How do you find a name you like?

  1. I just went over a lonnngggg list.... Whenever I found one I like I imagined how it will be when people call me by that, and I tried saying "good night " to myself before sleeping, to see how it feels...

  2. I've been doing that too with no luck, the moment someone else calls me by a name I feel really uncomfortable and wrong. With me I don't feel anything, just kind of, "this is definitely something I said," or, "oh no that's not right that's a bad feeling."

  3. Hey there! My name is Charlie :) I chose Charlie because of a few reasons: -It's gender neutral -I'm Autistic and one of my special interests is King Charles II -(This is a long one) Since I'm afab I had it drilled in my head from a young age that I was going to have kids no matter what, so I would think of names. I liked Charlie for the aforementioned reasons. As I grew older I realized I never planned on having children, but I would hate for the name to go to waste so I became Charlie!

  4. I have heard a lot of interests from autistic individuals, but you're the first to have an interest in Charles II. My fiancé is autistic (originally called Asperger's) and his main interest is war throughout history, specifically the French Revolution and WWI, and trains. King Charles II is the king during the Restoration period, right?

  5. When my Wife first came out to me ( cis f ) we played around with names to see what fit and I suggested Miriam, from our favourite show The Marvellous Mrs Maisle. It fit perfectly. She is now legally Miriam, Mim or Mimi for short. It means my beloved in Hebrew and she suits it so perfectly. ❤

  6. I know you can be nameless with friends and family, and you can just use your legal name or even just a letter for paperwork and legal stuff. Like A. can be your legal first name, and that's that. The rest of the people around you can just not use a name for you though so you'll be truly nameless.

  7. I got mine from a Star Trek alien, and later found out it was a Jewish name that recently broke into widespread use. I thought the alien was cute, the name was cute, and it sounded good with my middle and last name. Now that I know about Naomi and Ruth, I like the name even more!

  8. I'm glad you found your name! I like a lot of names, but the moment I try to use them I feel not good at all. It's like the name just isn't fitted for me in a sense, like an shoe in the wrong size kinda.

  9. The first two names I picked were Alex and Nathan. After that it was a bunch of weird names I created and such. I think Over 10 or about 10 names. I remember that no one really called me nathan so I wanted to try it again and boom I loved it XD. Before when I chose Alex and Nathan I made a list of names I’d consider and took some off as time went on. Those stuck out to me at the time.

  10. I got lucky. Years ago when my drinking was really bad I would basically put on headphones and pass out listening to music, and there was a song that I really liked, called Gloria. I didn't know what it was about but yeah I've been sober about as long as I've known for sure that I'm trans, and I've sort of used it as a reminder of my victory. Also it's the default name for the girl character in generation eight of Pokémon

  11. so before I knew I was trans I got recommended this video of 50 enby names and I investigated for 'cis reasons' and found a name I really liked

  12. I battled this for a long time. Finally took both of my great grandmothers first names and used one for my first, the other for my middle. Go by a short version of my middle, Stella.

  13. That's a good idea! My grandparents don't really have names I'd want to be called myself, but I know any kid I have in the future is being named after my Poppop, Murdoch.

  14. I don't really have a comfort character or a kintype or anything like that :/ I just kind of can't relate much to anything or anyone as a person so, never really felt those comfort feelings either

  15. I started using a name online and people just shortened it. From lunala (yes, a pokemon, I was 7 more or less) to Luna (moon in spanish) and I guess I just liked it so.. I started calling myself Luna. Then I searched for some moon gods and I found Selene, the Greek god. I liked it a lot and I guess it just stayed like that. (Sorry for my bad english, I'm from spain)

  16. Ngl, my name came from a name/nickname someone used to call me that became, and still is, very important to me. I don’t connect with any other possible name (as far as I know) which really freaking sucks. Wishing you luck.

  17. Tbh. I found one within 3 options I gave myself Isabella, Abigail/Abby, Kira, Kira I actually got from a show I liked and I stuck with it. I find the name very pretty. It might take you a while. But maybe try to have someone use it on you. I don’t know, that’s what helped me. My friend used the names in sentences. And Kira just sounded the best.

