The Toledo Sports Arena was built in 1947 and demolished in 2007. I was looking at some lists of concerts there and realized that it was host to some fantastic acts in its 60-year history--what a rabbit hole to go down. Here is but one:

  1. That place definitely was a Shit Hole... Best show I saw there was White Zombie.. We used to run nitrous before & after shows even the ones we didn't attend. So many memories. Oh yeah statute of limitations has expired. ✌️

  2. I just spoke with my 73 yr old father. He said the best show he saw was Iggy Pop in the early 70's. He said that people were soo fkkd up that they were throwing up in the aisles. I was definitely not born then, so I can neither confirm nor deny.

  3. I remember waiting for Marilyn Manson there but then they cancelled it. Man growing up on the east side in the nineties was great.

  4. If the Detones show you are talking about when they opened for Korn and OZZY!!! I'm 43 and I've saved over 100+ ticket stubs from shows I went to. Ozzy, KoRn and Deftones: Friday February 2nd, 1996. One of the BEST SHOWS I've ever seen. I posted this earlier, but I though I remember them losing the doors and not letting anyone else in. Once again, loved that General Admission!!

  5. I lost a good bit of hearing permanently in my left ear at Queensryche/Suicidal Tendencies in the early 90s.

  6. My first concert, Ozzy, Megadeth, and Suicidal Tendencies. 1992, I was 14; it was glorious! The list doesn’t seem to have Ozzy on the bill though? ¯\(ツ)/¯

  7. Ozzy was not there. It was Suicidal and Megadeth. I too was also 14.....maybe we are the same person?!? I still have my ticket stub to that show. No Ozzy tho. That was my first concert at the ol' Sports Dump. Last show I saw there was NIN on Feb 2nd, 2006. One of my earliest memeories was when I went to a Monster Truck show at the Sports Arena. It had to have been around '83, and it was a wild time. My parents took us 4 kids and since the Sports Arena was well...the Sports Arena, the place filled up with carbon dioxide and people were getting sick. We ended up leaving early. This was the Saturday night show, as there were Friday night and Saturday night monster truck shows. We went there on Friday night with my Dad expecting to buy the family tickets at the counter. That did not happen, as it was sold out. So we got to come back for the Saturday night Carbon Dioxide fest.

  8. I was there! I was 16, saw Ozzy with Korn and the Deftones there in 1995. Pantera with Coal Chamber was a great show in 97.

  9. Deep Purple opening with "Highway Star" on May 13, 1987 is still the best opening song to a concert I've ever seen. I can still see Jon Lord rocking his organ back and forth and almost tipping it over.

  10. I went to quite a few shows there while in high school between 1981-85 until I left town. Just perusing the list of bands, Toledo’s reputation for being on the Midwest heavy metal circuit is well founded.

  11. I have a coworker in his mid 60s that loves to make me angry by listing off all the acts he saw at the TSA for around $5 or even free for doing 'security'. Just crazy.

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