‘Trust me’ not to abuse unprecedented new powers, John Tory tells Torontonians

  1. Trust him? After he lobbied the province in secret for these powers behind council and the public's backs? What else is he secretly working on that he can ram through now

  2. This is the thing right here. He spent an entire election campaign where behind closed doors, out of the public eye, he was lobbying the province to give him extraordinary powers - far beyond the "strong mayor" powers that were being contemplated, all the while saying nothing about it to the public as he asked for their vote.

  3. It’s funny because I actually do think that he won’t use the powers much. Because it’s John Tory, he barely does anything at all.

  4. And the next mayor to get in can throw these powers around as they like, that concerns me far more than the immediate. The change doesn't go away when we change mayors.

  5. “Trust me” not to abuse new unprecedented powers to override the will of a majority of city councillors, Mayor John Tory told Torontonians on Thursday.

  6. John Tory figured the council candidates he threw resources behind would pick up those seats. But those candidates mostly crashed out, and rather than working with new councillors the public selected, he has decided to be a dictator.

  7. Our entire country was caught with its pants down, and had major service outages across the public sector as a result of our overreliance on private enterprise infra.

  8. Bullshit Tory…you got a woodie when you found out your conservative buddy KING FORD.. made the statement… Now your nose is starting to grow like Pinocchio..

  9. Oh ok. So a city mayor being paid 100,000 a year as a board member of a near monopoly media company is not abuse of power? Eff off with that noise.

  10. How the hell did this sub convince itself that this relatively innocuous mayor was some kind of great villain, and that everything that goes wrong in this city is solely his fault?

  11. ……….. said every dictator just before they solidified their grip of control. Democratic systems are somewhat clumsy, slow and challenging, but it also allows the collective to move forward however carefully and with majority consensus.

  12. We get what we earn, and based on our voting history we deserve only the most vile, corrupt politicians to lead us into our certain doom!…if you keep doing what you’re doing, you will keep getting what you’re getting…

  13. I don't trust Tory at all. That's what is frightening. He has already shown he does what he wants then cries he had nothing to do with it. He's a liar. He's going to wield his power like it's a lightsaber slicing through everything.

  14. If the mayor is able to create more triplexes and duplexes I am all for this over ride. There are too many people in communities that have been able to say no to more affordable housing, because it will lower the value of their huge house. I work for TTC transit and some neighbourhoods are actually upset because Durham transit ends up in Scarborough. It’s ridiculous. This is a big city.

  15. He's going to need those powers to shove all the coming unpalatable stuff down people's throats. From property tax increases to service cuts, this city is about to get a lesson in financial reckoning and he's going to be the one on the hook for it all.

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