3. Yeah I definitely had nair on my chest and groin while simultaneously cooking and shaving when the smoke detectors started going off. When they say don’t leave it on your skin past a certain amount of time, believe them.

  4. Same, I don’t think this is trashy at all. Perhaps posting the photo on social media could be considered trashy, but helping a friend shave her nether regions isn’t it.

  5. I’m a guy and I wish one of my friends would step up and offer to shave my asshole. I’ve lived with this poop net since I was like 16 and I’m sick of it!

  6. Just shave it. I've been doing it alone for over 10 years, without a mirror and I've never cut myself. Use a safety razor and shave outwards from your butthole.

  7. I bought a bidet on Amazon and the review that clenched it was a guy describing himself as a hirsute gentleman and stating wiping in the past was like “trying to get peanut butter put of a shag carpet”. Perhaps you should look into a luxe bidet until u find a shave buddy.

  8. Find a place that does intimate waxing. Ask for the BSC. the back-sack-and-crack. You’re welcome. 🤗

  9. Just throw your inhibitions to the wind and get waxed at a reputable salon. I'm a female without said netting but I got the whole kit and kaboodle waxed once (because, well, pricey) and it was pretty fabulous

  10. Hey Mr. itjustgotcold. I am reaching you here today to inform you respectfully, that i could’ve went my entire life without reading that. Due to your statement i am now aware of my poop net, which has caused me to become irate solely due to the fact i’ve discovered this new intriguing curiosity i am now bounded by. You MF

  11. Eat a shit tonne of razor blades. Good for cleaning out waste in your stomach and for cutting everything near your ass - such as your dingleberry farm.

  12. Ask one of your girl friends if they want to wax your asshole and I guarantee someone will be overly enthusiastic about it. We love that shit.

  13. You can shave your own asshole and cheeks. Be very slow and very careful (especially the first time) and use plenty of soap. I’ve not cut myself there. If I cut myself shaving it’s always an arm or a leg going too quickly and not even looking while I shave lol. If you pay attention you’ll be fine.

  14. So glad I’m not alone. It’s like all the hair on my body clumps around my ass and hole but god forbid I grow a nice beard

  15. My man they won’t step up but you can do plenty to remedy that yourself. Mirrors and a little stretching will do you wonders to keep that taint clean and friendly

  16. Maybe think about permanent hair removal? Even 2-3 sessions can noticeably thin the hair. You don't have to repeat it until you're full-on forever hairless but it'll help with the "net" situation. Otherwise, waxing is amazing and while not comfortable, it's not really that painful. Waxing armpits is worse than waxing ass IME.

  17. Look up manzillian sugaring. First time hurts like a bitch (and might even cause bleeding) but is a piece of cake after that. Major life improvement

  18. you gotta do what us women have to do every single week.. get in the shower and have good balance.. speard open your ass cheeks and carefully shave one side of your ass crack then move to the next. yes ive bled numerous time but nothing serious has happened and I also have massive hemmeroids.. or you could go to a waxing salon if your rich like that

  19. My wife and I decided to shave each other’s buttholes. For her, she just hates body hair in every capacity. Unfortunately for her, she married a hairy guy. I tried to groom my hairy butthole when I was in high school but it wasn’t worth the effort to groom for my invisible girlfriend as a sexless virgin. I appreciate having a bare ass, but when the hair grew back I was itchy as fuck. My wife makes me shave her butthole now which is a win-win because I get to see her naked more lol.

  20. Listen closely...Buy dude wipes...invest in shower head that has the long cord....Use it as a bidet or wtv in the shower on strongest setting

  21. You can learn to do it yourself, i just did mine last week. One hand to spread a cheek, the other to shave that side. Then switch hands.

  22. This isn't even trashy that's actually really nice to have someone so close they can do something for you instead of having to pay a professional when it's not needed if you have someone else around. A significant other can do this.

  23. Ok, there are no pictures for good reason, but one night I was the wingman of all wingman and hooked my friend and her crush up. When he was on his way over I helped her clean the apartment then she realized she needed to shave and her dominant hand was in a cast. Having worked in healthcare most my life shaving didn't phase me. I got her smooth and when he arrived I suddenly had somewhere to be. They both were appreciative.

  24. I mean, when you go get a wax some random lady is touching your cookie so why can't a bestie help you achieve a slick dolphin?

  25. Kinda trashy when you put it on snap for everyone to see. I don’t alert all my friends when I’m shaving my balls lol

  26. My BFF examined my butthole for me when I thought I had butt herpes. Turned out to be a hemorrhoid, but she was willing to get up in there either way. No photos though. Sorry.

  27. It's one to be doing this, they're best friends and obviously very close so whatever, but why tell everyone you know about it? Other people in your life don't need or want to see this. People need to get the fuck over themselves and realise they are not the main character in anyone else's story.

  28. I need a brit in my life trying to shave your balls and Gooch is a fucking task especially when you got a dick flopped in the way constantly. I hate having hair anywhere else but my pubic area

  29. For a second I thought it was whip cream and she was preparing to go down on her. Not sure if that’s trashier or not but I’d say this isn’t trashy I’ve heard of girls helping each other shave in college but taking pictures is a little trashy.

  30. Remember when people kept shit like this private and didn’t post their whole lives on the internet for the world to see? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  31. My best friend had surgery on her spine and couldn't really bend over. So when she needed her legs shaved, you bet your ass I hopped in the shower with her and got the job done!

  32. I’m sure this comes in handy during pregnancy or after a surgery…if hair removal for some reason was still an unfuckwitable priority to them

  33. I actually have a selfie of me shaving my legs in a sink with my best friend in the background shaving her area in the tub. I think posting it to social media would be trashy tho lol

  34. Y’all need to stop acting like you don’t have your friends shave your kitty. My friends and I do help each other cause it’s hard shaving it yourself. I always miss hairs lol and plus waxing hurts.

  35. I think it's trashy to have a hairy asshole when someone is kind enough to rim me. Fuck off, you small minded buffoon.

  36. I'm feeling like I may be considered trash, so many post here of normal day shit . But I consider eating Maccas and having tatts trash so each to their own I guess.

  37. The attention is honestly nice but she really didn't to let everyone know that's she's getting a shave then add proof on top lol

  38. I don’t know if it’s trashy, really weird to post. But it always blows my mind how no straight dude I know would do this but some women would. To each their own I just don’t get it

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