The dispute between Ontario's government and education workers, explained | CBC News

  1. Way to go Dougie - you angered a ton of people, wasted government time and money drafting legislation that probably would have been successfully challenged in court, and in the end provided another example of how you're not only terrible at making poorly-considered snap decisions but also lack the conviction to see them through. If any good came out of this it's that you demonstrated that the notwithstanding clause is bad for democracy in the wrong hands; with any luck you hopefully weakened your chances for re-election

  2. This piece is missing some analysis on how the repeal of Bill 28 changes each party's leverage during the negotiations, and subsequently underplays why this has been a major victory for CUPE.

  3. I realize the news isn't reliable. But, I read a headline yesterday that said Ford would rescind 28 AND have that clause permanently removed. I've yet to read that anywhere else. Has he actually said he would remove that clause permanently?!

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