Miserable Walking Dead scenes in Philadelphia

  1. It’s been me before, Alone in my house though. I’d just snap out of it and wonder how long I was standing in my Living room for and thankful I didn’t fall on the coffee table.

  2. Eddie Griffin used to do a bit where he talked about his uncle being a junkie and the how they lean but never fall over. Earthquake hits, skyscrapers fall…but junkie in 8th street still balancing like a cartoon.

  3. lol funny story, I was on my way to a restaurant in Philly. I stopped to tie my shoes and I guess I looked like one of these guys (I was bent down while standing). Some dude walked by and was like..fuck these zombies. In typical Philly fashion I had to tell him to fuck off.

  4. Man it makes me sad to look at this shit. In my using days I had a friend that looked exactly like the last dude, bent over at the waist just fucked up. That shit is the devil. I already accepted the fact that I was either gonna die or end up in prison, but managed to get away from it after learning I was pregnant. Thankfully, it was by somebody I had been with for 10 years by that point and now we're both clean raising a hell spawned (going on) 3 year old little girl lol. My story isn't the norm, unfortunately, so it just makes me so sad to see these videos, because this could easily be a video of an old friend of mine.

  5. It's by far the most disturbing, as if u can literally see the debilitating weight of addiction dragging them down. It's sad that as an addict I actually seek this state. The gear is so strong on the streets these days it's really hard not to nod out sometimes

  6. I feel like im too out of shape to do drugs. Just watching these people do half-squats for all those minutes makes my knees hurt and thighs burn.

  7. If I drove around in a white van scooping these people up with some help would anyone care? These seem to be free people that you can just grab off the street. We should fill a Costco size building with bean bags and just drop em off there.

  8. Me too, I’m an ex heroin addict and i never did stuff like this. I passed out in my bed from time to time but when i used at work and what not i didn’t do this, it’s weird. Maybe it’s because i didn’t shoot it up though.

  9. One of the biggest (if not, the biggest) consumer of illegal drugs and has the largest number of pain killer addicts of any other country.

  10. While the Sackler family are walking around free with their billions of Oxycontin profits. I'm surprised no one has gone after any of them after losing a family member to opiates.

  11. It's crazy how some of these people dress like they've got their life together enough to be too embarrassed being caught in this state in the street.

  12. It's what always boggles my mind about meth heads tweeking and talking to themselves in the street. Sometimes they look like they started the day right, got a shower, outfit, all of it, then craziness

  13. This sort of thing is always incredible to me. I just can’t imagine how someone who’s completely fucked up on opioids can build up the motivation to go to work or dress properly. If I wake up too late or embarrass myself I feel like I have to give up on the day lmao.

  14. Before Seattle switched from needles to foil I would regularly yank people back from getting obliterated by Metro buses. They'd be nodding off and falling into traffic standing at crosswalks.

  15. Was in Seattle in July. Holy hell the ppl there are on a different level. Make the Philly peeps seem docile in comparison. Never heard so many people yelling and screaming all over the place. Makes san fran/Portland crowd seem tame as well.

  16. When I was a kid, Cops (the TV show) had an episode on a mother who was looking for her adult son. He was an addict, and I guess she was worried something had happened to him.

  17. Very much like a toddler trying to stave off falling asleep, addicts will avoid sitting down because they'll nod off and miss out on the effects of the drug.

  18. My brother died from fentanyl laced heroine. I can’t bring myself to believe he was an addict. The mental image of him standing around like this scares me more than anything else. I’d like to think he just had the wrong friends. He spent his whole life trying to find people to love him for who he was. The wrong people loved him for the wrong reasons. He OD’d and his friends left him dying in his apartment, stole his things, (left their wallets ? So we could at least go after them) and left his door wide open. We didn’t hear from him for 2 days, until his neighbor walking her dog saw him. Lying on the floor dead. Someone could’ve saved him.

