Stop comparing Eren with Gabi !

  1. Eren has never took joy in killing people. Gabi literally jump up in joy after throwing grenades at Fort Slava's soldier.

  2. Temperament wise she's literally female Eren but theres much more to a human being (decisions, ideal, thoughts..etc). That's why people prone to compare Eren to Gabi, but it's just plain wrong and seeing a character on a surface level.

  3. Not my favorite nor do I hate her, but Gabi’s motivations are clearly spelled out in both the anime and manga.

  4. Sure, free your people by fighting for and strengthening your enslaver in the first place, while killing your literal people on the island is good. Flawless logic.

  5. While I don't think they're the exact same, they're only really different because 1. We view most of Eren's story from a point after he had grown up a little bit (15) so he's a little more mature, whereas Gabi is still 12, and has ungone heavy propaganda and brainwashing throughout her life.

  6. If Eren were to put into Gabi's situation and his mom weren't killed by titan at all, Eren would avoid conflicts and choose to live a simple and peaceful life. Just like the first scenes in the series.

  7. who cares that eren hasn't killed people for "years". doesn't matter now especially after his assault on Liberio does it? still killed innocent civillians. killed grown men at age 9 just like Gabi, and was quite the literal psychopath with his unrelenting fury at a similar age. how many people have had to die just to save his ass because he put himself in catastrophic situations? im not anti-eren, but Eren was quite an annoying little brat in season 1. he had nice character growth in season 3. Gabi is brainwashed all to hell, but as a KID it's much easier to understand why and understand her current reactions.

  8. lol, i think you miss the part when Gabi reasoning out why she need to kill Eldian from Paradis. i suggest to Rewatch the latest episode.

  9. Your iq is too low to understand the real situation. base on your comment, you are just hating Gabi. Let me clear for you.

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