Party’s over: Toronto's weather forecast shows 'snow showers' & flurries

  1. I like the warm weather when outside, but I have to say that as someone who lives high up in a Toronto condo and the AC (ability to regulate indoor air) was shut off by the condo board in like September, the last few weeks of unseasonably warm weather has made it INSUFFERABLE to try to sleep.

  2. YES, I am in the same boat rn and am looking forward to colder temps for this exact reason. We keep the windows open 24/7 but it just doesn’t make a difference with no airflow. Cant stand sleeping when it’s 24C+

  3. My place faces south and west and I've been roasting for the last month with the building AC turned off. There's been zero airflow through the tiny windows and there's only so much relief from a fan blowing the hot air around. It's typically 25-32 degrees until late at night. Definitely buying a portable AC unit for the coming sunny winter days.

  4. Same here. I have not used the heat at all ever since it was turned on because it has not been cold enough. But I could have used the AC multiple times in the last 5 weeks that my AC has been off.

  5. I am in the exact same boat. It's either keep the balcony door open and get woken up by emergency sirens, impatient drivers or construction noises or keep it closed and cook.

  6. To beat the winter heat in our condo, we got a portable air conditioner that vents out the window. All utilities are included in the condo fees, so it's totally worth it.

  7. Friend of mine had her unit go up to 28.5c on the thermostat a week or two ago. The next day condo management sent out an notice turning on cooling again until further notice.

  8. Doesn't this happen every year? Some snow in November and then there a huge rush to get snowtires on, a not so white Christmas, then a bunch of snow in January and February for a few weeks, then the smell of rotting garbage underneath the melting snow come March? Generally speaking of course.

  9. Gimme all the snow! Blanket the city, shut down the streets. Give me the perfect excuse to say fuck you work and go play in the snow and smoke a joint.

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