witnessed a car crash at lakeshore and Rees today. CRV ran red light and t-boned a Rolls Royce. Driver of the CRV fled after the crash without anyone noticing.

  1. Could also be stolen car? So many hit-and-run and fleeing lately. These past two weeks, so many car crashes. What is going on?

  2. Maybe it was a stolen vehicle or he has a warrant for his arrest or he’s going to claim the vehicle stolen so he doesn’t get his insurance jacked up

  3. The fact that fleeing the scene of a crash carries less of a punishment than drunk driving is fucking stupid, thanks MADD, now drunk drivers can get into a second accident after fleeing the first.

  4. Insurance never loses money, it all goes from the pockets of everyone in that postal code. 20$ each

  5. If the CRV driver was at fault, the Rolls Royce’s insurer will actually pay for the property damage with a liability only or with a comprehensive policy. That’s how Ontario’s “no fault” system for vehicle damage claims works.

  6. In Ontario for something like this it’ll be the rolls Royce company paying it out for the car and injuries. Alberta also recently switched to dcpd rules. Tort law places like the territories, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, the rolls Royce’s company would subrogate the crv company for the repairs or the car totally. Everything’s fine for the crv driver if they have collision, but if there’s criminal charges like drunk driving they wouldn’t be covered for the car and also get charges

  7. It was a bit chaotic after the crash. There was a family with 2 children in the Rolls and a lot of the attention was on them because the driver door couldn't open and there was a lot of leaking fluids. To make matters worse, lakeshore traffic behind them wasn't having it and cars kept driving through the intersection over wreckage. Those cars then had to stop, too, from dragging trapped pieces of the cars under them

  8. Get out of the car and dissaper i to the crowd. Then probably report it as stolen. Or get back after he sobers up and cant be charged with DUI

  9. Someone on a local Facebook group for that area reported the exact same looking CRV stolen last night. Might be why they fled.

  10. ...which clears the vehicle owner of any liability, which his insurance might not cover given the assload of material damage and physical injuries in the Rolls.

  11. I unfortunately didn't get a look at them because all the air bags that went off were blocking my view through the suv

  12. Reminds me of a 4pm traffic report I heard on the CBC radio years ago, "...and you might want to avoid the intersection of Bay and Wellington where a driver has just wrapped his 1954 Rolls Royce around a telephone pole. The driver is, uh, irate..."

  13. The insurance company won't like that at all. Assuming its not the fault of the Rolls owner (hypothetically) would the insurance company payout the replacement cost of the Rolls? I can't imagine getting a replacement of the same model and year would be easy.

  14. Oh yeah, in Canada we have mandatory direct compensation property damage (the most costly part of our policy, of course) meaning your insurance company pays out whether at fault or not. Of course, if you're at fault there is a deductible.

  15. Yeah, this is getting ridiculous. Like, I have a car and drive when I feel it's needed. But the city really needs to step up and install red-light cameras at all intersections.

  16. How would a red light camera have prevented this incident? (Not that I'm opposed to them, I'm not.)

  17. City needs to step up and give drivers like the person behind the wheel of the CR-V way better options to travel. People like that should never need to be driving a car in the first place.

  18. The common occurrence now of drivers running through stale red lights is alarming (I just sent a video of a car driving through an intersection at Queen and Shaw on a red that turned red at least 4-5 seconds before, where people were already entering the intersection. Haven’t heard anything back as expected)

  19. I agree that cops are shit at taking proper action in this city, but have you personally witnessed the high park bikers first hand? My brother lives in the area and we walk through the park often. There is a large amount of bikers that use that park like their own personal tour de France. Ripping like 50-60 kph on a road with a speed limit of like 20. It's scary to be around when there is a group of like 20-30 of them just blasting passed you and burning stop signs. I'm like the least Karen of anyone I know and honestly I think the speeding tickets in high park are a good thing

  20. The other thing is 3-4 cars turning on a yellow/red light it’s disgusting and the drivers in the back sometimes horn if you don’t clear the intersection fast enough when they’re not even supposed to be there in the first place

  21. They won't respond to you even if they find something, because the criminal has a right to privacy. It's still good to send it in make sure they get prosecuted.

  22. Yup, drivers running red lights are orders of magnitude more dangerous, the focused should be on them. Free money for the city!

  23. wow......fleeing to avoid rolls royce repairs. I'm guessing plates on CRV are fake, otherwise it's stupid that driver fled, unless they'r eplanning to claim car was stolen

  24. Bad day in the city today for accidents between this and the 2-incident hit and run at Yonge & St. Clair/Jarvis & Queen's Quay. Drunk drivers everywhere today or something?