  18. Yeah my friends and fiancé have used these names on me and I ended up feeling really uncomfortable with them all in the end. The only one I liked for years I don't feel good with too now 😢 no one could pronounce it right and it ruined it for me.

  19. Honestly I have a bunch of names that I go by. I just like think of names and are like “yep this sounds good” and add it to my list lol. My main name is Ray though since I felt the most comfortable. It’s from that kid from TPN and I just stole his name. I just like how it sounded and it is gender neutral (I chose it while I identified as non-binary). Used it for two years and it’s just here with me now lmao. My other names are Leo/Leon, Taiyou, Rowan, and Kliff 😭 Yeah I’m indecisive so I just literally go by all these names.

  20. I knew what my parents would have named me had I been born cis female. So the first name was easy and the feminine version of my given name.

  21. That sounds like a lovely name! I wasn't really planned, so my parents just kind of found out what my sex would be, thought up one name, and that's it :/ so I don't really have anything myself to go off of.

  22. In my case, I named myself after a character from mythology I like. The name "Cassandra" is also thematically appropriate because I feel like I could've figured out I was trans a lot earlier if I'd read the signs.

  23. The only name I like is actually from a myth, but it's not able to be said right at all where I live, and people constantly saying it wrong (I have not once heard it said properly, I'm talking ever, even after me correcting them) made me feel bad and gross using it. It's my pagan name, but no one can say it so I just can't use it in my life.

  24. Do you like geography at all? I'm named after a river, for instance. And the great thing about geographical features is that every region has something.

  25. I... don't know anything about geography Dx my brain doesn't really understand that stuff well, it's just bumps and dents on a map to me. I can tell you about history and mythology and art and science, but maps and where things are? I'll be lucky if I can tell you the map is made of paper lol

  26. Strangely I basically follow the same rules as you do. I want a name that sounds like it could be given to me naturally, one that's not tied to anything biblically/demonic, and I can't choose a name of a friend, celebrity, living family member, and so on.

  27. I checked baby namer sites, found names that matched my family background, and tried some out. Though it did take a while to really settle on one, and it didn't really start to feel like "mine" until I had been using it socially for a while.

  28. I did all of those things too, and I still feel horrible being called by anything. Now nobody really calls me by a name because I changed it so many times and it always ends up with me hating the name. Same with pronouns too and labels. I legitimately don't know what else I can do at this point.

  29. There's no such thing as the right name. It's just a noise people will make to get your attention. Find one you hate less than most of the others, one that preferably makes things a little less socially hard for you if it's not a huge preference thing for you (I mean, if you really want to be called something that's not normally a name, that's valid and okay, but if it's not worth it to you, no reason to bring it onto you socially). I'm going with something that's close to my original so that it's not a huge change, and it's also gender neutral.

  30. I have this program on my computer that generates random identities. I went through all the first names (~1000), put the ones I liked in a list and and chose a random name from that list.

  31. This may sound silly, but I watched Seinfeld. I loved Elaine growing up, she was my favorite character. Now she's my namesake aha

  32. I asked my mom why she chose my name and what it ment. Then I went to sites that explain the meaning of your name, and some show a list with names that have the same meaning. So I chose a name from that list that both me and my mom really liked :)

  33. i just changed my name to a form in my language that implies the existence of a bigger version of my name so basically my name is the same but sounds cuter so female my dead name was teun my name is teuntje i kinda feel like a bella though but idk maybe something to worry about in the future

  34. my first name i got from a gender neutral name list, charlie! at the time i didnt really identify as trans and i just wanted a gender neutral name and charlie was at the top of the list my second and current name, kaiso, i got from a trans character from a visual novel that i related to alot so yeah! maybe finding a name from a character or a story you can relate to can help with finding a name!

  35. For me it was a character I connected to a lot and gave me gender envy, Spider-Gwen. I wanted to be her so screw it I'm Gwen now.

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