Hey mom, …. Yep that one for the party please

  1. I am beginning to think these might be marketing videos, so eating it is just a part of the "commercial". I still love them and want to see more, but I do think this is purely marketing.

  2. This is one of those increasingly rare times where this subreddit actually has a post that fits the bill. Amaury Guichon is one of the most respected chocolatiers in the world right now, and rightfully so.

  3. I’m curious — is he well respected for the amazing creations we watch on Youtube, or does he make amazing tasting chocolates as well?

  4. What do you mean, this guy gets posted here three times a day. We get it, be makes nice overpriced stuff out of chocolate for people with way too much money.

  5. The big chocolate sculptures are usually made with modelling chocolate and while you can eat it it's not the same as normal eating chocolate and doesn't usually taste as nice (although, Amuary may use a particular recipe which does taste good, I don't know)

  6. Instead of hitting it with a bat people should try to lunge at it with their mouths and try to take bites out of it to break it

  7. If you go to a party like this, I heard it’s equivalent to slaughtering a pod of dolphins that learned to speak your language. Energy wise.

  8. Made an awesome chocolate sphere then ruined it by sticking gummy sweets inside. They do not go at all. It’s astonishing even Cadbury still don’t get it after their failed ‘mystery bar’ campaign they recently did where they injected lollipop and sweet flavours into chocolate. Everyone took a bite, spat it out and threw the bars away.

  9. Nice, smash all the eatable parts on the ground. I would hate myself creating something this stupid, even if the money is good. Like you invested whole day to create something, just for clicks no other purpose. Terrible

  10. There is nobody, and I mean nobody who knows how to waste food like this guy. I must’ve seen him throw away 1000 pounds of high-quality food at this point.

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