  19. Doesn't seem like a ton of people noticed this, but I did. I lost a good friend in a similar way. Got a call from a friend, said his girlfriend found him in the bathroom at her place.

  20. Those poor people. Maybe the most horrible thing about it is that that's likely the best they'll feel all day. We can and should do so much more to help.

  21. Someone must be making some serious cash from what all these videos show . How are these people funding their habit ? I mean there’s just so many of them .

  22. Kensington is usually people crashing from heroin - nowadays people on hard stuff are all over the city unfortunately.

  23. Nah, China Town were the first two. Market and a low number Avenue for the third cut. Both are like center city east, technically. Kenzo is north east side of the city. What makes this really sad is China Town has usually been fairly "clean" part of the city. But to see them getting into Old City is really bad. That's where the original city hall and all the touristy museums are about the origins of the country. Philly has never exactly been a city safe for older people and families outside of Center City area and South Street, but seeing these areas start to get crept into makes me happy I chose to move out west.

  24. Looking at Kensington Avenue on google street view is also depressing, So many people on every side street siting or slumped over.

  25. I know a bummer response…. But I really wish these people get the help they need. It’s not funny, but incredibly sad that they are out on the street in this condition. Even if they have turned down help, I hope they get what they need to improve.

  26. Former user here, for me when Id do my initial shot it would give me a bunch of energy, melt my anxiety away and allow me to be super sociable. I have massive social anxiety and this drug tricked me into thinking it made me better because I was going out more, taling more and overall having a good time.

  27. They’re the kind of drug you spend the last of your bank account on in the middle of the day and shoot up immediately because you feel like you’re going to die without a hit. Addicts aren’t recreational users, they’re addicted. It’s a disease.

  28. That's what I was thinking. I don't understand why they don't just LAY DOWN or sit down!!! It looks like it would feel so good to just lay down. I don't understand it

  29. Looks like this was filmed in Kensington which is our open air drug market area of the city. People travel from states away because of how cheap, abundant, and easy it is to get so it’s basically a tourist attraction for opioid addicts. Why go home when everything you could want is right there

  30. Genuine question - is there something about opiates that makes you want to stand up? I always wondered why they don’t sit or lie down when they’re obviously really out of it. I’ve never tried opiates, but was an alcoholic for 15 years and when I was drunk I just wanted to sit or lie down absolutely ANYWHERE.

  31. Lying down is dangerous because you can pass out asleep. You’ll be in that position too long and you can choke on your on spit or just forget to breathe.

  32. They aren't on a "trip". They experience bliss, forget their problems and are sedated, but still conscious.

  33. My parents were addicts so I tend to stay away from opioids. I have had plenty prescribed both inpatient in hospital and to take at home though, and always get off them as fast as I could.

  34. Weird that the command to keep their legs straight is still functional but not keeping their upper bodies upright. Those are all dead people. There isn't enough willpower and $$$$ and treatment centers to go around but there's plenty of poisonous fentanyl from china and the Mexican cartels going around. Don't fuck with opiates and dont fuck with benzos. Even if it's cool to do that now.

  35. As if fentanyl wasn't bad enough to cause this zombie-like state, now they find Xylazine added to the mix because of shortages. The pick bodies off the streets constantly.

  36. Serious question, but what makes people act like this and why? (I know it's drugs but what in particular and why does it make you act like this?)

  37. Serious question, are those people dangerous? Like have there been cases of people trying to help them, and then being attacked? Or are they just too out of it

  38. It’s really sad what’s happened thanks (in part) to the opioid epidemic. These fucking pharmaceutical companies need to fucking pay for starting all of this.

  39. Always a sad sight, but it’s even sadder when they still have meat on their bones and you can tell they just started down that path.

  40. This is downtown Philadelphia. Kensington is worse. Unfortunately, I live here and lost my sister as a result of drugs (clean when died, body couldn’t handle the stress). Nearly lost my cousin. The worst is tranq dope.

