Eventually we have to accept car is just as bad as the spitfire

  1. CAR is just a boring weapon literally just a rifle without any recoil Spitfire on the other hand does high damage with great range and also 80 FUCKING ROUNDS Thank The GODS spitfire mains aren't smart enough to put gun runner on this thing nobody tell them about pre-firing.

  2. I've played the game for a couple of hundred hours, no weapon seems particularly OP to me. Spitfire is very slow firing so ofcourse you are punished more for missing a shot since the follow up shots will come much later compared to say something like an r99 (or r97 whatever its called) or any other smg. It especially suffers when you're using the spitfire against good players who move around fast, the slow fire rate really shows itself there and its even worse since you yourself have to be always moving against good players.

  3. Actually, has higher fire rate than volt, dmg, an no recoil, its best to use for run'n'gun, literally a newbie weapon an I see gen 20+ use it an I die because thier gun didn't move

  4. Oh believe me, I’ve accepted that for years, but every time I bring it up, I get the virgin car mains always up my ass and they defend the damn thing while getting 15 kills in 2 minutes.

  5. I used the car for weeks when I first got the game only to find out other guns were more fun. But when someone in my match just keeps killing me with the spitfire I fall back into old habits.

  6. Hemlock is really not OP, not on computers atleast. If you're good with it then its only because you're good with it.

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