If Tolkien were to watch Jackson’s original movie trilogy, what do you think he would love about it?

  1. I think he would appreciate the attention to detail with the languages. Not everyone gets everything right, but it's clear they both intentionally included non-English dialogue and did their best to do it as well as possible. I can easily imagine a director just kind of sweeping the language stuff under the rug to avoid having to bother with it or to avoid "confusing" the audience with it.

  2. The "you bow to no one" was added in the books, right? Easily one of the best changes, but I'm afraid Tolkien probably wouldn't have liked it. It was more in-keeping with the Aragorn Peter Jackson created, where he had much doubt over whether he even wanted to be king (and through that, you could argue PJ's Aragorn is more humble) versus Tolkien's Aragorn who knew from the get-go that he would take the throne.

  3. Honorable mention on my list is when Gandalf lights up that great hall in Moria. The visual plus the music is just a thrill.

  4. I personally think he would love the handling of Gollum/Smeagol both in the Directing by Jackson and in the MASTERY of acting by Andy Serkis

  5. I think the soundtrack and the sheer care of it all would warm his heart the most! The songs would bring tears and the movies would bring fulfillment! Though there were some huge changes, Tolkien actually wanted it to be largely up to one's own interpretation. His work allows so much imagination! And that was his intention, and so despite the changes I do believe he'd be so very impressed and in love!

  6. I think Tolkien would appreciate the some of the Moria scenes, particularly the entire Balrog sequence. Definitely don't show him the fight with the cave troll, which completely replaced his original (and excellent) narrative, to see hobbits keeping a troll (which in the book ignored a direct strike from Boromir's sword) at bay by hitting it with a frying pan. I think he would like Theoden's speech and and the initial charge of the Rohirrim in the Pelennor fields. After that, based on his own admission, he was very averse to any kind of adaptation of his work, and hated Hollywood formula movies for reasons we can't fully understand. I think he would hate it. He didn't have the action-movie sensibilities modern audiences grew up with. I like to think he would appreciate "You bow to no one" because it seemed to capture the sentiment so well, and so visually, but at the end of the day, he didn't write it, and he'd wonder why they bought his story only to present someone else's.

  7. I'm deeply sorry, but i think he would hate Hugo Weaving's portrayal of Elrond and Orlando's Legolas -not because of the actors, but because of their lines and characterization ):

  8. Asked Richard Taylor (Weta) basically this question at a local anniversary screening last year. His answer was Treebeard too - mainly because he felt like it was a faithful depiction of a character that artists hadn’t really captured during Tolkien’s lifetime.

  9. I think that he would like the moments when dialogues matched the exact quotes from the novel (and dislike the parts when they did not). As a person who paid a great attention to the use of language, he would probably also appreciate when the accent and intonation of the actors' speech matched his vision.

  10. I have always wanted to ask this question. I think there are moments that the kid in him would have loved to see on screen no matter how he felt about the rest of it.

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