Canadian bill would fine workers $4,000 for each day they strike | Canada

  1. Government should not be able topick & choose among human rights. It is the role of a democratic government in a civil society to defend all human rights. Labour rights are a critical component of human rights helping to protect & promote the social and economic well-being.

  2. Strictly speaking I think it's the role of our courts to defend our rights. That's why this is particularly bad, it bypasses those protections. If Ford wants to argue this is constitutional he should pass the legislation normally and let the courts decide if he's allowed to do this.

  3. I’m a nurse in Ontario. There is already so much anger towards Ford, especially due to Bill 124 which has demoralized our profession. I feel for the education workers. Ford has destroyed healthcare and education. The two most important services we have.

  4. It is what happens when a leader barely got any education himself and yet, somehow he gets to lead and make these big decisions that he has no intelligence to make.

  5. “The government acknowledges its bill breaches the country’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Human Rights Code, but says its priority is averting a strike.”

  6. They don’t. They just know that the only thing that really matters to voters is what happens in the year or so leading up to an election. They’ll toss out another quick tax cut before the next election and likely the average voter will likely fall back to apathy.

  7. It's gutchurning to think he could potentially reach into my tiny savings I've spent years building up, clean it out in a few days, and toss it along to his private sector buddies on his way out of office.

  8. I realize that this is an international News org so they are going to generalize the area a bit since I doubt most people know in europe what an Ontario is.

  9. Unfortunately it seems like too many people buy into the myth of meritocracy and lack class-consciousness. Until that changes, I don't see it happening anytime soon. The right wing propaganda machine is just too damn strong.

  10. If anything, this will just make them change and adapt their tactics so they can still crush workers rights but do it without facing as much criticism

  11. This is from the Ontario provincial government, not the Canadian federal government, for whose who might not know due to this misleading headline.

  12. Democracy is a fragile and momentary thing, it is never to be assumed to be sustained or permanent - this is the WORST attack on our rights and freedoms I have ever witnessed. If we allow this to occur without massive pushback, we will lose the very thing that makes our rule of law just and applicable.

  13. I don't think these Conservatives care about good PR anymore. The wooing stage is over. They're all planning on landing in cushy gigs (in newly privatized industries or funded by covid money, CUPE fines, etc), guaranteed. His conservative handlers will get every penny they can squeeze out of us if we don't stop this ball rolling.

  14. It takes a lot to look bad to the British when they have their own shambling clown show of Tories to deal with.

  15. Let's pass a law that says Doug Ford has to pay any fines issued under the use of the NotWithStanding Clause, and then use the NWC to force him to pay them. We can pass it next election, but let's commit to it now. His business, properties, investments, any other assets, and recently paid wages, should also be subject to forfeiture to pay all of these fines his government is issuing on legally striking workers.

  16. I hope this is the final straw for Ontariens. We need to get on the streets and protest everything going on. Open for business? Shut it the fuck down. Fuck you Ford, you and your cronies.

  17. Teachers, nurses and hospital workers should be very worried about this. Basically no arbitration anymore, don’t come to an agreement? Too bad. There is no way that the Ford government won’t do the same the next time this comes up with any of those groups.

  18. I hope this is the final straw for Ontariens. We need to get on the streets and protest everything going on. Open for business? Shut it the fuck down. Fuck you Ford, you and your cronies.

  19. Unfortunately there are always those who will accept fascism with open arms. We must show we are stronger and more numerous than them.

  20. If they actually applied it the union would go bankrupt pretty fast, though it's not clear that they would.

  21. How will they afford to buy school supplies for the children if you fine them. Also why are they buying the supplies in the first place. If they attack teachers. Don't expect there to be a reliable education system.

  22. I went to their website and corrected the headline. It should read a Conservative bill. They know what that’s all about over in Great Britain.

  23. The section below that states that each day of striking constitutes a separate offense, so up to $4,000 per day. But you get points from me for being the only person out of 200 comments to note the "not more than" part, which means the fine could be 5 cents per day or $4,000 per day. And whatever the fine is they will most certainly challenge it in court and a judge will have the discretion to amend the fine as they see fit, which I highly suspect most if not all judges will reduce the fines to a notional amount as a middle finger to Doug Ford for trying to do an end run around the judicial branch of government.

  24. I feel like the only person with this opinion but the CUPE original demands were unreasonable? Like 9% more money annually and double time for overtime? I don’t know any employer who would agree to that. Also it’s taxpayer money it’s a limited pool to draw from. TBH education sector unions over use their privilege to strike and I say privilege because masses of us non-union employees don’t have the luxury to make demands, not show up to work and still get paid. I’m not saying they shouldn’t be allowed to strike but it should be an ultimate last resort and it’s not used that way, to the detriment of students and parents. And following a pandemic? Unions have an angle too it’s not all about the school workers

  25. Well when you haven’t gotten a raise and your boss gives him and his goons 10.7% then refuses to negotiate sure it seems high but that’s why negotiations work….

  26. So why was the cabinet able to get 10-40% raises on their six figure salaries that also have housing and travel allowances?

  27. They’ve been capped at 1% raises for three years. After the recent years of inflation they absolutely deserve it, don’t they?

  28. They've gotten like 4% over the last 5 years or something. Their ask isn't even going to keep up with current inflation.

  29. how could that possible be enforced? in what world does ontario have enough assets and willing individuals to make sure these charges are paid?

  30. I mean the schools are closed how do they know if the workers are striking, this might end in a general strike in which case the ford government is in no position to fine anyone.

  31. Get out and support them, this is fighting for your children's future rights as well. Do you want this for them? Stop giving the next generation a shit ton of problems.

  32. Nah, they should quit and search for jobs at the private schools everyone's children will have to attend when the public schools shut down and Doug can privatize the system like he wants.

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