TIL Taco Bell's first location, designated "Numero Uno," was saved from demolition by relocating the building fully intact from its original site in Downey, California, to the company's headquarters about 30 miles away in Irvine

  1. Man, imagine if someone like drilled a hole underneath that they could crawl up into, that would make for a pretty sweet hideout. A fully blacked out building, on blocks, sitting unused for years? Heisenberg approves.

  2. Can Confirm. Numero Uno is under a few layers of plastic wrap still behind the Taco Bell HQ. You can see it driving on the 5 Southbound as you near the southOC Crush.

  3. Saved from Demolition, but not Demolition Man, as it was the only chain that survived the franchise wars according to Lenina Huxley.

  4. Wow this covers all bases. The best part is I can still hear him say "I invite you to join me at Taco bell" . Ya know as a reward for saving his life.

  5. If you're in a building, but the building moves to another spot, are you in the same location? I guess it all depends on your frame of reference.

  6. Downey is a fast food mecca. Not far from the site of the original Taco Bell stands the oldest operational McDonalds - I think the third one ever opened.

  7. That McDonalds is the only location to still serve fried apple pies. They don’t even advertise it but they are so damn delicious.

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