  25. Today alone I saw two separate accidents where cyclists were hit by cars. One where the person hit was unconscious. It’s nuts. And in both incidents. The drivers drove off.

  26. Was leaving No Frills on Front and Princess around 5:30pm and saw someone leaning on the hood of a car as it was trying to drive across the intersection. The driver had just hit the guy's car and tried to flee.

  27. Nothing will happen to him, he will get charged, make a deal with the prosecutor. Maybe lose his license for 6 months. That's it.

  28. I can imagine the claims agent just give a long dad sigh, pull their mic up and pace back and forth witn hands on hip just giving head shakes saying "no no no"

  29. I need a car to go from one end to another to goto work in order to support a living. For sure I could use TTC to get there, but that will take me at least 2 hours. I biked. I was rear ended and hit by other bikes a few times. Please give us the drivers/car owners a break, everyone’s situation is different. Sorry for ranting.

  30. I thought the hood ornament in the newer models was supposed to retract into the radiator if the vehicle is struck.

  31. so if this guy hits a RR and the perp didn't have insurance - does the RR driver's insurance take care of everything still? or is this a legal matter in that case of the RR driver suing the other driver?

  32. I bet their insurance takes care of it still. Can you even imagine what they're paying for insurance on a Rolls? Probably extensive coverage.

  33. RR's insurance covers it and then goes after CR-V's insurance to pay them ten back, essentially. You don't want to wait for your insurance to settle with another company before you get the money to fix your own car.

  34. I was in RR’s position a few years ago. Drunk driver without insurance T-boned me. My insurance covered everything and sued him personally.

  35. There is CCTV everywhere downtown TO,the culprit was on dozens of cameras most probably….if it was stolen if not they know exactly who too look for …good luck to that guy they will throw the book at him for hit and run etc

  36. Any news on the driver of the Rolls? Looks like he took a pretty hard hit to drivers’ door!

  37. Looks like there is traffic cams at that intersection.. so should be rasy to find thr guy driving or prove it was theft.

  38. If you leave the scene of an accident, it should be automatically assumed you’re under the influence and you are charged accordingly. Maybe that’ll teach people to not be a POS and take accountability.

  39. Not only is his insurance fucked for crashing into a Roll's Royce, them running from the scene is going to make everything so much worse.

  40. The amount of people who don’t know how to navigate that intersection is staggering. I drive through there five days a week. People do not understand how to turn left and will stop and sit in the middle of the intersection when they see the north south light (that doesn’t apply to them) is red. It happens ALL the time. Accidents waiting to happen. One block south people routinely turn left onto the streetcar tracks as well. We need to implement an additional driving test to have permission to drive downtown. These people are clueless and it makes it much more dangerous for those of us who live here.

  41. Same thing happens on University. Had one guy tell me I “ran a red” when I made a left somewhere. It’s so accepted that actually navigating the intersection correctly is seen as illegal lol

  42. Yesterday I got caught in traffic for a bit at St. Clair and Yonge because someone got hit by a car and died right before I got there. ☹️

  43. The damage to the Rolls is significant for such a heavy car. This guy was going fast. I do hope everyone is okay and that the CRV driver is arrested.

  44. Rolls-Royce’s are fuckn tanks so if there’s one vehicle to be in during an accident, it’s not a bad choice

  45. Damn, I live in the building right by there and didn’t see or hear anything. With the amount of engines revving that I do here constantly in the summers, accidents like this don’t surprise me. I hope nobody was seriously hurt….except the driver who ran away…I hope they get a hurt real bad.

  46. Looks like a lot of speed was involved... Is this going to make the 6oclock news probably.. driver either stole the car plus was DUI.

  47. They need some kind of sign to tell drivers to continue through the double light there.. When turning left onto Reese to go south through Lake Shore intersection.

  48. Did you witness it as it happened or did you get the story second hand? Seems crazy how they fled unnoticed. I would imagine that area being bustling with people and people would be genuinely concerned for the occupants, regardless of who’s fault it was. Maybe they blended into the crowd after the initial stages then made themselves scarce.

  49. It wasn't even that crowded. That shot is from like 1-2min after impact. People were concerned about the family and small children in the Rolls and the guy in the crv was nowhere to be found once the other driver started looking for him

  50. The person that owns the Rolls Royce is likely a rich asshole, the driver of the CRV is probably an idiot that stole a car, but in the end, I'm sorry to see a beautiful car (the Rolls Royce) get damaged like that. Also I hope no bystanders got hurt etc. Lol

  51. The driver could have a concussion and is confused, and wandered away. Or under the influence, or stole the Vehicle.

  52. Drivers in this city are fucking monsters. I hate the traffic in Toronto. I had someone using the Gardiner just before Jameson exit as a fucking Autobahn for their SLS yesterday.

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