What are some embarrassing or funny track and field stories y’all have?

  1. my sophomore year of college i was in the 110h and my teammate was in the lane directly beside me. he smoked us all, but what was great was that after he finished our coach pointed out that he had ripped his spandex going over the first hurdle and ran the whole rest of race with his nuts hanging out and still hadn’t noticed😂

  2. Was watching the JV Boys 4x100m race during a dual meet. The 1st leg of the school that we were competing against forgot the baton on the ground when the gun went off. I was dying when the kid took off for like 5 steps before realizing he forgot the baton 💀

  3. My team ran a thrower’s 4x1 at a smaller meet and our leadoff also managed to forget the baton on the ground. I was still laughing about it when I was lining up for the 4x4 20 min later.

  4. This reminds me of the time I basically let out a little fart on each of the final steps of my king jump approach followed by a blaster on the take-off.

  5. I was always a workout warrior in high school and one week us sprinters had a super hard workout (some form of broken 400s) and I had been mentally preparing myself all week to the point that I was actually looking forward to it. Problem is, on the day of I’d had a stomach bug / bad cold bothering me for a couple days. But being the warrior I am I still wanted to practice and went after my first rep way too hard (even if I hadn’t been sick). My coach was sitting there thinking I was about to have a great practice, but I immediately remedied that idea by DNFing the second of three reps and going straight to a garbage can feeling super nauseous. When he asked me if I wanted to try running the third rep I told him to wait a minute, grabbed my water bottle, downed a half liter of water as fast as I could, immediately projectile vomited the contents of my stomach, and then turned to him and said “yep, feeling better now.” The freshmen didn’t know whether to fear or respect me after that.

  6. I ran over half of my first 800m in lane 3. I was so nervous I confused 50 with 500 and didn't merge into lane 1 until after my first lap

  7. Practice was right after school and I was STARVING. So I told myself “It’s better to have something rather than nothing in your stomach.” So I drove to Burger King and they had a great special like $1 for a burger. I was a broke high school student so that was a steal! I get to practice and what do you know… we’re running 400s. I obviously thew up and my coach said “What did you eat?!” I said in absolute misery “a burgerrrrrr 😩!” She said “Now you know you’re not supposed to eat that. I’m gonna call you the Hamburglar from now on!” I have ran into her several times over the years. I’ll be at the movies or grocery store and I’ll hear “Hamburglar!” I’m in my 30s and I’m still known as the Hamburglar.

  8. There was this one time at a meet where I was preparing for a relay, it was either the 4x1 or 4x2. Everyone beginning the race was called to be at the start and we were standing there for about 5 minutes. To keep myself energized I started doing leg swings, I was switching between legs and I realized that my right leg was going higher than my left. Noticing this, I wanted to test out if I could swing my left leg as high as my right so I do and I end up swinging my left leg so hard that it makes me slip and I land flat on my back in front of all the other guys starting the race with me. As I get up, one of the dudes next to me pats me on the back and says “It’s okay man, nobody saw.” Even though I knew that was a total lie, everybody saw.

  9. I was in a high jump competition one time and one of the jumpers hit his head into the pole thats holding the pole (if its the right word)

  10. my sophomore year one of my friends tried out javelin at an exhibition match with a few other local schools. he somehow threw it behind him, got negative yards, and was never asked to come back and try again lol

  11. Guy in my high school back in the late 80’s pulls of his sweats to get ready for his 400 only to realize.he forgot to put shorts on! So being the great friends/teammates that we are, we quickly got him a pair of shorts and formed a circle around him so he could change on the infield. As soon as he took his sweats off inside this circle, we all ran away leaving him standing there in his underwear.

  12. Last 4x400m before districts. It was our school vs the best school in the district and I was running 4th leg. My turn to run comes around and we are in second by about 50m. I shoot out pretty fast and pass the guy on the back straight. I'm coming around the turn and for some reason look BEHIND ME. This small mistake led to him beating me by 0.1 seconds. 199% my fault and could have been easily avoided.

  13. We used to have this one particular hill in a neighborhood that wasn't far from the track that our coach called "Champion"hill. It was was like 400 meters straight uphill. So we start with a jog over to the hill and there are some guys moving who had a cooler of beer and they joke and ask if we want one. My best friend and I take them up on it because we thought we were funny. We had no clue that our coach was watching and he went off, he said we were running the hill until we both threw up. Now this punishment is pretty shitty but reasonable until I learned my best friend was like Jackie Moon and couldn't throw up. He never threw up but I think we hold the record for most completions of champion hill.

  14. At regionals my junior year, there was a violent little tempest right at the beginning of the meet and everyone had to take shelter in the school (which had smartly been prepared for ahead of time). Each team had their own classroom and ours turned into a full dance party with all the classic dance songs and almost the entire men's and women's teams joining in.

  15. my sophomore year of track in hs my scarf fell off my head during the 110m hurdles n i didn’t realize until half way when i felt wind on my ears ,i continued to run tho idk why LMAOO my friend also has it on video and senior year of track my scarf fell off again during the 4x1 i also continued to run , handed her the baton n hid behind high jumps matt LMFOAOA

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