Amber doing coke in the courtroom?

  1. Oh you can't put yours in a napkin and then balance it so that you can shove it up your nose and then magically sniff it with your finger in there and a napkin blocking it? Weird

  2. I've got quite a lot of experience blowing my nose, and I can say for sure that she isn't blowing her nose here. So what else is she up to?

  3. I'd just like to add... White Pepper is an excellent album by Ween, and everyone should check it out. I'd imagine Amber's favorite song us "Bananas and Blow" but I am positive there are earlier Ween songs that accurately describe her behavior.

  4. For real, idk why all eyes are on this case. I keep seeing YouTube shorts about Johnny Depp owning the lawyers with a comeback or same with Heard. Feel like people keep forgetting that the two of them are actors, when they’re answering questions they’re being truthful but they’re also acting, they’re trying to sell a story. My two cents is don’t watch and be attached to this and just let the courts decide.

  5. I agree she isn't snorting coke here, but wtf IS she doing? She definitely isn't blowing her nose or wiping it because she has a runny nose, unless the rich handle that way differently than normal people.

  6. More likely that she was trying to discreetly pick a booger out her schnozz. Really highly doubt she would risk any more damage to her rep/career, let alone the danger of being caught with coke in a courtroom.

  7. If she was picking a booger why does she sniff at the same time? As a professional nose picker I can attest that you never sniff and pick at the same time, you can’t reliably hit a moving target

  8. Yeah, i always keep my coke just kind of loose in a tissue and then whack my nose into it and hope for the best, in the middle of a courtroom, in the middle of a high profile court case, in front of cameras.

  9. No lol. Snorting coke ain't as easy as it is on films plus that is the most MORONIC thing anyone could do whilst on a witness stand apart from having a wank probably.

  10. Floridaman here, last week in my county dude got busted for snorting lines and jacking off in the courthouse bathrooms. Sorry if that doesn't contribute to the convo, just had to get that off ma chest hahahaha

  11. As someone who used to do a LOT of cocaine, bitch is definitely bumping. You can tell when it hits her if you watch her eyes. Plus that hand press into her nostrils to make sure there’s no residue is a DEAD giveaway.

  12. Jesus multiple subreddits of people actually thinking this is real. Amber is a turbo cunt but I don’t think she’s that stupid to bring coke into the courtroom, onto the stand and then do a bump on the stand. You’d have to have a mental illness to believe she actually did that.

  13. I’m so fucking sick of seeing this shit on reddit. I don’t fucking care about either of these two garbage humans. But the pro Jonny campaign is off the rails.

  14. When Reddit hates someone so much they can’t even blow their nose. As someone who also does this, she is pushing the tissue into her nostril to soak up any lose snot. Really Reddit, chill. They’re both terrible people, who wouldn’t give a fuck about any of you. Can we please move on from this dumb ass trial

  15. I'm pretty certain that she's not doing drugs, she's just one of those people that are weird about boogers. She seems like the kind of person that eats pizza with a fork and knife.

  16. Lotta people underestimate the smoothness of cocaine bitches where they can be natural and indescrete af doing it. I think she's def doing it here.

  17. I still think she was making sure she didn't have any boogers for the photographer. Idk just my thought.

  18. One of her nostrils is stuffed up and one isn't. She's pressing on the open nostril and blowing, and then recovering from the dead headed pressure she just caused.

  19. Holy fuck did anyone else pause and slide the video slowly? This is the sort of thing I’d usually never jump on the train for but watching slow mo it’s almost undeniable. She’s pinching something folded in the tissue between her fingers with one hand and uses the other to shield as she closes her eyes and drags it across her nostril

  20. I'm a fan of either one of them but it's really suspicious that all the media and YouTube videos like this are all against Amber and the legal team. Like it just someone is paying a lot of money to run this campaign.

  21. I know shes a terrible person but she probably felt some watery snot coming down so with her finger she pushed the napkin in to absorb it. You would have to be a straight savage to do coke in a courtroom.

  22. The most valid thing I heard in similar posts was: the corner of the tissue was rubbed in ammonia salts, the shit you use to wake someone from being knocked out. Just a little will cause your nose to run and your eyes become watery.

  23. Just watch in reverse and you can see that her pinky is indeed behind the tissue, and if you look carefully, her left nostril expands rather than retracts, meaning she was not snorting/inhaling & she was shovin’ that pinky real far in there. The sniff after wards is because she just stuck a dry ass tissue into her nose to dislodge a boogie.

  24. I saw a video of her attempting to open a water bottle, only to quickly shove it into her pocket when a bailiff/officer walked past her. A lot of speculation it wasn't water...

  25. This looks to me like she cleared her right nostril and it's inhaling sharply to clear it up more. While crying, the nose can get jammed up with a lot of snot. Smuggling drugs into a courtroom and then doing them on a camera recorded trial watched by many many people is a dumb thing to suggest that she did.

  26. Uhhhh, what the fuck? She either snorted a substance up her nose or she does (snortable) drugs so much that it’s muscle memory habit anytime she messing with her nose and snot and stuff

  27. Good morning/afternoon/evening to you. I am here to dispute the white pepper theory as seen above (or below, depending on how solid my case turns out to be.)

  28. I hate this chick more than anything, but I honestly think she’s trying to clear a bugger from her nostril. Someone so concerned with their appearance in their act, couldn’t possibly have a bugger in her nose. You can see her wrap the tissue around her finger and try to dab at the booger…it released from the nasil membrane which sent her into a panic. She felt it shift and that worried her ego even more. So she starts sniffing really hard, to try to suck it down into her throat. Also, she may be sniffing cocaine. Who knows👨🏻‍🦯

  29. She clearly didnt take any coke… or anything else for that matter other than blowing her nose. What a bullshit post. Spreading garbage.

  30. I’ve done drugs in a holding cell behind a courtroom, I never had the balls to own that shit in front of a judge. This chick would be fun to party with lol… j/k NEVER PUT YOUR DICK IN CRAZY

  31. Anyone saying pepper has not snoryed pepper, it was clearly coke you can see the qhite on her nose, if it was pepper she would of sneeze up a storm

  32. yall are forgetting if she was brave enough to shit in the bed.. she’s brave enough to do coke in a courtroom. she’s got nothing to lose anyway. her acting career is definitely over. and the only relevance she’s gonna ever have again is negative publicity. so why not do coke in a courtroom. also she looked guilty as fuck after she bumped it, she was looking all over the place to see if anyone noticed.

  33. This post has to be a joke right? You can't seriously think she's railing coke in front of a judge and not simply blowing her nose like any normal person....

  34. So yeah it's not coke but......who in the fuck blows their nose with a napkin and then raw dogs their nose with their finger immediately after? That was just verrrrrrrrrrrrry indicative something going up that woman's nose.

  35. Not saying she is but speaking as a recovering addict , nothing is going to stop you when you need a hit not judges not cameras not your own children

  36. Please be careful about accusations of drug use during controversial cases. I hate amber as much as the next person, but that doesn't legitimize the use of (potentially) defamatory statements.

  37. I wouldn’t mind Amber doing drugs, hitting me and shitting on my bed once in a while she bad fr. If she ever needs a fallback option who will not sue her someone out there can get in touch w her team tell them to contact

  38. You know whats really strange? Ive been noticing that Johnny has been doing that a lot too. But like he was doing it a lottttttt. I dont know if its blow i though he just had like a hair that was tickling him or maybe snot but yeah now this crazy bitch is doing it too and that is pretty strange.

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