What is your toddler’s *favorite* meal this week?

  1. Lol! Mine will not touch yogurt at home. Hates it. Won’t taste it. No way. His teacher reports he literally licks the yogurt cups clean at daycare……. Wtf

  2. If you’re in the US, Tillamook makes thick shredded cheese (should be available at most grocery stores) and Trader Joe’s has this shredded unexpected cheddar. The thicker cut ones cause significantly less mess.

  3. Thisl! My daughter is obsessed with shredded cheese! My dogs are loving the cheese trails left around the house.

  4. Try maybe a less messy cheese like cheese slices. You can buy a block of cheese and cut it up in bits. My daughter likes cheddar

  5. Omg, the shredded cheese. Not american cheese slices. Not string cheese. I've even tried the cheddar cheese sticks. Has to be the messy cheese.

  6. I plan for this now- definitely add extra veggies. I hide behind the fridge if I really want to eat something by myself.

  7. “Shmicken shmot shmeye”. What is that? It’s mashed up chicken pot pie. Chicken pot pie is the least favorite meal this week. It’s yucky. Will not eat. Mash it up, give it a silly name, now it’s delicious.

  8. Lol mine loves fancy cheese and smoked meats. I’m Eastern European and it’s really popular in my country.

  9. So many bananas. It looks like I run a smoothie shop on my counter. I’ve never eaten 2 bananas in one day in my life. These little jerks have 3 by noon

  10. Wow our children are twin flames. Grilled cheese, frozen corn and frozen peas. I have 15 bags of frozen peas in my freezer. Every meal. Peas.

  11. Mine too! He loves to crack them into the pan. When he helps to make eggs he often eats about 4 at a time. It's insane.

  12. Mine too! Loves helping make them. We got these cool Mickey Mouse shape things for eggs/pancakes at Walmart the other day so she can now eat her Mickey Mouse shaped eggs with her Mickey mouses shaped nuggets.

  13. The only meals both my kids have actually eaten this week (not counting the endless snacks) were digiorno pizza and a tomato and Italian sausage penne bake thing I made, which I was honestly astonished they both devoured.

  14. An apple. Apparently when I threw away the dirty core that was laying on the floor he wasn't done enjoying it. He cried for three days, including having nightmares about his apple being thrown away. Giving him a new apple was not the same. I guess it must have been a really good apple...

  15. Ok miracle alert. KALE. He just ate his own weight in kale, and even stole some off of my plate. How? Why? I will not question the will of the toddler, IT SHALL RAIN DOWN KALE ON OUR HOUSE! He'll probably turn his nose up at it next time, but I'll try!

  16. Mine used to eat sautéed kale with me every morning for a while. That fell off sometime when she was 3. She’ll still have it occasionally but I need to try making chips.

  17. We had kale growing in our garden and my toddler loved to grab and eat pieces. We had to tell him to get us to wash it first since lots of insects also love kale. Now he likes eating baby spinach leaves.

  18. It's not a meal but for him it might as well be. Applesauce. Please send help. I'm on like day 27 of applesauce 💩 and it's not pretty.

  19. I bought a box of 16 packet apple sauces 3 days ago. They're gone. My 3 year old has eaten them all. I'm concerned.

  20. Pumpkin bread. She watched me put everything in the mixer, pour the batter, and turn the bread out of the pan, so she’s feeling proprietary.

  21. Sausages... And "buy grapes"... "Buy strawberries" oh and "BIC bics" (biscuits/cookies to US friends) for breakfast 😅

  22. Mine was on a blueberry kick until I noticed her poop was like acid on her butt! No matter how quickly I changed her, she would get an awful diaper rash. I didn’t connect the dots until a friend said the blueberries did the same to his daughter. Now she eats them every (other) day haha

  23. Pumpkin spice. We have gotten a few things pumpkin this week and so has daycare and he keeps saying pumpkin mmmm.

  24. My 2-year-old son is OBSESSED with tomatoes, to the point where I have to limit how much he eats because (tmi) the acidity was giving him a rash.

  25. My son got such a bad rash from tomatoes that I had to get prescription-strength diaper cream. Looked like a chemical burn. The things they don’t tell you when you become a parent!

  26. I make a smoothie for mine almost every morning now after he refused every food I could think of for breakfast. Banana, Greek yoghurt, some rolled oats, toddler formula and a small handful of a different froz fruit. Every morning he now shouts SMOOOTHIE!

  27. Egg pie has been a huge hit the last few weeks (a Trader Joe’s frozen gluten free premade pie crust filled with 6 eggs, some milk, shredded cheese, and whatever veggie or meat I have that’s about to go bad). She has been wolfing down massive volumes of that with all filling combinations.

  28. How do you make your pork? My toddlers can’t eat it because it’s too toigh. 2.5 has almost all her teeth except one molar and 1.5 has enough teeth to gnaw

  29. My kid is obsessed with whole apples right now, too. I think she feels like the bee’s knees walking around the house with a full piece of fruit.

