Guys, let's give the new players a break, alright?

  1. I have actually been having a phenomenal time with Cloak and Satchel charges, you get so much core meter from them. I’ve just been immediately ejecting to farm more ticks for end of match

  2. Most people with mics give me a lot of shit. I’m trying hard at one of my favorite games, one of the best games ever made. I know I’m not very good. If I wanted to suck and get pure toxicity, I’d play COD.

  3. Yeah, I've run into that a fair few amount of times myself. As much as I love this game, no amount of practice is going to give me the ability to fly across the skyline at mach 3 while simultaneously sniping some poor bastard out of the air and there's a surprising amount of people that don't realize that. It sucks but there's assholes in every community and Titanfall is no exception.

  4. the last time i had my mic on during a game, i kept on killing people with the mozambique saying "mozambique 'ere", i made a friend in sweden, we now play apex together

  5. This is the problem you get when people play highly intense games like Titanfall constantly and don't give it a break by playing other games. Personally, when I played it constantly I found myself raging eventually, granted I don't use the mic and keep it to myself but the frustration still built up.

  6. Coming from a Northstar main, Monarch can definitely be fun both for who's playing her and who she's playing against if using the correct upgrade cores and not being a sweat of course; kind of like how as long as you can keep a high speed and aren't roof camping a G2 isn't that bad, very fun but fair.

  7. My only complaint is that Monarch's hits and laser screws up my aim,not only does it slow down your aim, but it also makes the game look pixelated as hell

  8. Not the smart pistol or spitfire (unless they’re trying to have a different playstyle). If OP made the page Monarch/Ion and all the smgs minus Volt it’d be more accurate

  9. It could just be a g100 showing them what they have to deal with like in the original the g100’s character is showing him his arranged marriage

  10. Yknow what I LOVE? Using random boost. Let's me compromise a situation. I sometimes get amped weapons and then smart pistol, which gives me a two shot smart pistol. God its hilarious.

  11. I genuinely feel bad doing this sometimes. I’m no god at the game, hell I’m only gen 12, but when the end of match scoreboard pops up and I see myself up there, after beating the shit out of a gen 100 just because I play like an absolute goblin, it feels bad. Titan_Updog, if you’re here, I love you and hope we keep shittalking.

  12. Honestly, yea, give them some slack man. Play with guns you're super unfamiliar and bad with. Because, like, who cares if you're g100 and get 30 kills with the spitfire? If you're on fucking crash site and you drop a 20 bomb with a Mastiff, now that's dope.

  13. ive played for a few years, but i was forced to stop playing for a year because of the ddos stuff, i just installed northstar but I'm super rusty so i use the car. once i polish up I'll go back to being a softball main.

  14. I am not here to whine but if you are over the rank of G10 and you still run Car/R-97 + Monarch every single game I have very little respect for you. Go learn new guns. I am G16 and Currently at least G1 with every single gun in the game except the Volt.

  15. Monarch is easily the best overall titan. Also has arguably the best and most oppressive main gun especially for anti pilot. If you know how to use monarch and build all gun it's super OP. Only a legion pre level 3 or 2+ titans teaming you can take her down.

  16. When i played on Console i used to use the CAR. Now i learned how many people i probably pissed off without knowing. If i ever killed you i apologize.

  17. If I see spitfire users, I always assume it’s a new player and get excited someone is trying titanfall, if I eventually die to said user and find out it’s like a gen20+ nah I’m switching to the car or g7 and just make that pilots day hell for a few kills then go back to running and cloaking around the map with my SMR and have a jolly good match.

  18. i played a 1v1 once against a friend of a friend i didnt like at all, so i picked the trussssty car and the mf rage quit at 25-5, stopped playing xbox completely and started focusing on himself, so i think i did him a favor 😃👍

  19. Problem isn't people learning use them. It's douchebag g100s going hard on new players with SMG sweat loadouts. Some of the fuckers even do it in full parties. Trash.

  20. That's actually why I quit. I wanted to play the game but most of the time I'd just be getting stomped by all the g100 players. It got tiring after a while and now I just play other games where there are much more newer players for me to play against.

  21. lol at this point I’m just happy to get in a game on my PlayStation. I can give a crap what they use!

  22. How to put to bed a titanfall player: Tuck them in, read them the script used for the frontier defense introduction trailer, kiss goodnight

  23. So are the multiplayer issues solved? I wanted to play about 2 months ago, hut I heard there was some type of virus or bug keeping people from playing.

  24. No, i will not stop being a Stim Car Main that gets called a Sweat, A Hacker, A Tryhard, The N Word, etc. I will not stop bullying the new players that must learn it is only fact and not something you can get rid of, one must learn to accept and endure

  25. No, I will not stop being a Stim Car Main with over 3k+ hours, that gets called A Sweat, A Tryhard, A Flexer, A Hacker, A Cheater, No Skill Because Car, etc. (ie: The N Word). Casual players must learn to accept that it is inevitable.

  26. Most gen100s aren’t even that good. Well on xbox dunno about pc. I usually stomp on a lot of gen100s. They are just a bit above average

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