RCMP looks to speak with anyone harassed by alleged Chinese 'police service stations' in Toronto area | CBC News

  1. RCMP needs to offer protection and support for those that come forward. They aren’t going to risk their lives unless they know they will be taken care of.

  2. It's not their lives that they're worried about -- it's the lives/freedom of the family they have back in China. Generally, these "police" (ie, Chinese government spooks) make contact with their intended target in Canada and tell them that if they don't go along with their demands, the target's family back in China will be detained or harmed in some way (in many cases, the target's parents or siblings will have already been arrested and brought to a police station in order to be made to beg on a video call for their relative to come back to China to face the allegations against them), and in that regard, the RCMP can't protect them because they can't do squat about what happens in China.

  3. What is even the evidence that these police stations exist in the first place? Genuinely asking. I thought it was just from a leaked CSIS memo and I have no idea why we would believe those guys at face value. They're literally spies, their job is to lie.

  4. One thing that I know about the ordinary Chinese folks, they DONOT trust the police! Saying that, good luck on having someone come forward. But also, this has to do with Chinese government. And there is no way any Chinese person would come forward. Unless the RCMP try to use the Falun Gong religious group. Understand the Chinese Government has a very long reach, and it’s World wide..

  5. It's complicated because it skirts the law. As far as I understand it, they're not operating as "police", they're operating as a mafia: It would be a shame if your grandmother back in China was arrested for funnelling money (i.e., university tuition, rent) to a capitalist agitator.

  6. Seems like the way it was reported, like many, many crime stories in Canada, after it was picked up, or exposed through social media. So now it’s under investigation but this investigation will likely be pretty much useless.

  7. How about fuck China? CSIS should have been on this like butter on toast. Just walk right in and set up your illegal interogation centers for Canadian citizens and Canada, as usual, does virtually nothing. I would be very surprised if they set these up in the USA. They wouldnt tolerate this remote policing bullshit.

  8. Lol I love when people just broadcast to the world that they didn't bother to read the article and instead spent as much fime if not more crafting a spicy comment.

  9. To be fair CSIS and RCMP were on this over twenty years ago when they did an investigation called project sidewinder. After the results of that investigation was disclosed everything changed.

  10. No. This is literally foreign interference, we do not need Chinese police stations in Canada. Stop making excuses for authoritarian/communist overreach.

  11. Ya I get pretty pumped for the hard-nosed and straight-shot reporting from the greats like dAnRather77 and DubCronkite69

  12. If this really exists, they are really arrogant beings. If we dare to leave the fact that they are illegally expanding their territory in other countries, more serious things may happen in the future.

  13. Canada's not perfect by any stretch, but unlike those Chinese Communist Party Pigs there is at least complaint mechanisms for Canadian police.

  14. Why are these police station allowed to be established. Will any other free country have some other country's police on their land diminishing the security and sovereignty of the country.

  15. Ah yes, so Justin can report right back to them who was complaining and suddenly, they “needed to go back to China of their own free will”……

  16. If the RCMP come up with nothing, it will be pretty obvious who is indirectly paying their bills. We may not be their primary customer.

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