  30. Homemade chipotle plate...quesadilla, black beans, rice, sour cream, and an orange. He gobbled it up and had seconds. This from a kid who has not been eating.

  31. We offered her some curry flavored cous cous and she LOVED it. So now we have gotten more inventive since discovering that and have been adding some leftover shredded curry goat and hard boiled egg. She loves it! (At least this week 😅)

  32. Fries so I’ve been doing baked potato wedges because it’s somewhat healthier and not just frozen fried in old oil drive thru fries

  33. “Cheese sammich” aka orange cheddar (has to be “orange cheese”) sliced up on a piece of bread and microwaved until it’s melty.

  34. Sure as hell not my homemade pasta. Or anything else I make. Throw the kid a graham cracker and hard boiled egg and he’s golden.

  35. Peas are a big hit with Mr 2. He even calls himself ‘king of da peas’. We’ve also told both our boys that baked beans make you fart, cherry tomatoes make you burp. They are very excited to eat both. We do the whole ‘(other parent) you’ve given them beans again. Oh no! They will do so many farts” they love it & eat them up. Ahh the theatre of parenting

  36. My kid is also a major pumpkin pie monster. I’ve been meaning to try making it with plain condensed milk instead of sweetened. Then it’s basically a health food right? She probably won’t eat it without the sugar though.

  37. Fruit salad, “yummy yummy”. Thank you Wiggles for making my toddler want to eat fruit! (And last week he motored down a Caesar salad and still sang “fruit salad yummy yummy” while he was eating it and I almost died from the cuteness.)

  38. “Daddy toast” which is toast with cheese wiz on it and edamame. Also Cheerios, yogurt, cucumber, grapes, and of course goldfish crackers.

  39. Hot dog spaghetti lol, she had it for the first time today because I didn't want to cook anything hard lol. 3 bowls of it since 4:30

  40. I asked my kids and they said broccoli, meat, and birthday cake. Realistically, the thing they always eat without any fuss is salmon, rice, and broccoli.

  41. Mustard is the perennial fave, but now that it's fall, it's apple cider. My kid's little voice saying, "Mo!" (More) is so cute, but I figure she shouldn't have 3000 g of sugar per day, so she gets denied!

  42. Ground beef & broccoli cooked in the skillet together with an absurd amount of Worcestershire sauce & onion powder, served with rotini pasta. It’s ridiculously easy and everyone in our house loves it. My 22mo especially is a fan!

  43. Potatoes in all forms because he is his mother's son. Mashed? Yas. Fries? Gimme. Potato salad? Yum. Literally give him (read: us) potatoes and he's (read: we're) happy.

  44. Pie and ice cream. He has only had desert on special occasions like birthday parties, and we had a friend over for dinner who brought dessert. Well...at least he had a full stomach by the end even if it did cause the sugar zoomies from crazyville.

  45. We get bdubs every Thursday for obvious reasons, and both of my toddlers (1 & 3) devour their (dry rub) lemon pepper boneless wings

  46. Dino shaped pasta, scrambled egg and sliced ham. I made pulled beef nachos from scratch and that’s what he insisted on 🙃

  47. Oatmeal. Wants it for breakfast, after daycare, after bathtime. And, of course, has zero patience for it being made and needing to cool down.

  48. We had this issue in the mornings and I've started just using a bit less water in the oatmeal and then chucking in an icecube and swirling it in just until the oatmeal cools enough to eat, then I scoop out the cube and chuck... I'll do anything to avoid meltdowns right now!

  49. She's going to turn into lasagna if she eats one more bite.. at least it has squash and spinach in its layers. These canines on top are really messing with our usually pleasant 'dirs recently and it sucks

  50. Japanese chicken curry with rice. I made a big pot on Monday and we ate it 3xs this week. When I asked her what she wanted for dinner tonight she said curry. Lol

  51. We got a random hello fresh meal that was farro seeds, salad, and roasted sweet potato with dried cranberries. He LOVED it. I have no idea how or why.

  52. Weirdly enough, Thai red curry except I make her some that leaves out the curry paste so it's just veggies and chicken in coconut milk. Normally she complains, but this week she kept saying, mmmm!

  53. Wow. My 2yo eats almost everything as long as it isn't leafy. The problem is that he ALWAYS wants more. He eats more than I do! But I'm obese and he's just fine... No pudge at all. HOW

  54. Fruit Loops. Got them once a couple months ago for an activity sorting colors and making necklaces and she’s hooked. I need to wean her off those little sugar circles.

  55. Tonight was chili! Loved helping make it then when it came to eat she loved squirting her own sour cream in and putting her own shredded cheese in. Proceeded to eat the sour cream solo and later picked out all the beans. I call that a success.

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