russia drafts people, including AMAB trans people who couldn't change their documents. Army here is as bad as jail. I am in danger

  1. No they send them supplies. Rusted guns and rusted bullets with no food and water. Inhumane is a fraction of what I would call it

  2. They are mostly lacking just modern uniform (likely see older uniform/simplified uniform) and body armour. So they still have supplies

  3. hello, I am so sorry this is happening to you. try to either flee to Georgia, and if that doesn't work, then if you are drafted the safest thing to do is call the Ukranian hotline for Russian deserters and they will guide you on where to go and they will meet you and treat you humanely. they will pay you for any arms you give.

  4. also you can flee to either Kazakhstan or Mongolia if you are close. Kazakhstan allows for a 90 day visa relatively quickly and after that passes you can hide there until it blows over.

  5. EN: The “I want to live” project is designed to help Russian servicemen safely surrender to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Russians are guaranteed maintenance in accordance with the norms of the Geneva Conventions. Instead, Ukraine needs to replenish the exchange fund in order to return its defenders home.

  6. If you get drafted, try to desert the army. Somebody else said something about Ukrainian hotline for Russian deserters and go call that, too. Otherwise, I wish you much luck and hope you get outta there

  7. Želenský said he'd welcome russian defectors and wouldn't mention you were captured or something like that, just let Ukraine capture you then get out asap to Europe somewhere, tell all the sisters to do that and just get away

  8. Best to leave now, though, before one is drafted. Second best is to not turn up at the mobilization office in case one does get drafted, but to hide.

  9. Get out asap. Pack up your stuff, take your documents, some money, go to Georgia, Kazakhstan or Mongolia if you can't get a ticket for an international flight.

  10. We're rooting for you hon. Make sure to practice good data security and get this account deleted if there's any chance the National Guard/other commissars will come looking. You want to destroy your phone if they try to confiscate it, if you do need to, make sure to destroy the SIM card.

  11. i;d figure which border is closest to me and leave tonight or tomorrow as the borders might close very soon (there was discussion about closing them in two days, but idk if they'll do that).

  12. Желаю удачи. Бегите как сможете, хоть пешком. Если потребуется, свяжитесь с фондом «Сфера» и российской ЛГБТ-сетью, они продолжают работать подпольно. Обязательно держите при себе контакты ОВД-инфо. НИ ПРИ КАКИХ ОБСТОЯТЕЛЬСТВАХ НЕ ИДИТЕ В ВОЕНКОМАТ!!! Оно и так понятно, но все равно. Надеюсь, у вас всё будет хорошо 🙏

  13. I can't imagine the pressure and doom you must be feeling. To say "I wish you luck" and "I'm sending thoughts & prayers" just seem so inadequate. I do those things. I just wish I could do more, with actual effect.

  14. Thats terrible. Im not an expert with drafting things but I think you can get away with getting an injury that makes someone useless in a firefight like a broken leg or a broken arm.

  15. good luck from scotland, if you need tips on escaping, run for georgia, azerbajan, kazakhstan, or the nordics. do not look back on russia. run for your life like there is a guy running at you with a knife, a steak pie and can run quicker than the chevy at 3am.

  16. Please do whatever you have to to get out of there before they can draft you. Keeping you and all anti-war Russians in my thoughts. I am so sorry this is happening. Stay strong, sister.

  17. If you have any experience with communications bring that up and if you don't try and make it seem like you do. This way with some luck you should be put in to an Intelligence or comms unit behind the frontline. And if you have any other skillsets that can keep you off the front bring those up as well.

  18. If you absolutely cannot escape you can try and contact the Ukraine hotline to surrender, it could get you out, though based of the crimes on both sides of this conflict it probably would be a better idea to flee to either Finland or any of the Baltic countries if you can, would go to Poland, might end up in a just as bad situation with the LGBT rights

  19. if nothing else is an option you should be able to make yourself physically unfit for combat, again please as last resort and do it safely but remember that it is an option

  20. I don’t know how I can help, but what I can do is wish you the best of luck and hope you get out of there, best of luck sister.

  21. I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this, things have really gone to hell. My heart goes out to you in these trying times, especially in this war that none of us asked for (I have family still in both countries, even though I myself am in the US). It just feels like the whole thing has added insult to injury with the government's own sentiment about LGBTQ+ issues - worse yet with all the hoops to have to jump through.

  22. Absolutely heartbreaking. I dont have anything to say no one else hasnt already said but I sincerely wish you the best of luck

  23. Either get out or away before you get drafted, seek asylum or enter a country you have a visa-free agreement with still (turkey, georgia, etc.) or surrender at first oppurtunity if you do get drafted. Zelensky has publically stated any russian defectors would be treated with dignity and wouldn’t be sent back unless they wanted too (at least for the duration of the war i assume)

  24. EN: The “I want to live” project is designed to help Russian servicemen safely surrender to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Russians are guaranteed maintenance in accordance with the norms of the Geneva Conventions. Instead, Ukraine needs to replenish the exchange fund in order to return its defenders home.

  25. I doubt I can change my documents that easily. I am stuck far far away from Moscow and other good cities, finding required commission here is impossible and I won't get the required diagnosis otherwise... And thus I can't change my docs.

  26. Свяжись с Центром Т, они оказывают поддержку всем транс*персонам (не только из Москвы и СПб, у них есть активисты во многих городах). Они могут помочь в плане предоставления информации, юридической и психологической помощи, по вопросам получения справок/прохождения комиссии или иммиграции, могут найти людей на временную передержку (например, если захочешь поехать в другой город для комиссии или чтобы военкомат по прописке не нашёл). Удачи, будь осторожна ❤️

  27. the problem is the draft system isn't looking for soldiers, it's looking for a high headcount in the papers. as soon as those who've been drafted leave for the frontline noone in the entire military chain of command gives a shit what happens to them.

  28. If you injure yourself like cripplingly , do alot of narcotics, or become overweight overnight alot of the army standards won't stand for it but that's just in the US but if they're drafting trans they desperately need soldiers I mean plus side cute guys everywhere downside PTSD but I'd recommend getting out or like disappearing to a location no one not even your family or friends would think to look that or fake your death

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