these tattoos

  1. It’s a fun thing you can do if you really love dick and are willing to put some effort in to organizing an event and making a party out of it.

  2. Came here to say the same damn thing. There was a huge unfortunate moment in her life 100% and never got corrected.

  3. I know this is hard for some to understand, but for many victims of abuse, behavior like this is the therapy. (Also, I am not saying this person was abused. We can't know that from this photo.) The fact is, we all have to cope with some level of trauma in our lives, which manifests in people in different ways. But almost all abuse, sexual and physical, is perpetrated by someone who was trusted (relatives, teachers, priests, etc). That can shake one's entire sense of self worth, and especially for victims of child abuse, their sense of self (i.e., robbing them of their innocence). So some victims react by getting "trashy" tattoos. Sometimes this can occur as abuse itself, which we could be seeing here as a concern some people have raised (valid consideration but again, we can't know from a photo whether we're witnessing some act of abuse itself).

  4. This HAS to be a degredation kink, there's absolutely no way, a normal woman would do this, even hopped up on something you'd still know "cum dumpster" shouldn't be TATTOOED on you

  5. Either that or this is a classic example of the everyday sex trade right in front of us. Sex trafficking can look JUST like this- she's marked for advertisement.

  6. She needs to go get fitted and taught how bras are supposed to fit. This always makes me sad because it’s not something that is readily taught but something all girls could benefit from.

  7. Yeah I was gonna say sad. This girl doesn’t seem to think very highly of herself or confuses men using her for sex as affection.

  8. They are trans and dealing with male pattern baldness. If you have both common balding pattern genes on your one x gene there is no amount of hormones/rogaine that can stop it.

  9. I get the feeling that, in 5 years when she’s hit the rockiest of rock bottoms, there’s gonna be some Pain over those tats. It’s giving me vicious “I’m mentally unwell and don’t know how to cope” energy

  10. Yeah luckily I was able to rebound after getting my hormones tested. If it’s in curable look into wigs to help ease into it. That’s what helped me. Guys will tell you it’s the same but it’s not…. People equate bald women to illness. Not to mention women’s beauty standard of hair in society. I get it. It sucks and society shows it’s ugly head no matter what people say about positivity

  11. Have you tried microneedling? It has been shown to have some success and it is one of those lesser known treatments.

  12. I wanna say shes probably wondering why no one wants to be with her but truth be told shes probably got at least 8 absolute creatures trying to get at it at all times.

  13. Aren’t these known signs of human trafficking?? The post is sad enough, but the comments about this poor woman. Just wow.

  14. Unfortunately in the minority here, but I don't think these are bad tattoos. Maybe not the best in taste, but the artwork is pretty decent! It's a shame how much reddit users get off on degrading people they don't know.

  15. The tattoo artist should have been a lot more responsible and refused to participate in this! clearly the lady needs help

  16. I really am wondering about that tattoo artist... I know a job is a job and they may need the customer/money, but damn.

  17. Transgender MTF often say they feel accepted when they're called "sluts" and "whores." They find the negativity often associated with women validates their identity. I think it's deranged and misogynistic. But you can't think that, or you get banned.

  18. Is it wrong that I want to point her to a sub about finding bras that actually fit better because that stretch is painful to witness. It has to be uncomfortable

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