Is it time Toronto flipped the script on our traffic and housing woes?

  1. And this is why Toronto won’t improve even in 30 years. Your best bet is doing what NotJustBikes did and move to Europe. Or move to US, at least you get paid more and housing is cheaper

  2. The time to flip it was last week in the election and less than 30% of people decided it was important enough to vote in it

  3. Also can the city just get rid of street parking on arterial roads? It's such an inefficient use of public space, so many times an entire road is held up, bikes are forced into traffic, all so a handful of people can have convenient parking? It's insane.

  4. Our biggest problem as a city is the poor design. There's basically one place to go, near Union Station. It's the only place that GO trains go to. Most offices are in that area. Skydome, ACC, etc are here.

  5. Get me a subway to the burbs (each and every burb out there too, mind you) and I’m in, if not, how in the world are you gonna shuttle 1,000,000 commuters in and out of the city every day?

  6. You better have some better and cheaper housing before making people too uncomfortable so they can live near where they work. No one is cycling in from Scarborough or Brampton.

  7. Even if those drivers are born and raised here? And their jobs are driving YOUR goods and services? You know you’ll end up paying for it, right?

  8. I really want Toronto proper to work towards becoming a more liveable, walkable city, the way Amsterdam or other European cities are. Part of the issue is that people are very resistive to change and want to keep driving their cars. I also believe that it is human nature to not want nice things, you know? Steve Jobs of Apple once said "People don't know what they want until you show it to them". He was talking about touch screen phones at the time and look at what happened since.

  9. So then I go to a store to buy something big and heavy, and I'm supposed to try to get it home on the TTC and carry instead of Uber.

  10. I think people using the DVP and Gardner to community downtown wouldent be happy about this and it would put way to much stress on out ttc which is well not in the best shape

  11. I imagine if you make downtown living more attractive it will have the opposite intended effect on housing. It’s amazing how people can’t connect the dots: housing was cheaper in Toronto 30 years ago because the city was dusty, neglected and played second fiddle to Montreal. Housing is expensive here because people want to live here. I wonder what making it more liveable will do to the housing market?!

  12. Well, no. Housing was cheaper 30 years ago because the unemployment rate was 12%. Toronto hasn't been an economic second fiddle to Montréal for 50 years.

  13. The Star is such a joke. This sub would not suffer if posting article links for the Sun/Star/Post/globe/BlogTO was a ban-worthy offence.

  14. I have to drive downtown every day for work and what a ridiculous idea. Making driving more inconvenient without making other options more convenient is insanity.

  15. Fewer cars on the road mean buses and streetcars move faster, plus more ticket fare to spend on improvements. More government investment is needed too of course.

  16. Toronto has the same issues as any other major cities. We should leave toronto alone and make a new city, design it from scratch optimally. Stop trying to squeeze water from a stone. Leave toronto alone and focus on new cities

  17. Cars bring hundreds of mil to toronto in traffic and parking tickets alone they aren't going anywhere.

  18. it's actually a bit under $100m/year. that can be replaced by things like food permits if there are streets completely shut to automotive traffic.

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