  41. Genuine curiosity here from someone who has never done hard drugs- what are these people experiencing? I’m assuming this is fentanyl? Are they aware they’re making an ass of themselves in public, on any level? Are they aware they’re staring into the sun, or at gravel? If so does it suddenly look really fascinating, or they just having some straight up hallucination they’re riding the gumdrop ship on lollipop lake with the friendly gnomes and the fey queen?

  42. just copying a few other comments i saw here :) opiates sedate you and they don’t want to risk falling asleep & missing the high

  43. Is this typical behavior for someone on heroin? Or is this some other kind of drug? I've never seen people act like this in my part of the country. Then again, I've never even seen heroin or anyone using it around here.

  44. Xylazine is an animal tranquilizer. It leaves users in an unconscious state for hours at a time. Making them vulnerable to predation, suffocation and the loss of limbs from lack of circulation.

  45. I know it's spooky season, but these are not zombies. They aren't even attempting to bite anyone.

  46. This video is tame for Kensington. Theres videos of kensington where you see several blocks packed full of dozens of people all nodding out like this.

  47. They portray zombies better than the actual Walking Dead actors. Sometimes art imitates reality and sometimes reality imitates art.

  48. This is some sad shit and here we have some asshole broadcasting that all over social media of people will very serious addictions.

  49. Serious question: with these people so intoxicated and out of it, what is stopping someone from kidnapping and or assaulting them?

  50. I've never had it like this I have been so gonked sitting on my couch looking at my phone nodding out and I kept dropping my face into my phone. I dont know how these people are still standing.

  51. Wdym? They just had 2 Big Boi Beef Bao Buns each from the bakery. They're stuffed! And very much tired & in need of a good nap

  52. I'm honestly so tired of seeing people going to Kensington and filming people struggling just so they can get some likes these people are going through it and every day some new guy comes and thinks they will be so original filming it.

  53. This shit is insane. In my experience it felt like my body desperately wanted to shut down, but my mind wanted to desperately cling to that glowing warm euphoria. It was like those videos you see of kids desperately trying not to pass out in their car seat.

  54. This is why I won’t accept prescription pain killers from a doctor. There is way too much history of addiction in my family. This is just a trap that will completely ruin my life.

  55. This is the absolute saddest man....philly was never the nicest cleanest city, but u could always walk down south street or feel safe at Pats.or Genos but or just hanging out in Penns landing...but its litterally like being on the walking dead movie set....they're walkin in front of cars, into busy highways without looking, u go into rite aid and come out you have to check under your car bc they may be sleeping there, shit you have to check your backseat bc they COULDA climbed in!! Lol

  56. I always wonder why these fucks shoot up or whatever in the middle of the street. Like, why not go home and be a zombie on your couch or go to a nice park, next to a babbling brook and be a zombie. Why do you want to do the zombie lean in the middle of a sidewalk?

  57. This is what? NORMAL. GTFO.. Should be swept into detox, whether they want the help or not. Sad how the government only care for what fills their pockets. Bring on and make more dope! Their get rich scam!

  58. How I look when my wife is verbally berating me about some shit I don’t feel like talking about, even though I said I don’t feel like taking about it, and yet she continue to ask, poke and prod about a subject.

  59. I work in recovery services for drug users and see this daily- 1- that looks like it could be fentanyl and meth. Neither alone does that to people, but both in combination can produce a reaction like this 2- the people who took it very well may not have known what they took and thought they were only using heroin and were probably not prepared to have a reaction like this 3- taking videos of people who are high on the streets and posting them online for internet clout is a dick move. Please consider not doing that next time. These are people who just like everyone else should be asked their consent before having their image shared online. Wouldn’t you want the same?

  60. You have no expectation of privacy in a public space and these people are an actual menace to people who want to live in a safe community. They need to be forcibly institutionalized until they can recover.

  61. Chinese fentynal making it’s way across the USA via open southern border killing thousands. Thanks for helping wreck this beautiful nation to our current useless inept government.

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