two titans meet, as it was written

  1. y'know northstar is great because you can just wonder what the poor grunts are experiencing, like imagine watching a normal human sized person flying and shooting rockets out of their face while firing a minigun that's thrice their size imagine how that would make you feel

  2. And so it was stated that two Titans beyond this world, will battle it out in the skies of our planets, raining hell fire from each blow of their mighty hands. With the advantages switching sides more times than can count.

  3. a lot, actually. northstar has a shit ton of custom gamemodes, titanfall 1 style customization, gun game, et cetera. it's like titanfall 2, titanfall 3 and titanfall 1 remastered all in a neat little bundle

  4. Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

  5. not really, i just asked a server admin for 2 noclip scorch titans. although there is a command that allows you to adjust gravity levels called sv_gravity (700 is default)

  6. it's just an attrition server but i asked the mod for a particle wall northstar (jokingly) and he gave me one, then somebody asked for a flying scorch and i asked for one as well an we dueled away

  7. This is why we don't see Titans in Apex, they were too strong for a normal legend to handle, Long live the ancient technology

  8. How does anyone still play this game? Every time I try the game gets totally jacked and freezes or just goes nowhere and eventually crashes

  9. it's a mod called northstar client. it provides free ddos protected servers, it's open source, flexible, and better optimized than vanilla.

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